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WAKE-UP NEWS: The Ongoing LGBTQ+ Agenda and the Christian Church

Received this shocking email from Watch Unto Prayer today:

August 20, 2018

Dear Watchmen,

The next item on the LGBTQ+ agenda for the Evangelical Church appears to be an "Audit" to see how inclusive our churches are of sexual minorities. Living Out, a "Gay (but celibate) Christian" organization launched by The Gospel Coalition, has published a 10 point test to determine if churches are fully LGBTQI+ (all sexual minorities) inclusive. It is expected that many churches will comply to preserve their tax-exempt status and eventually the US government will force compliance through the White House Faith Based Partnership Program. Many Christians do not know that former Pres. Obama's LGBT Non-Discrimination Order for religious institutions involved in Faith Based Parternships has never been rescinded by President Trump.

Lest anyone believe that the "gay Christians" wanting membership in Evangelical churches are celibate as they claim, a lesbian speaker at the…