February 10, 2006


Today and yesterday, I have been helping with admin work at the home of Malik Rahim, Black Panther and Green Party member from Louisiana, one of the founders of this relief. This is a busy home/office and Malik is a great guy. To get here, I have to drive through the French Quarter and take the ferry across the Mississippi River.

The other night I heard a fellow share about a big problem he was facing and my heart went out him, so I quietly prayed for him. Yesterday, when I told him I was praying for him, he thanked me and said just 3 days ago he read for the first time his Bible. Then last night while some of us were sitting around the fire outside, he came to me, asking that I pray for him right then which I did. The others became quiet and listened as well. A bit later, I gave him a small booklet that told how to find salvation through Jesus Christ and this morning, he thanked me again. While chatting, I was distressed to discover that over the past 2 years, he has buried his father, mother, wife and 2 children - please pray for this fellow.


Blogger Stavorinus said...

Hi Cathy. We had some difficulties with our computer, so I lost your blogspot adress. But surfing the net I found your site and blogspot.
So I read all the new stuff.

I pray you will be blessed by Father. You're a great sis to know. I love to read your stuff and be blessed by it.

Lots of love from us. Yor brother in Christ George, al the way from cold Europe, the Netherlands.

2/12/06, 9:01 AM  

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