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The Men Who Killed Kennedy

This 1988-2003 series is on the November 22, 1963 assassination of John F Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 1 The Coup d'Etat

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 2 The Forces of Darkness

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 3 The Cover-Up

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 4 The Patsy

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 5 The Witnesses

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 6 The Truth Shall Set You Free

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 7 Smoking Guns

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 8 The Love Affair

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 9 The Guilty Men…

Dr Mary's Monkey author Ed Haslam

Ed Haslam says the polio vaccines from the 50’s & 60’s were contaminated with a cancer-causing virus that is sexually transmutable!


Ed Haslam's Website:

Lt Col USASF(Ret) Daniel Marvin 1933-2012

Daniel Marvin, author of "Expendable Elite - One Soldier's Journey Into Covert Warfare", passed away today, January 20, 2012.

Please listen to his testimony of when he got saved and put his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters

Shaq Show Off His Masonic Ring

Witchcraft with a bow - that's my definition of the religion of Freemasonry. 

From one comment...
"Since Freemasonry has a plan of salvation it is absurd to deny that Freemasonry is a religion. Many Masons deny that Freemasonry is a religion because if they were to admit it, they would not be accepted as Christians and church members. Other Masons are so blinded by Satan that they cannot see the truth.Freemasonry teaches men to imitate Hiram Abiff, so that they may get into heaven. The Gospel of Jesus Christ requires faith in the person and claims of Jesus Christ as the means of being redeemed from the death of sin and getting into heaven."

"Every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion, and its teachings are instructions in ... the universal, eternal, immutable religion...." Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, by Albert Pike, Washington D.C., 1958, pp. 213, 219.

That God is One, immutable, un…

For Such a Time as This

Yesterday's sunrise taken at the Grand Lagoon marina bridge, Panama City Beach, Florida.

Like Esther who was put into a situation for a specific but unknown at the time reason, the LORD puts us in various places "for such a time as this".

And in His mercy and wisdom, He doesn't always reveal the details of why to us as we walk on the path He provides.

Thus it can be a difficult, challenging journey.

Nevertheless, He is the Potter and we are the clay.

Our trust and obedience to the LORD Jesus Christ is our role as we reprove the unfruitful works of darkness, refrain our tongue from evil and speak words of truth.

Strange Fire

These days, I'm reading a chapter a day through the Bible and this morning, I read Leviticus 10 which tells how two of Aaron's sons were killed because they offered strange fire before the LORD.

Right after, I read an email from a friend which included a link to The Tabernacle Tour:

When I randomly clicked on The Complete Tabernacle Tour, I found it very interesting that this popped up on my screen!

Today, the Bride has gone after ‘strange fire’ types of teaching like:
 A self centered ‘health and wealth’ doctrine;
 The ‘Kingdom Now’ teaching of trying to bring the Kingdom of God to earth through the political process;
 A ‘social gospel’ without the Cross or preaching the Cross without love and social involvement
 A “rapture” that pulls all Christians out of the world before the Great Tribulation
 “At will” trips to heaven and spirit travel
Truth taken out of context or embellished is heresy. The truth of Scripture taken out of …