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The Rajneesh Cult: A Biblical Response to the Netflix Docuseries Wild Wild Country

The Rajneesh Cult: A Biblical Response to the Netflix Docuseries Wild Wild Country
Article ID: JAS20180328 | By: Elliot Miller

Wild Wild Country, directed by Chapman and Maclain Way, is a new six-episode docuseries streaming on Netflix that has been well reviewed by television critics about the Rajneesh cult formed around Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in Oregon. Back at the height of the cult’s activity, the Christian Research Journal published an in-depth article on the group as well as an interview with an insider into the group. Following with minor revisions, this article is a biblical response to the Rajneesh cult and an apologetic tool readers can use when discussing the Netflix series with others.

In terms of media attention and exposure, we could fairly state that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (of Transcendental Meditation) was “the guru of the ‘70s.” However, another Indian guru, Bhagwan Shree (Sir God) Rajneesh (1931–1990), has gradually achieved greater notoriety, which qualif…

Testimony of Pilot Dale Black

Jim Cantelon speaks with Captain Dale Black about the horrific plane crash that he was involved in and his alleged journey to Heaven and back after the crash after take off from airport in Burbank, California. Captain Dale Black's book is called "Flight To Heaven - A Pilot's True Story".

Spectators gather around the wreckage of a Navajo-Piper aircraft scattered at the base of the Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation in Burbank. The twin-engine plane crashed shortly after taking off from the Hollywood-Burbank Airport. Photograph dated July 21, 1969.

Testimony of Ian McCormack

Notes on this 1988 video from Ian :

I have spoken my testimony thousands of times and sadly I make mistakes .... but that does not, I believe, take away from the story ... other than the fact that we all can do it ... either accidently or on purpose ... or if you don't want to share all the details you can cut some things out in an attempt to condense the story because of time restraints / energy levels ....

When I first publically shared my testimony in 1988 in New Zealand the people at the meeting wanted to record it ... but I didn't want any one to do it because I felt it was something you shared personally rather than through media { I have since changed my mind on that } ... But one of the people at the meeting had a family member who was dying in a hospital and so they wanted them to hear it as they couldn't come to the meeting in this farmers house.

I found it abit unnerving with a mike & video camera in front of me and because the experience took place in 1982…