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Teen Stranded at Sea for 7 Weeks Survived Suicidal Thoughts With Bible Reading, Prayer

Aldi Novel Adilang is cast away on a rompong (floating fish trap) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean before being rescued by the crew of a Panama-flagged vessel called "Arpeggio" on Aug. 31, 2018, in the waters near Guam.
By Samuel Smith , CP Reporter | Sep 25, 2018 6:12 PM

Surviving 49 days adrift on the open sea without a motor or a paddle is a tall task for anyone. Thankfully for one teen who was recently cast over 1,500 miles from home, he had a Bible, which he credits for stopping him from killing himself.

The Jakarta Post reported on the story of 18-year-old Aldi Novel Adilang.

Adilang worked as a lamp keeper on a floating fish trap (known in the region as a rompong) out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean about 80 miles from his homeland of Manado, Indonesia.

The job is a lonely one. His responsibility was to keep the lamps on the rompong…

The Redefining of the Family in American Churches via LGBQ+

Albert Mohler & ERLC Redefining Family
& Forcing LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Audit on AMERICAN Churches By Rev Thomas Littleton9/15/2018 ALBERT MOHLER, KEEP YOUR SEXUALLY-CONFUSED DISCIPLES AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES CHRISTIANS, THIS IS WHERE THE PERVERTED REVOICE MOVEMENT IS HEADED AS SBC CHURCHES OF MARK DEVER, TGC AND AN ERLC COUNCIL MEMBER’S CHURCH PROMOTE TIM KELLER’S ABSURD AND EVIL “LGBTQ+ INCLUSION CHURCH AUDIT.” It has long been this writer’s view that knowing the eternal love and compassion of God and His nature to forgive—to forestall judgment, acknowledge humble repentant hearts and to be, the wonderfully articulate word, “Longsuffering,” in the language of King James—that God’s judgment is best understood by what He will not tolerate. What is it that brings His divine posture to alter toward a person or a people? This author thinks to have a clue. When protecting inn…

Former Intelligence Community Officials speak out about Spygate

Two Federal Agents, Robert Corona and Joshua Macias have announced on Ann Vandersteel’s YourVoiceAmerica show, that a coalition of 119 (and growing) US intelligence workers from the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, the Department of Defense, the Office of Naval Intelligence, the CIA, the National Security Agency, the National Security Council and other organizations, including former Federal Judges are launching two public websites later this week, and, with official documents and information that should turn the tables on the Mueller Investigation and reveal criminality on the part of former Obama Administration officials.