'Iraq for Sale' bonus scene: Blackwater


  1. the government contracting to people like this is scary. Where is the accountability? They are unbound by the laws and traditions that binds our military. It would be very tempting for some government functionary to use these "deniable" resources.

    Those in power can learn a lot from their predecessors. The danger of hubris should be on that list

  2. There's a lot I'm discovering that our government does that is scary.

    Right before I moved back to the USA after living in Berlin for 3 years, a German friend said to me, "I always wondered why you Americans trust your government; I sure don't trust ours."

    Of course, they have learned some very painful lessons; lessons we need to heed as well.

    Alas, it may be too late for our nation, but it's never too late for a personal relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ Who is our only hope.


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