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Tuesday Sept. 23, 2008

Tuesday Sept. 23, 2008
What Olmert's Resignation Means for Israel
Hounded by allegations of corruption, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert resigned on Sept. 21 after 33 months in office, but he will remain as head of an interim government until a new ruling coalition is formed by the country's quarrelsome parties.

The Bible Goes Green for the Prius Age
Green runs through the Bible like a vine. There are the Garden and Noah's olive branch. The oaks under which Abraham met with angels. The "tree standing by the waterside" in Psalms. And there is Jesus, the self-proclaimed "true vine," who describes the Kingdom of Heaven as a mustard seed that grows into a tree "where birds can nest." He dies on a cross of wood, and when he rises Mary Magdalene mistakes him for a gardener.

China's top food safety official resigns
Nearly 53,000 Chinese children sick from contaminated milk; 4 have died
The head of the Chinese agency that monitors food and product safety has resigned, state media announced Monday, pushed out by a scandal over tainted baby formula that killed four babies and sickened nearly 53,000.
Taiwan firm recalls melamine-contaminated coffee
A Taiwanese company says it has recalled packs of Mr. Brown instant coffee and milk tea containing contaminated milk powder imported from China.

Wicca Experts Encourage Christians to Engage America's 'Fastest-Growing' Religion
While many Christians today are closely monitoring the growth and activity of Islam, especially after 9/11, another religious movement has been steadily growing “under the radar” and could become among the largest religions in the United States in less than five years.

Activists: Man locked up over China quake pics
Teacher sent to labor camp for year after posting photos online, group says
A teacher who posted pictures online of schools that collapsed when a massive earthquake hit Sichuan province in May has been sent to a labor camp for one year, a rights group said Wednesday.

Pope defends WWII pontiff's role
Pope Benedict XVI has defended the actions of predecessor Pius XII during World War II, saying the pontiff spared no effort to try to save Jews.

'World Wide Computer' is on horizon
It'll change the way we work, socialize, and function as people, communities and nations. It will have an impact on how we make war and peace. Some say it's the biggest thing since electricity became a utility — yet most of us won't see it coming.

Ultimate taboo hits big screen: Sex with children
Family advocate calls for boycott of promotions for 'pedophilia'
The founder of Movieguide, a top film-rating organization in Hollywood, is joining a growing call for a boycott of two new movies that feature pedophilia, warning of the dangers that come with themes involving sex with children.

Judge orders Cheney to preserve records
Private group is suing vice president, Bush's office to keep materials open
The decision by U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly is a setback for the Bush administration in its effort to promote a narrow definition of materials that must be safeguarded under the Presidential Records Act.

Evangelist's compound raided in child porn case
FBI agents and state police raided an evangelist's headquarters Saturday as part of a child pornography investigation and said they planned to remove several children from the complex, run by a man previously accused of child abuse.

Black Fraternal Society Rediscovered in Barbados
Arkansas-based black fraternal society finds forgotten link to its past in Barbados
The history of the Mosaic Templars was believed to have drawn to a close in the 1930s, when the Great Depression swallowed one of the largest benevolent societies for blacks in the nation and likely the world.

'Big bang machine' halted for 2 months
Damage to $10 billion particle collider is worse than previously believed
The world's largest atom smasher — which was launched with great fanfare earlier this month — has been damaged worse than previously thought and will be out of commission for at least two months, its operators said Saturday.


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