THE RAPTURE PLOT by Dave MacPherson

For 165 years, through cover-up and historical revisionism, a handful of scholars has managed to hide the heretical origins of the pre-tribulation rapture. MacPherson, an expert on the origins of the pre-trib theory, exposes how plagiarism and subtle document changes created the "mother of all revisionisms." (more)

"As long as America continues to turn away from the God who exalted her and turn suicidally to anti-Christian, anti-decency, pro-violence, and pro-perversion degenerates, the Holy One will be forced to give us more and more "breaking news" of events that are even more horrendous which will cause disillusioned pretrib rapture believers to mistrust pretrib merchandisers (and history revisers) even more!"

"Promoters and merchandisers of pretrib rapture theology have claimed in recent years to have found a few individuals before 1830 who supposedly taught a "pretrib" rapture or coming - but none of those promoters has ever found any ORGANIZED CHURCH teaching or even hinting at such a doctrine before that date."

"If you will go to Google or other search engines and type in Deceiving and Being Deceived (one of my earliest internet articles), you will see how groundless the claims are for certain pre-1830 individuals that have been dredged up."

"Even if a few pre-1830 persons DID seem to teach a pretrib rapture, why would pretrib promoters want to side with them instead of siding with the 99 percent who obviously DID NOT embrace a pretrib rapture view?" David MacPherson


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  2. Dave MacPherson was mentioned. His recent web article entitled "Pretrib Rapture Diehards" is a shockeroo! It shows just how much info has been deliberately swept under the rug since 1830! B.N. (PS: I found the above article on either Yahoo or Google.)


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