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FLAT EARTH: Makes Sense To Me

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"The continents are in the center surrounded by vast oceans. Surrounding the whole flat earth 360 degrees is the Antarctic ice wall, hundreds of feet high. It is endless and goes on for thousands of miles. It holds all the oceans in. There are documented accounts of people traveling along the ice wall for thousands of miles without seeing any inlet. If you travel in any direction on your continent you will come to the ocean. Then you would have to get in a boat and travel south to the ice wall, then you would have to trek for who know how far along the ice wall to the “edge”. No one knows how far it is because no one is allowed to freely explore thanks to the Antarctic Treaty and military protection of Antarctica. What are they hiding?"

Bedford Level Experiment The Bedford Level Experiment was a series of observations carried out along a six-mile l…


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Been watching/re-watching on dvd the outstanding flick, SPOTLIGHT. Highly recommend it.

Mitchell Garabedian, Boston-based attorney who since 1979 has focused on representing victims of sexual abuse.
Real Life 'Spotlight' Lawyer Deluged With New Abuse Cases March 02, 2016

Attorney Mitchell Garabedian has represented hundreds of survivors of clergy sexual abuse and was featured prominently in the film "Spotlight" - he was played by Stanley Tucci. Garabedian tells Here & Now's Robin Young that since "Spotlight" came out, and particularly since it won the award for Best Picture at the Academy Awards on Sunday night, the phones at his Boston law firm have been lighting up with calls from more abuse victims coming forward.
Note: Here & Now reached out to the Boston Archdiocese for comment on our interview with Mitchell Garabedian. Spokes…