Sister Charlotte Keckler and The Black Veil Part 1

At the age of 16 1/2 years old, Sister Charlotte, entered the White Veil (open convent) as a nun to serve the Lord. When 21 years old she entered the Black Veil (closed convent) where she endured starvation, sexual attacks and torture until her escape 22 years later.


  1. And you really believe this? Her story is filled with fallacies that a Roman Catholic can easily spot. How gullible can you be? But, nevertheless, God bless you.

  2. You know, it occurs to me that you would do well to visit to learn what the RC really teaches -- you will be surprised. There are answers to the misconceptions you've been taught. Also, check out "Surprised by Truth," by Patrick Madrid. May God bless you and His Holy Spirit show you -- and all of us -- His Truth.

  3. Please give specific examples of fallacies you see.

  4. Clare in London UK4/21/08, 7:14 AM

    Specific examples of fallcies include:
    Wrong habit for the order she claims to have been in.
    Wrong number of nuns in convent ( she says 180, thats not possible)
    The photo has been identified as another nun ( I think perhaps from Australia )
    It was easier to get away with perpetrating this kind of hoax before the internet age, now anyone can check it out, these things travel round the world and people get caught out.
    This is a well established and proven fraud.
    The '50's and 60's had lots of nuns leaving their order and donning mini skirts and beehives. We're expected to believe that she was kept a prisoner? Laughable. How can you be so very gullible? Or is it just that you are so very willing to have your contempt for the Catholic church confirmed.
    I am a Christian, my background is Catholic. It is one I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for. The Lord loves Catholics. I suggest you fear Him and think very carefully before spreading lies and scandal ( albeit someone elses) this is a very serious thing.
    I would urge you to consider very hard as to whether your conscience before God feels ok with propogating this.

  5. Your comments are interesting if true.

    My issue is with the Roman Catholic teachings which are not in scripture like worship/prayer to saints and to Mary; communion/mass in which they believe the cracker and wine turn into the real flesh an blood of Jesus when they eat it; confession of sin to a priest for forgiveness; believing the pope is sinless; believing the mother Jesus is a co-redeemer with her son - just to name a few.

    The Bible (kjv) never tells us to do any of the these things so I take a stand against these false teachings which will lead folks to hell.

    My prayer is that the lies be exposed, the truth be revealed, the sinner repent, souls be saved, and the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified.

    I will continue to keep this post up until I am convinced it is in error and I'm not convinced yet.

  6. I can convince you it is a lie.

    Ok- so she escapes one time- and what do they do? They kidnap her back. Why?? Well- they already have her parents money and a contract to her inheritance- so that's not it. Thus- it must be to silence her.

    Well- she escapes again- and this time they... wait a minute. They let her go!! In fact priests come by at another date to talk trash to her but still- she knows all of this evil stuff and they let her go!!! It makes no sense they'd leave her be just because she found another religion- if that's all that mattered they wouldn't have kidnapped her after the first escape!! But they did- so silencing her could be the only reason. That is so impossible to believe- in fact- because she makes it out that she no longer needs to fear people because of finding a new religion is ridiculous- I mean- they could just pick her up off the street and steal her again or kill her apparently easily!!! Yet this magic new religion makes her safe??? Not possible. The story is obviously anti Catholic on purpose and an advertisement for another Christian religion.

    The propaganda writers were too stupid to realize an evil organization with vast resources wouldn't kidnap her once and then later let her go and speak about this to other people simply because she changed religions. They would have whacked her asap!!! And if they thought her speaking out was no big deal they would have let her go after the first escape- they already had her money and she didn't want to be there!!. That's just horrible writing and proof this story is fake. There is documented evidence she lived out the rest of her life unharmed even though another lie circulating the net says she disappeared. The church she converted to agrees she didn't dissapear at all. Its so easy to make things up apparently but not so easy to be a good writer when somebody is lying.

  7. The pic looks like Mother Marianne. I may be wrong, but this Sister doesn't bear any resemblance to the woman speaking, even though the woman speaking is older. This habit looks Franciscan not Carmelite. And going in a Convent at 13? I am familiar with schools in Mexico, but from the US? Did she go to Ireland? Was all this concocted during a lunch break?

    The first statement re: the only way a Catholic girl can love Jesus --- sounds like something a Protestant would say. Catholic girls (and boys) are encouraged to find their vocation (God's calling) in life to single, married, religious, or (for men) ordained life. There's a definite lack of Catholic terms: Divine Office, The Blessed Sacrament, the Stations, etc ....

    During her intense sufferings she never once finds respite in prayer, in communion with Our Lord. Not once does she turn her face to the crucifix and say, "Totus tuus". Even during the common daily chores. She doesn't turn her heart to Our Lady; she asks for no intercession. These things are taught early, early as a Catholic -- normally at well as in school. She didn't have any of this.

    The Catholic Church has some black eyes, but so do all other sects that have broken away. There's horror stories on both sides. Surviving for over 2k years, the Catholic Church has helped millions and millions of people throughout the world and continue to do so. There are many nonCatholic Christians who name call, say they see condemnations of Rome in Scripture that aren't there. That someone would create a horror story about the Catholic Church is nothing new. I suppose, as a Catholic, I'm weary that other sects of Christians make it their life's work to discredit Catholicism without knowing who we are yet have a contorted version of who they "think" we are. (REad Scott Hahn - he really wanted to destroy the Catholic Church).

    This woman, I do not believe was one of the Sisters - and I have close friends in Convents and Rectories.

    I read the


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