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Top 10 Predictions No Matter Who Wins the Election

Received the following in an email today and thought it was worthy of posting:

Top 10 Predictions No Matter Who Wins the Election

1. The Bible will still have all the answers.
2. Prayer will still work.
3. The Holy Spirit will still move.
4. God will still inhabit the praises of His people.
5. There will still be God-anointed preaching.
6. There will still be singing of praise to God.
7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people.
8. There will still be room at the Cross.
9. Jesus will still love you.
10. Jesus will still save the lost when they come to Him.


World News Updates

Tuesday Sept. 30, 2008

More than 1,100 arrested in Cal immigration sweep
Federal immigration authorities say more than 1,150 people have been arrested in a special three-week sweep in California.

Schwarzenegger to convene global climate summit
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican who has challenged many members of his party to take climate change seriously, said Friday that he plans to invite lawmakers and governmental executives from around the globe to California this fall to address solutions to the problem.

Congress poised to pass Internet radio legislation
Congress is close to passing legislation that would buy extra time to finalize an agreement intended to save the emerging Internet radio market from a crippling hike in copyright royalty rates.

Commentary: Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer
Congress has balked at the Bush administration's proposed $700 billion bailout of Wall Street. Under this plan, the Treasury would have bought th…

New World Updates

Monday Sept. 29, 2008

PETER HITCHENS: How China has created a new slave empire in Africa
I think I am probably going to die any minute now. An inflamed, deceived mob of about 50 desperate men are crowding round the car, some trying to turn it over, others beating at it with large rocks, all yelling insults and curses.

Breakdown of the final bailout bill
Section-by-section breakdown of the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008," otherwise known as the $700 billion Wall Street bailout bill.

Palin giving back tainted money
VP candidate to donate to charity over $1,000 from gubernatorial campaign
Gov. Sarah Palin, touted by Republican presidential nominee John McCain as a reformer when he picked her to be his running mate, says she will donate to charity more than $1,000 in campaign contributions from two Alaska politicians implicated in a federal corruption probe.

Death toll from floods in Vietnam reaches 33
Floods triggered by Typhoon Hagupit …

Email from Berlin Regarding Lakeland and Todd Bentley

Dear Cathy,

found this letter today in a german blog, someone had translate it because it fits so well the current situation.... :

It is incredible what I have found out since Lakeland and seperating from that movement and the WortundGeist movement. Also the "church on the way" with Dr. Margies is totally misusing it`s people. Manipulation and mobbing. Plus they translated 2 books of Todd and are promoting them in the german charisma magazine. Since Margies has such a "voice" in the charismatic movement he is followed by quite a few pastors. A lot of his sheep have left the church totally hurt.

A friend of mine told me before I went to Florida, that that visit would totally transform my life. Well it did, but different then anybody thought.....

now I am finding out things nearly every day that are occult and have already crept int the charismatic movement for some years....Plus my friend who is in the highsociety in Berlin is t…

World News Updates

Friday Sept. 26, 2008

Time for flu shots, now for 6-month-olds too
With flu season lurking, public health officials are urging Americans as young as 6 months to get a flu shot.
BLOG COMMENT: Don't get any vaccine! (read more)

Christian group building replica of ‘Wailing Wall’
Evangelicals say they hope to show support for Israel. Locals who have longed to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem but can't afford the trip soon will be able to mimic the experience without leaving town.

Gore: 'Civil disobedience' needed to halt coal plant construction
Former vice president Al Gore urged young environmental activists to engage in "civil disobedience" to halt the construction of coal plants that do not mitigate their carbon emissions.

Seeking Change in Law, Pastors to Endorse Candidates
This Sunday, 35 Religious Leaders Will Break the Law and Endorse Politicians. On Sunday, Pastor Jody Hice of Bethlehem, Ga., a man who takes the Bible literall…

Why I Don't Trust Ron Paul

Ron Paul may say a lot of good things (don't all politicians??) but I don't trust him for several reasons.

It is a concern that he's a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha, a fraternity that has strong ties to the Freemasons and occultism.

The Patriot-News. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul meets the members of his fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, at Gettysburg College. Paul, a 1957 graduate, was presented with a key to the fraternity house.

Ron Paul supported Ronald Reagan, illuminist and Bohemian Grove member.

Paul was one of Reagan's earliest supporters back in 1976 and championed Reagan leading the Texas delegation to get him in office.

Ron Paul has long been associated with the John Birch Society which is an Illuminati front and many of its members are high degree Freemasons, have connections to the Federal Reserve, are members of the Council on Foreign Relations and are members of the mysterious Newcomen Society.

By the way, no Christian should be associated with any s…

World News Updates

Thursday Sept. 25, 2008

US generals planning for resource wars
ANALYSIS: The US military sees the next 30 to 40 years as involving a state of continuous war against ideologically-motivated terrorists and competing with Russia and China for natural resources and markets, writes Tom Clonan.

Naomi Klein: Financial crisis part of Bush 'shock doctrine'
The bailout of Wall Street’s largest players by the federal government is another example of the Bush administration pursuing a corporate agenda at the expense of average Americans, a prominent author argued on Friday.

Study Finds Major Shift in Abortion Demographics
The face of women who have abortions has shifted significantly in the past 30 years, with relatively fewer white childless teenagers and more mothers of color in their 20s and 30s opting to terminate their pregnancies, according to a report being released today.

Russian warships set sail for manoeuvres near US waters
Squadron heads to venezuela…

World News Updates

Tuesday Sept. 23, 2008

Tuesday Sept. 23, 2008
What Olmert's Resignation Means for Israel
Hounded by allegations of corruption, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert resigned on Sept. 21 after 33 months in office, but he will remain as head of an interim government until a new ruling coalition is formed by the country's quarrelsome parties.

The Bible Goes Green for the Prius Age
Green runs through the Bible like a vine. There are the Garden and Noah's olive branch. The oaks under which Abraham met with angels. The "tree standing by the waterside" in Psalms. And there is Jesus, the self-proclaimed "true vine," who describes the Kingdom of Heaven as a mustard seed that grows into a tree "where birds can nest." He dies on a cross of wood, and when he rises Mary Magdalene mistakes him for a gardener.

China's top food safety official resigns
Nearly 53,000 Chinese children sick from contaminated milk; 4 have died
The head …

Palin's Churches and the Holy Laughter anointing

World News Update

Friday Sept. 19, 2008

Scientist concedes 'honest mistake' about weaponized anthrax
An acclaimed government scientist who assisted the federal investigation of the 2001 anthrax mailings said Tuesday that he erred seven years ago when he told top Bush administration officials that material he examined probably had been altered to make it more deadly.

In Finland, heavy metal music moves the masses, even in church
Most teens may not get excited about church, but in Finland they go out of their way to attend in the latest testimony to the country's infatuation with heavy metal music: Metal Mass.

Palin Calling for an End to Investigation She Requested
GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin shifted her tactics for the second time in three weeks on the "Troopergate" investigation, this time calling to end the very investigation that she herself called for and the one the McCain campaign had said was the only proper venue for a probe.


World News Update

Wednesday Sept. 17, 2008

New faith throws out the Ten Commandments
Dr Macnab says Abraham is probably a concoction, Moses was a mass murderer and Jesus Christ just a Jewish peasant who certainly was not God. In fact, there is no God, in the usual sense of an interventionist deity - what we strive for is a presence both within and beyond us.

Teach 'the pleasure of gay sex' to children as young as five, say researchers
Children as young as five should be taught to understand the pleasures of gay sex, according to leaders of a taxpayer-funded education project.

Could So Many UFO Witnesses Be Right?
For decades, millions of people around the world have reported seeing UFOs hovering in their skies. It is a mystery that science has been unable to solve, and the phenomenon remains largely unexamined. Much of the reporting on this subject holds those who claim to have seen UFOs up to ridicule.

Prominent evangelical "anoints" Sarah Palin as Biblica…

World News Updates

Monday Sept. 15, 2008

Intrusive New FBI Surveillance Guidelines Proposed
The New York Times reports some members of Congress were briefed earlier this month on a Department of Justice proposal for new FBI guidelines that loosen surveillance restrictions and that a few Senators lodged objections.

NYPD Sued Over Spycams; Video 911?
The New York Police Department is happy to talk about its plans to ring lower Manhattan with thousands of security cameras. But the Department won't say exactly where the cameras are, or what will be done with the data. So now the New York City Liberties Union is suing the NYPD, to force 'em to fess up on the spycams.

Cindy McCain On Abortion, Creationism
CBS News anchor Katie Couric talked one-on-one with Cindy McCain about her husband's selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. They also discussed social issues, such as abortion. Couric began by asking McCain if the governor has been rattled by the…

World News Updates

Tuesday September 9, 2008

U.S. drones kill 23 in missile attack in Pakistan
Missiles fired by U.S. drones killed 23 people, mostly relatives of a Taliban commander close to Osama bin Laden, in a region of Pakistan near the Afghan border on Monday, witnesses and intelligence officials said.

Scientists hope for surprises in Big Bang experiment
Scientists involved in a historic "Big Bang" experiment to begin this week hope it will turn up many surprises about the universe and its origins -- but reject suggestions it will bring the end of the world.

Mayor Palin: A Rough Record
......In fact, according to some who were involved in that fight, Palin was a highly polarizing political figure who brought partisan politics and hot-button social issues like abortion and gun control into a mayoral race that had traditionally been contested like a friendly intramural contest among neighbors.

Madonna makes dedication to Pope
"I dedicate this song to the Pop…

World News Updates

Saturday, September 6, 2008
Ugandan Pastor Accused of Child Molestation
Another pastor has landed in the media headlights. This time, it’s a Ugandan pastor arrested for allegedly committing a lewd and lascivious act on a girl while on a domestic flight. Sarah Palin: conservatives find the girl of their dreams
When Sarah Palin stepped into the spotlight as John McCain’s running mate in Dayton, Ohio, and promised that women could “shatter that glass ceiling once and for all”, it was an electrifying moment in a presidential election that had already produced its share of upsets and surprises. The Man Behind Palin's Speech
As Democrats and Barack Obama's campaign scrambled to attack Sarah Palin's well-received acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., on Wednesday night, they latched on early and hard to the fact that it was penned by former Bush speechwriter Matthew Scully. But the story is more complicated than…

The Church in China


The Lord Jesus Christ says in Matthew 5:10-12 says, "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you."



T.R.U.T.H. about the Bible: Why does it matter?

This is a GREAT video!!!


Is Sarah Palin a Dominionist Stalking Horse?

John McCain greets the Palins upon his arrival in the Twin Cities today.
L-R: Track Palin, John McCain, Piper Palin, Willow Palin holding baby Trig, Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin (5 mos pregnant?), Todd Palin, Sarah Palin and Mrs. McCain. source (photo: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times)

Sarah Palin: Dominionist Stalking Horse
August 29, 2008

"There are quite a number of extremely troubling links between Sarah Palin and neopentecostal dominionists--enough that, in truth, she may be ultimately as much of a 'dream candidate' for the dominionist movement as Mike Huckabee was. Even worse, she's running in a manner that has been frighteningly successful for dominionist groups since the early 80's--specifically, as a 'stealth candidate'."


World News Updates

Tuesday Sept. 02, 2008

4 Investigates: Floodwalls stuffed with newspaper?
Those are the words St. Bernard parish president Craig Taffaro used to watch videotape Eyewitness News showed him, of floodwalls built to protect his parish.

GOP VP candidate Palin's daughter is pregnant
John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin said Monday that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant, an announcement campaign aides said was aimed at rebutting Internet rumors that Palin's youngest son, born in April, was actually her daughter's.

Sarah Palin Is NOT The Mother?? (Video and Photos)
Yesterday, with the news of Sarah Louise Heath Palin inexplicably being chosen as a Vice-Presidential nominee, the attentive American public was also introduced to her character. Unfortunately for all of us, it was filled with multiple instances of backtracking and outright lies. While Alaskans had been giving her an 80% approval rating, recently 87% of Alaskan…