June 26, 2004

Today in Berlin was the annual Christopher Street Day parade lead by homosexual mayor, Klaus Wowereit. Exodus Global Alliance is a world-wide Christian organization helping people affected by homosexuality and promoting the message that "Change from homosexuality is possible through the power of Jesus Christ." Exodus provides Christian hope and help to people affected by homosexuality - teaching those who respond to homosexuals with ignorance and fear about God’s love and grace, and teaching those who uphold homosexuality as a valid orientation about God’s Lordship and holiness. These two extremes fail to convey the fullness of redemption found in Jesus Christ, a gift that is available to all who commit their life and their sexuality to Him. In addition, Exodus Global Alliance works to motivate and train Christians and churches in their role of restoring sexual wholeness to men and women who desire to overcome their homosexuality. Click HERE to read from those who were gay but are not longer.

June 25, 2004

The Lord painted us a beautiful sky after coming out of The Holy Place where we spent a few hours worshipping, singing, and praising Him with guitars and drums on Thursday night.

Cathy, Sharolyn, and Anja
Earlier in the week, we three enjoyed a meal together. I met Anja at Starbucks where she works part-time but her real passion after Jesus is being a ballerina!

Today began with a train ride to the eastern part of Berlin.

In the rain we walked to the East Side Gallery which is a 1 mile section of the Berlin wall - a very sobering experience for first timers.

Restoration of the last remaining watchtower in the border control system that divided East and West Berlin. From here soldiers would shoot anyone who tried to escape.

After a stop at Starbucks, we then went to Maria's to teach a Bible study with her and Mohammad. Friend Michael also joined us as we ended the evening with prayer - THANK YOU, JESUS!