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Listen and Learn from Mae Brussell (1922-1988)

JULY 21, 1971

Born in Beverly Hills 1922, Mae Brussell was the daughter of the Rabbi Edgar Magnin and great granddaughter of Isaac Magnin, founder of the I. Magnin clothing stores. Mae grew up in Hollywood, when not traveling throughout the world with her family.

By the time President Kennedy was murdered in 1963, Mae was married with five kids. Not satisfied with the Warren Commission Report on the assassination, Mae bought herself (as a Christmas present) the 26 volume Warren Commission testimonies and began reading, filing and cross-indexing. Not only did she find unnerving connections to high level government officials, the CIA, Nazi Germany, corporations , and organized crime (to name a few), but she began to see relationships to many other current and past significant historical and political events throughout the world.

In June 1971, after 7 years of research and now living in Carmel, California, Mae appeared as a guest on KLRB, a local FM radio sta…

Toxic Vaccines, Institutionalized Racism, and the Global Depopulation Agenda - Max Ratt

Did you know Bill Gates father was head of Planned Parenthood? Bill and Melissa Gates, along with the other lying murderers like Rockefeller, are behind the outrageous genocide now occurring across the globe in the guise of immunizations.

Published on Jul 3, 2016
In this episode of the Max Ratt Deconstruction Zone Max analyzes the most nefarious project on the face of this Earth, which is the Vaccine Induced Global Population Agenda. Eugenicist Mass Murderers named Gates, Rockefeller, and many more of their partners and subservient operatives have implemented a clear plan using Vaccines to EXTERMINATE large swaths of the World's Population focusing on but not limited to the African Continent and less fortunate, oppressed, brown-skinned Targets. Anyone with ANY conscience should be Alarmed by the Actions of these Criminals.