Robinson's wife, Brooke, posted about his death on Facebook. The couple only recently married in May.

"My husband David John Robinson passed away suddenly at our home on November 30, 2022. David was very healthy and was on a work call in our dining room at home when he collapsed," Brooke wrote. 

"Life saving maneuvers were attempted and paramedics were called. David died in my arms."

She added, "We ask again for time and space to grieve for the husband, father, brother and friend that was lost."

Brooke denied reports circulating about his death. "The rumors of a heart attack and stroke have already been ruled out," she wrote.

Robinson is survived by a daughter, Teagan, and his stepchildren, Taran and Gage.

Robinson's ex-wife, Rainy, shared a photo of David with the caption, "11/2/72 - 11/30/22."

Robinson worked alongside Chapman on "Dog's Most Wanted," which aired on WGN in 2019, and focused on Dog managing both his career and also his late wife Beth's cancer diagnosis.

Beth lost her battle with throat cancer in June 2019 in Hawaii. She was 51.

Robinson specialized in the "tech aspect of hunting. It is hard to unplug from technology these days and David will use that to find you!" according to his show profile.