Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

Yes, friend, weather modification on been going on for YEARS and in this document, the USA Air Force document explains their agenda.

From Page 21:
Concept of Operations
The essential ingredient of the weather-modification system is the set of intervention techniques used to modify the weather. The number of specific intervention methodologies is limited only by the imagination, but with few exceptions they involve infusing either energy or chemicals into the meteorological process in the right way, at the right place and time. The intervention could be designed to modify the weather in a number of ways, such as influencing clouds and precipitation, storm intensity, climate, space, or fog.

Meet a Few of the Sandy Hook Hoax Cast of Characters


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The Max Ratt News Hour December 17th 2012 Episode 28: The Sandy Hook Hoax

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Verified: Sandy Hook on Gothan Map in Batman Movie and at Batman Website

So today watched for myself the movie "Dark Knight Rises" and did see the map showing Sandy Hook at 1 hr 58 min in the movie.

Then found at the "Gotham City Archives, The home of the home of Batman: Gotham City", the same map!

In the following vid at 15 min 37 sec, you can see the movie clip

Sandy Hook: Entrainment. Mass hypnosis. Mind control. Operant conditioning.

How the Newtown Massacre Became a Mind-Control Television Event
by Jon Rappoport

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Mind control. Mass hypnosis. Operant conditioning. Brain entrainment. That’s what we’re talking about here.

We’re so conditioned to how television covers life that we rarely step back and take notice.

In the case of massive disasters and crimes, network news rules the roost.

First, the premiere anchors, who are managing editors of their own broadcasts, give themselves the go signal. They will leave their comfortable chairs and travel to the scene of crime. “It’s that big.”

The anchors lend gravitas. Their mere presence lets the audience know this story trumps all other news of the moment. That’s the first hypnotic cue and suggestion.

Of course, the anchors were not in Newtown, Connecticut, as reporters. They weren’t there to dig up facts. Their physical presence at the Sandy Hook School and in the town was utterly irrelevant.

They could have been doing their newscasts from their studios in New York. Or from a broom closet.

But much better to be standing somewhere in Newtown. It imparts the sense of crisis to the viewing millions.

At the same time, the anchors are also there to give assurance. The subliminal message they transmit is: whatever has happened here is controllable.

The audience knows the anchors will provide the meaning and the official voice of the tragedy. The anchors are, in a way, priests, intoning their benediction to the suffering and their elegies to the dead.

This is what the audience expects, and this is what they get.

This expectation, in fact, is so deep that anything else would be considered an insult, a moral crime.

For example, suppose a network suddenly shifted gears and began interviewing police and residents and asking tough questions about contradictions in the official scenario. Suppose that became the primary focus. Suppose the tone became argumentative, in the interest of, God forbid, the truth.

In other words, in a jarring shift of perspective, the anchors began asking questions to seek answers. What a concept.

No, a priest doesn’t browbeat a parishioner. He takes confession and then offers a route to redemption.

But if, by some miracle, these anchors launched a quest for truth, the whole scene would devolve into uncertainty and even chaos.

“First, there was a man in the woods. You people chased him. You pinned him down and brought him back into town. Who is he? What’s his name? Where is he? Is he under questioning? What are you asking him? What gave you a clue that he might be a second shooter? Come on. Talk to us. People want to know. We aren’t going anywhere. We want some answers.”

This is called reporting, a foreign enterprise to these blown-dried kings and queens of media news.

“Sir, I know ABC definitively reported there was a second shooter. They said you gave them that information. Where did you get it?…No, I’m sorry, that’s not an answer, that’s a non-sequitur.”

Those of us reporting online declare there is something amiss when the second-shooter story is dropped like a hot potato…and we are called conspiracy theorists.

Get it? Trying to ask relevant questions becomes conspiracy only because the major media didn’t do their job in the first place.

“Sir, was it one gun found in trunk of the car or three? Show me the car. Yes. Let’s see it. I want to get the license plate. Excuse me? The car is what, some kind of state secret? I don’t think so. There are twenty dead children in that school over there, and we want to get to the bottom of this. Take me to the car.”

It’s called an investigation. Reporters do that.

“Sir, your newspaper ran a story about a man’s body being found in Adam’s brother’s apartment. Then that became Adam’s mother found dead in her own house here in Newtown. What exactly happened there? A mistake? Wouldn’t you say that was a pretty big mistake? How did it happen? What’s that? Typical confusion in the early reporting of a crime? I don’t think so. Thinking a woman was a man and thinking he or she was found in New Jersey instead of Connecticut, that’s not typical at all. Did police find a man’s body. Speak up.”

Your typical American television viewer would cringe at such demanding questions. You know why? Because he has been entrained and conditioned by news anchors to refrain from digging below the surface. In other words, that viewer is hypnotized.

“Dr. Smith and Officer Jones, we understand that this boy, who was autistic, extremely shy, who had some sort of personality disorder, went into that school and methodically carried out the slaughter of twenty-seven people. In order for him to do that, he had to reload clips at least twice after the first clip ran out. Does that make sense? We’re not just talking about a violent outburst here, we’re talking about a methodical massacre. How do you explain that?”

If these anchors kept on asking questions like this, do you know what would happen? The viewing audience would begin to stir, would begin to break through their hypnotic programming and wake up.

“You know, he’s right. That doesn’t make sense. Maybe there really was a second shooter.”

“Or that Lanza kid…maybe he didn’t kill anybody at all.”

“What? You mean he was…set up?”

“Maybe he was a patsy.”

Yes. Instead of this kind of talk being consigned to “conspiracy nuts,” it actually becomes part of the evening news experience. Because reporters suddenly ask tough questions.

But no. We have to go with grief and shock. We have to lead with it and stay with it.

But that is an artificial construct. Yes, of course people in Newtown feel great shock and pain and loss and grief and horror, but the news producers are consciously moving minutes and hours of it through the tube and filtering out everything else.

They do this every time one of these events occurs, and so the audience expects it and soaks it in and, in that state of entrainment and hypnosis, the audience doesn’t want anything else…because anything else would BREAK THE FLOW and the spell, and the grief would no longer have the same impact.

Newtown is presented as a television event. From the outset, the mood is funereal. It has that tinge and coloration. The audience absorbs it and wants no intrusion on it.

This is Matrix programming.

The anchor is not only the priest, but also the teacher. He/she shows the audience how to experience the event and what to feel and what to think and how to act.

One of the great skills of an anchor is the ability to present the news seamlessly. This is what those big paychecks are for: the blends and segueways and the underlying tone of sincerity that bleeds into every detail of what is being reported.

That is also hypnotic. It sets up a frequency that moves into the brains of the audience. In those brains, it’s an Acceptance-frequency. It’s the mark of a great news anchor, to be able to transmit that and achieve it.

Scott Pelley (CBS) has only some of that. Diane Sawyer (ABC) is decidedly inconsistent in her ability to deploy it. Brian Williams (NBC) is the contemporary master. That’s why he’s been called the Walter Cronkite of the 21st century.

“Sir, we have a report that police pinned a second man on the ground just outside the school. What is his name? What did you do with him? Where is he now.”

No, no, no, no, no. That would crack the Acceptance-frequency like an egg and send the evening news to hell in a handbasket.

“Sir, I’m glad we finally located you. We understand you were getting ready to go to Bermuda. Now, you were Adam Lanza’s doctor. What drugs did you prescribe him? Not just recently, but going all the way back to the beginning. You see, we’ve compiled a list of possible drugs for Asperger’s and autism and depression, and of course we see that they do, in fact, induce violent behavior. Suicide, homicide. Speak up, Doctor.”

The egg not only cracks in that case, the news anchor is suspended the next day, and the network releases a statement that his “breakdown” on camera was brought on by stress.

Pharmaceutical companies put him on their “to-do” list.

Yet, the questions about the drugs are exactly what a real reporter would ask. Not a “conspiracy theorist.” A reporter, on the scene in Newtown.

Anyone who thinks that is absurd and out of bounds is hypnotized, programmed. That’s all there is to it.

Traditional media are dying in this country. Their money is drying up. They could revitalize themselves in a New York minute if they really started COVERING stories and waking up their audience, but that’s not on their agenda. They would rather die.

They are the hired hands of the elites that own this country. They are the whores sent out every day by their pimps, and they know what their job is and what it isn’t.

The direction of elite television news is squeezed down the path of consciously constructing artificial events, for mass consumption experienced in a state of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual mind-control. Those reporters who venture outside that framework are labeled fringe figures on the margins.

“Lieutenant, excuse me. Hello. Brian Williams, NBC News. I was wondering: if there had been armed employees inside the school, what are the chances the killer could have been stopped before he shot all those children? You know, people who have been trained to shoot and have concealed carry permits. Strong people who could confront a murderer.”

Oh, people say, that is not a reasonable question. That’s a nutcase question. That question shouldn’t be asked. Why not? You want the real answer? Because it destroys the hypnotic frequency that is being delivered by the television networks. That’s the real answer.

The viewer: “Don’t bother me, I’m hypnotized. Don’t interrupt the frequency my brain is absorbing while I’m watching the news.”

And of course, under those conditions, the very last person who should interrupt the hypnotic flow is the anchor himself. He’s the one who’s inducing the hypnosis in the first place.

That tells you the the anchor is quite definitely NOT there to dig up new facts or perspectives himself.

Entrainment means: the brain is being bathed in rhythms and frequencies that literally train it to accept the information that is being transmitted at the same time.

In the same way, a song can succeed because the melody (carrier frequency) makes the trite lyrics seem important.

Entrainment also makes the recipient feel he is part of something larger. This is a key component. The recipient senses he is a member of a collective that is sharing a moment, an experience.

“I feel this way, and everybody else does too.”

This is what substitutes, in our society, for individual experience and self-sufficiency.

But this collective is not real community. It only appears and feels that way. It is mass hypnosis. You can find that in Gregorian chants and in sermons. You can find it in political speeches.

The brain is bathed in certain harmonies and responds by Accepting.

The Globalists’ language is replete with entrainment. “We are all in this together.” “We are healing the planet.” “All of us must strive to make a better world for our children.”

It sounds right, it seems right, but it is delivered to create a collective instead of a real community. Take a few minutes and read Monsanto’s literature. Read it out loud. Listen to yourself. Try to impart convincing rhythms to the phrases. All of a sudden, you’re in the flow. You’re practicing entrainment.

This is what network television news does. And we aren’t even talking about the hypnotic effects of the physical signals that deliver the picture to the audience.

In a previous article, I pointed out that, if we are to believe the network coverage of the Newtown massacre, there wasn’t one angry outraged man or woman in the town. Because we didn’t see them onscreen.

The networks made sure of that. This was a conscious choice on their part.

“My son died in that school and I want to know why. I want to know exactly how the killer got in there. Who let him in? How did he get in? I WANT TO KNOW.”

Sorry, that isn’t part of the coverage.

It would interrupt the entrainment.

“Sorry, sir, you’ll have to back away. We’re doing mass hypnosis and mind control here. You’re breaking the rhythm.”

Instead, that angry man will be funneled to a grief counselor, who will try to soothe his outrage.

“Sir, we all have to find a way to begin the healing.”

Events like Newtown are extraordinary teaching moments for television. Network newscasts display a constellation of emotions that are deemed “acceptable and appropriate” for the audience to experience. And the audience is thereby trained to mirror those emotions, to feel them, to express them, to soak in them.

It’s a closed system.

This is how, incidentally, gun control works so well. It’s part of the overall message. The audience, existing inside that closed system, in that state of mass hypnosis, can be pointed to exactly the wrong remedy for the tragedy.

All the network anchor has to do is frown and shake his head a little, when the subject of guns arises. That’s all it takes, and the brains of the audience suck it in:

“Yes, of course. Take away the guns. If no one had guns, no one could shoot guns. No one would die. No crimes would be committed. How obvious.”

The capstone that makes this puerile grand solution seem reasonable is: the police are always the good guys; we can trust them; they can have all the guns and then everything will be all right.

That message is also imparted by the big-time network new anchors. These kings and queens don’t ask police the tough questions. They refrain from doing that.

In fact, the anchors ARE surrogate police chiefs. They express what the police chiefs would, if they had the anchors’ skills.

The anchors do stand-ups in Newtown and give us the absolute best of what the police would if they could. And in the process, they transmit:

Entrainment. Mass hypnosis. Mind control. Operant conditioning.

It’s perfect, if you want to be an android.

December 19, 2012

Jon Rappoport runs No More Fake News. The author of an explosive collection, The Matrix Revealed, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe.

Copyright © 2012 Jon Rappoport

My Help Cometh From the LORD - Psalm 121

Psalm 121 is a Favorite esp on the day the world is supposed to end - HA!

"I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
My help [cometh] from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.
He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.
Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.
The LORD [is] thy keeper: the LORD [is] thy shade upon thy right hand.
The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.
The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.
The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore."

A Few Unanswered Questions About the Sandy Hook Event


by Clare Kuehn

1) As yet, we have not seen any concrete evidence that any child died.
2) As yet, parents have not been allowed to see their children. (Photoshopped pictures do not count.)
3) As of now, I have seen only one unambiguous statement from a grieving parent (Robbie
4) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was found with his older brother’s ID, and it was not stolen. However, older brother Ryan–who officials say is very cooperative–claims not to have even seen his brother since 2010. Where would Adam get this ID? And why does such use not qualify as a theft?
5) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was wearing a black outfit with a mask and bulletproof vest. Why would he want to hide his identity, and why would he wear a bulletproof vest, if he planned to kill himself?
6) The medical examiner asserts that all wounds were caused by a rifle or other long weapon, and police/FBI say that the school was littered with .223 (rifle) casings. But Adam Lanza was found dead in the school with only handguns–a rifle was found in the trunk of his car. But then he could not possibly have been firing the rifle, and could not have committed the murders. Who did?
7) According to the official story, the killing was tightly confined to two classrooms. But then why were so many children told to close their eyes while leaving the building?
8 ) Joanne Didonato, the principal’s secretary, called in sick on Friday–something she rarely does. So presumably, she must have been awfully ill. Yet she then felt well enough to give an interview. “Of all days,” she said, emphasizing the strange coincidence.
9) The hospital went into lockdown and cleared four trauma rooms, but received only three patients, two of them dead children(according to the official story) and one mildly wounded adult.
10) Why were there such persistent reports that Mrs. Lanza was a kindergarten teacher, and that she died at the school, when the new official story is that she was not connected to the school and was killed at home?
11) What happened to the report that Adam Lanza’s girlfriend and another friend were missing in New Jersey?
12) What happened to the woodsman in a black jacket and camo pants who was arrested and handcuffed outside the school? He actually shouted to parents, “It wasn’t me.” Who was he and what was he doing there?
13) What happened to the dark van or SUV that the police surrounded in the parking lot, or the maroon sedan with a blown-out back window they were on the lookout for?
14) The official story is that Nancy Lanza was a gun collector who obeyed the law. But since 20-year-olds are not permitted to buy guns or ammo or carry guns in Connecticut, why would she give her “autistic” son access to both guns and ammo?
15) Why were parents told on Friday that “if you haven’t been reunited with your child by now it’s already over”? Does anyone imagine that real parents of real children would simply say, “Okay, the show’s over, let’s go home now”?
16) Would real parents of real children really be satisfied with (possibly photoshopped) pictures of their children? Wouldn’t they demand to see their children one last time firsthand?17) According to the official story, 28 people died but only 1 was wounded. The dead included 20 small, squirmy children–difficult targets even for professionals. How could Adam Lanza achieve such amazingly deadly accuracy, in such a short length of time?
18 ) A child asserts that he/she heard someone say, “Put your hands up,” followed by the reply, “Don’t shoot.” This indicates that the police took a suspect into custody inside the school. But if that was Adam Lanza, how did he kill himself after that point?
19) Another child asserts that he/she saw a man pinned down to the ground with handcuffs on. Again, this indicates that the police took a  into custody. If that was Adam Lanza, how did he then kill himself?
20) When Ryan Lanza was falsely identified as the shooter, who deleted his Facebook profile and created many others in his name?
21) Is it reasonable for a geeky 20-year-old to carry two pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammunition while wearing a bulletproof vest and a mask?
22) Why did the police say on Friday that they were going to leave the bodies rotting in the school until Sunday, then Saturday morning announce that they had spirited the bodies away in the middle of the night? Perhaps to ensure that the transport, if any, would go unrecorded on photos or video?
23) Why won’t police tell us where they found the Henry repeating rifle, the Enfield rifle, and the shotgun?
24) Did the school have one or more security cameras? What do they show?
25) Why did a police officer specifically mention, on radio, that “they’re coming at me through this wood,” followed by a fellow officer saying, “This is it”?
26) One officer in the school said, “We’ve got one suspect down.” Who was that? Down in this situation generally means in custody(on the ground and cuffed), not dead.
27) Why didn’t Adam’s uncle see anything out of the ordinary in Adam when the two saw each other in June?
28 ) Why is Adam Lanza reported to be a loner when a teenager said (oxymoronically), “[Lanza and his friends] always gathered alone in a corner in school”?
29) Why did police assign an individual state trooper to every grieving family, whether the family wants such “protection” or not?
30) Why are Ryan Lanza and his roommates still in custody, and why are the police pretending that it’s for their own benefit?
31) Is it a coincidence that Nancy Lanza’s brother is Kingston Police Officer James Champion, who lives next door to the former Lanza home?
32) Since the alleged shooter’s father is VP of GE Capital, and (like “Batman shooter” James Holmes’s father) was scheduled to testify at the Senate Hearings on the LIBOR scandal, is there a LIBOR connection to this event?

Modern Eugenics: How Wealthy Psychopaths are Waging Chemical & Psychological Warfare Against Citizens

By Mark M. Rich

First unfinished online publication at,, on December 17, 2012.

This book will describe a hidden program of extermination consisting of psychological & chemical weapons devised by people of wealth who intend to eliminate large numbers of citizens. They have disguised their weapons as vaccines & medication. It will be shown that the public schools & medical system, which are under their control, are complicit in genocide.

In Volume I we'll learn about the psychopaths & how they create front groups that are used to further their subversive political agendas. We'll see how the early eugenicists used problem-reaction-solution supported by junk science, with the intention of eliminating most of the population. Their methods would ultimately be used by the Nazis.

It will be shown in Volume II that the especially degraded medical system is under the dominion of the pharmaceutical industry, which invents fake mental disorders to profit from keeping people sick with toxic medication. We'll also explore how the industry controls most doctors who are indoctrinated into its medical cult.

We'll discover in Volume III that the unsafe & unnecessary vaccines, which have not cured disease epidemics, are causing a variety of devastating medical conditions which the industry has tried to conceal.

In Volume IV we'll examine the financial elite's use of progressive educators to takeover of the public schools, which resulted in a replacement of the classic material with programs designed to impede intellectual & moral development. This was necessary, we'll see, in order to make people easier to manage for global government.

They realized that a percentage of the population are resistant to this type of conditioning. Therefore, their methods for identifying & eliminating those with specific admirable qualities who resist the indoctrination will be explained in Volume V.

In Volume VI we'll explore how the psychopaths are committing genocide using a combination of covert chemical weapons, & how the medical system is providing cover for it. It will be shown that creating fictitious genetic mental disorders allows them to attack entire bloodlines under the guise of medical treatment.

These people have methodically planned all phases of a program of covert genocide. They are absolutely aware that most people would reject their activities, which is why they have spent an immense amount of energy constructing a facade, consisting of many seemingly benevolent front groups that further their goals.

Questions will arise as you read this, such as: What are they after? If they already have all of the wealth they need, why do they continue? When will they stop? Why must they make a profit killing people? Aren't they killing themselves? The psychopathic factor will allow us to understand the answers to these & other perplexing questions.

You may be overwhelmed by their lies at times. You'll see one group after the next that is the complete opposite of what it appears to be. It will be helpful to understand that this is a single mind that has disguised itself in many forms.

This deception will extend to the misleading titles of their programs & initiatives. As a basic rule, a group or initiative forged by the psychopaths will be given a label that is the exact opposite of its true purpose. You'll see many examples of this.

In addition to their humanitarian front groups, they rely on the protection of a prevailing & dangerously naive belief which supposes that people don't do these things. You are dealing with monsters who look human.

Revealing them for what they are wasn't that difficult. The information is all public knowledge. In most cases I just synthesized knowledge derived from books & mainstream media reports, as well as some independent media sources.

I'm not the first one to write about this. Others whose names appear in this book have endured suffering & had their careers destroyed while trying to warn you.

The Sandy Hook Hoax by Max Ratt

The Max Ratt News Hour December 17th 2012 Episode 28: The Sandy Hook Hoax

By On December 17, 2012 
December 17th 2012- In this episode Max takes a hard look at the latest Staged Media Mega-Deception taking place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Max evaluates and investigates the intense media coverage of what he concludes is a fabrication/hoax. The Usual Criminal Globalist Agendas are once again fueled by Lies and Deceit. Max documents and exposes blatant scripting and contrived misdirections in this rather lengthy yet information packed audio documentary production. Cool tunes and unconventional news analysis areguaranteed to open your mind and provoke inquisitive thoughts.

sh sh1 sh2 sh3 sh4 sh5 sh6



Is the Newtown Shooting a Media Hoax? YES!

From Max Ratt's Facebook Wall:!/max.ratt

"For the record... I'm sure you have noticed the multitude of posts i've done informing parents of the dangers of vaccines. I do this because my personal friends who I love dearly have gorgeous children who've been injured by vaccines. The Lying Media is out there propagating vicious lies trying to confuse sweet honest albeit uninformed parents about the safety and efficacy of ALL vaccines. I have
a big heart and I am passionate about my love for my friends and their families and for many others who I don't know personally. I am NOT callous or insensitive to the idea of killing children or ANYONE! However, that doesn't have anything to do with my pointing out the TRUTH about the extent of these media hoaxes and abominable deceptions. I think its abhorrent that these deceptions target the hearts and the fears of unsuspecting good people. But the Truth MUST BE TOLD... This is a Big Fat Lie used to manipulate the American People through FEAR to fuel the Agendas of Murderous Criminals who DON'T want the best for you or your family."


Where's the media coverage of the drone strikes that kill THOUSANDS of innocent children in Pakistan?
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  • Mathieu Chamberlain it aitn white babies here, so nobody cares
  • Mathieu Chamberlain not that these kids here should EVER have to go through this
  • Max Ratt Americans would rather pretend to care about a staged media hoax of a shooting that didn't happen. What they really are thinking is that as long as it wasn't MY kid I can pretend to b compassionate.
  • Mathieu Chamberlain so those children were not shot? What happened to them then?
  • Max Ratt What happened to who? Nobody was shot.. Nothing happened.. No Shooter Nobody shot.. just a staged media hoax telling TV Worshipers a stupid contrived story to satisfy the agendas of Fascist Criminals
  • Mathieu Chamberlain so all those dead bodies? Those kids and those teachers actually aren't dead?
  • Max Ratt What dead bodies Mat? The dead bodies the Lying Media told you about??
  • Max Ratt Or the covered gurneys they wheeled out in front of the cameras for the TV worshiping IDIOTS?
  • Max Ratt @Mat ... For the record... I'm sure you have noticed the multitude of posts i've done informing parents of the dangers of vaccines. I do this because my personal friends who I love dearly have gorgeous children who've been injured by vaccines. The Lying Media is out there propagating vicious lies trying to confuse sweet honest albeit uninformed parents about the safety and efficacy of ALL vaccines. I have a big heart and I am passionate about my love for my friends and their families and for many others who I don't know personally. I am NOT callous or insensitive to the idea of killing children or ANYONE! However, that doesn't have anything to do with my pointing out the TRUTH about the extent of these media hoaxes and abominable deceptions. I think its abhorrent that these deceptions target the hearts and the fears of unsuspecting good people. But the Truth MUST BE TOLD... This is a Big Fat Lie used to manipulate the American People through FEAR to fuel the Agendas of Murderous Criminals who DON'T want the best for you or your family.
  • Lase Salgado Max Ratt, I agree with many of the things you post about...and yea it's small human nature to only react when things like these happen in your backyard,,,which is precisely one of the things my post was about. But I gotta say man...when you say today's events are a hoax (they didn't happen)..without elaborating...when we know people who know people who were actually there, then all you do is alienate yourself. There are some great points you expose about vaccines, the media whore, the government etc etc and yes there are many things today's events are distracting us from, and the media helps..but to say it didn't happen?..with all due respect..c'mon man.
  • Max Ratt @lase I WILL Elaborate ... 2moro I will post a show where I will explain in detail how this hoax has been presented. If U know someone. Who can refute my claims then please present them... or shut Ur mouth


Earthqake in Japan on Pearl Harbor Myth Day

Praying for the folks in Japan who were hit with an earthquake today.
Interesting date. Wonder if it was manipulated?
Btw, did you read about the Pearl Harbor Myth?

The Obligatory Pearl Harbor Posting

Sometimes you feel obligated to pass along, once again, a different side of a story that’s not taught in our mainstream classrooms and media.
This is another one of those times.
Wars are always about deceptions and they just keep coming. Wars make the bankers and their various allies smile.
Here’s one basic alternative view.
The Myth of Pearl Harbour

Pearl Harbour poster
On Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched a sneak attack at Pearl Harbor that decimated the US Pacific Fleet and forced the United States to enter WWII. That’s what most of us were taught as school children… But, except for the date, everything you just read is a myth. In reality, there was no sneak attack. The Pacific Fleet was far from destroyed. And, furthermore, the United States took great pains to bring about the assault.
On January 27, 1941, Joseph C. Grew, the U.S. ambassador to Japan, wired Washington that he’d learned of the surprise attack Japan was preparing for Pearl Harbour. On September 24, a dispatch from Japanese naval intelligence to Japan’s consul general in Honolulu was deciphered. The transmission was a request for a grid of exact locations of ships in Pearl Harbour. Surprisingly, Washington chose not to share this information with the officers at Pearl Harbour. Then, on November 26, the main body of the Japanese strike force (consisting of six aircraft carriers, two battleships, three cruisers, nine destroyers, eight tankers, 23 fleet submarines, and five midget submarines) departed Japan for Hawaii.
Despite the myth that the strike force maintained strict radio silence, US Naval intelligence intercepted and translated many dispatches. And, there was no shortage of dispatches: Tokyo sent over 1000 transmissions to the attack fleet before it reached Hawaii. Some of these dispatches, in particular this message from Admiral Yamamoto, left no doubt that Pearl Harbour was the target of a Japanese attack: “The task force, keeping its movement strictly secret and maintaining close guard against submarines and aircraft, shall advance into Hawaiian waters, and upon the very opening of hostilities shall attack the main force of the United States fleet and deal it a mortal blow. The first air raid is planned for the dawn of x-day. Exact date to be given by later order.”
Even on the night before the attack, US intelligence decoded a message pointing to Sunday morning as a deadline for some kind of Japanese action. The message was delivered to the Washington high command more than four hours before the attack on Pearl Harbour. But, as many messages before, it was withheld from the Pearl Harbour commanders.Although many ships were damaged at Pearl Harbour, they were all old and slow. The main targets of the Japanese attack fleet were the Pacific Fleet’s aircraft carriers, but Roosevelt made sure these were safe from the attack: in November, at about the same time as the Japanese attack fleet left Japan, Roosevelt sent the Lexington and Enterprise out to sea. Meanwhile, the Saratoga was in San Diego.
Why did Pearl Harbour happen? Roosevelt wanted a piece of the war pie. Having failed to bait Hitler by giving $50.1 billion in war supplies to Britain, the Soviet Union, France and China as part of the Lend Lease program, Roosevelt switched focus to Japan. Because Japan had signed a mutual defence pact with Germany and Italy, Roosevelt knew war with Japan was a legitimate back door to joining the war in Europe. On October 7, 1940, one of Roosevelt’s military advisors, Lieutenant Commander Arthur McCollum, wrote a memo detailing an 8-step plan that would provoke Japan into attacking the United States. Over the next year, Roosevelt implemented all eight of the recommended actions. In the summer of 1941, the US joined England in an oil embargo against Japan. Japan needed oil for its war with China, and had no remaining option but to invade the East Indies and Southeast Asia to get new resources. And that required getting rid of the US Pacific Fleet first.
Although Roosevelt may have got more than he bargained for, he clearly let the attack on Pearl Harbour happen, and even helped Japan by making sure their attack was a surprise. He did this by withholding information from Pearl Harbour’s commanders and even by ensuring the attack force wasn’t accidentally discovered by commercial shipping traffic. As Rear Admiral Richmond K. Turner stated in 1941: “We were prepared to divert traffic when we believed war was imminent. We sent the traffic down via the Torres Strait, so that the track of the Japanese task force would be clear of any traffic.”
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The ultimate advantage that the creditor has over the government or ruler is the threat that if the borrower steps out of line the banker can finance an enemy or rival and can even create an enemy by such means.
Therefore, if you want to stay in the king-financing business, it is wise to have an enemy or a rival waiting in the wings to unseat every ruler to whom you lend. If the king does’nt have an enemy, you must create one.

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