Modern Eugenics: How Wealthy Psychopaths are Waging Chemical & Psychological Warfare Against Citizens

By Mark M. Rich

First unfinished online publication at,, on December 17, 2012.

This book will describe a hidden program of extermination consisting of psychological & chemical weapons devised by people of wealth who intend to eliminate large numbers of citizens. They have disguised their weapons as vaccines & medication. It will be shown that the public schools & medical system, which are under their control, are complicit in genocide.

In Volume I we'll learn about the psychopaths & how they create front groups that are used to further their subversive political agendas. We'll see how the early eugenicists used problem-reaction-solution supported by junk science, with the intention of eliminating most of the population. Their methods would ultimately be used by the Nazis.

It will be shown in Volume II that the especially degraded medical system is under the dominion of the pharmaceutical industry, which invents fake mental disorders to profit from keeping people sick with toxic medication. We'll also explore how the industry controls most doctors who are indoctrinated into its medical cult.

We'll discover in Volume III that the unsafe & unnecessary vaccines, which have not cured disease epidemics, are causing a variety of devastating medical conditions which the industry has tried to conceal.

In Volume IV we'll examine the financial elite's use of progressive educators to takeover of the public schools, which resulted in a replacement of the classic material with programs designed to impede intellectual & moral development. This was necessary, we'll see, in order to make people easier to manage for global government.

They realized that a percentage of the population are resistant to this type of conditioning. Therefore, their methods for identifying & eliminating those with specific admirable qualities who resist the indoctrination will be explained in Volume V.

In Volume VI we'll explore how the psychopaths are committing genocide using a combination of covert chemical weapons, & how the medical system is providing cover for it. It will be shown that creating fictitious genetic mental disorders allows them to attack entire bloodlines under the guise of medical treatment.

These people have methodically planned all phases of a program of covert genocide. They are absolutely aware that most people would reject their activities, which is why they have spent an immense amount of energy constructing a facade, consisting of many seemingly benevolent front groups that further their goals.

Questions will arise as you read this, such as: What are they after? If they already have all of the wealth they need, why do they continue? When will they stop? Why must they make a profit killing people? Aren't they killing themselves? The psychopathic factor will allow us to understand the answers to these & other perplexing questions.

You may be overwhelmed by their lies at times. You'll see one group after the next that is the complete opposite of what it appears to be. It will be helpful to understand that this is a single mind that has disguised itself in many forms.

This deception will extend to the misleading titles of their programs & initiatives. As a basic rule, a group or initiative forged by the psychopaths will be given a label that is the exact opposite of its true purpose. You'll see many examples of this.

In addition to their humanitarian front groups, they rely on the protection of a prevailing & dangerously naive belief which supposes that people don't do these things. You are dealing with monsters who look human.

Revealing them for what they are wasn't that difficult. The information is all public knowledge. In most cases I just synthesized knowledge derived from books & mainstream media reports, as well as some independent media sources.

I'm not the first one to write about this. Others whose names appear in this book have endured suffering & had their careers destroyed while trying to warn you.