Email from Berlin Regarding Lakeland and Todd Bentley

Dear Cathy,

found this letter today in a german blog, someone had translate it because it fits so well the current situation.... :

It is incredible what I have found out since Lakeland and seperating from that movement and the WortundGeist movement. Also the "church on the way" with Dr. Margies is totally misusing it`s people. Manipulation and mobbing. Plus they translated 2 books of Todd and are promoting them in the german charisma magazine. Since Margies has such a "voice" in the charismatic movement he is followed by quite a few pastors. A lot of his sheep have left the church totally hurt.

A friend of mine told me before I went to Florida, that that visit would totally transform my life. Well it did, but different then anybody thought.....

now I am finding out things nearly every day that are occult and have already crept int the charismatic movement for some years....Plus my friend who is in the highsociety in Berlin is telling me how socalled prophets give their prophecies to the rich for money...manipulation and witchcraft.....

I wrote back to GodTV, I am curious if they answer.

Now the Lakeland circus goes on in England, I zapped in at GodTV and the pastor on stage made the same headmovement like Todd, same voice, same music...scarry...

the last sentence of the Alec`s letter says:

"Personally we believe that the best is yet to come."

Brother, better not from that side....Now they have also exposed their true character....origin....source....

What is shocking, that so many christians are already deceived.......

Today I found a good letter about the laying on of hands. It´s only in german, otherwise I would have mailed you that link.I repented for letting that happen to me..

and told all the ungodly things to leave me, that could have come on me....

Cathy, great to know you, all the best,
love from Berlin,


Steve Wetzel said…
Now that was an encouraging letter from our German friend! Not what is happening over in Europe, but that he can now see the forest - and is not blinded by the trees.

Glad I checked in here Cathy. Your work is still bearing fruit. What I thought was over and done - still needs to be confronted in other nations.

I am amazed at what a small world we live in. Do know where most of the web traffic that hits comes from? Russia, Poland and Yugoslavia. Go figure - as I don't know a lick of the languages.

The Internet can be used for great good, or great evil. We choose the good.

God bless you Cathy!

Cathy said…
Good to hear from you Steve and praise the Lord for your powerful pro-life ministry!

People make love but God makes life and every life is precious.
Anonymous said…
hi, i think all this talking about Toddy Bentley is jealous about him and his ministry. i know that even was hated for ´his actions. others said that he was from satan and said he liar. what has Todd's minitry to do with his marrage. if todd made any mistake the LORD will correct him acording to his love. please some people don't the love of GOD. they think GOD is for punishing people. no is for saving us from all our problems. if todd B did any sin the LORD is make him free as long LORD loves Todd no knows the LORD heart. He is a good forgiver and giver. please shut yr mouth before the LORD. you judge Todd B acording the law but the LORD set us all from it. Amen . Jesus love Todd and HE will help him. have a good heart. Don't try to be judge. GOD only does it. peace be with you. stop get Jealous and lie from aron a servant GOD. if GOD used judas so He can use Todd Amen. pray for him instead. show first before punish other.