Anonymous Liverpool Wrote: This is James Holmes car, parked at the theater, right where it was when they found him. Notice the bloody footprints running PAST his car. They go all the way down to the end of the sidewalk at the end of the building, hundreds of feet past his car, to where the gas mask was found and then stop abruptly. James Holmes was found in or beside his car (Police reports vary on whether he was inside or beside it, but all agree he was AT his car, either inside or beside it).

Do you see ANY bloody footprints leading BACK to the car? Do you see any blood around the car? How did he manage to shed his gear outside the theater door then run all the way to the end of the building to drop his gas mask and then run all of the way back to be there waiting for the police in the 90 seconds it took the cops to arrive? And more importantly, WHY would he do that? And if he did do that, why is there no trail of bloody footprints back to his car? Did he carry a bucket of soapy water with him as he ran down the sidewalk so he could clean up? Ignoring the obvious fact that he would not have had time to clean up, one would still have to ask where is the stuff he cleaned up with? That sidewalk ends at a road. It seems likely to me that someone ELSE did the shooting and ran down the sidewalk and was picked up by yet a third person in a car.


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