One Tin Soldier

WAKE UP, CHRISTIAN AMERICAN and face the fact to what we as a nation have been doing and continue to do across the globe!

There is NO EXCUSE for the horror and TERROR we have inflicted upon innocent peoples everywhere in the name of freedom? For who? Surely not for them.

Many Americans have been brainwashed by the controlled mass media and sold a 'bill of goods' by our greedy, selfish, corrupt leaders to believe that war is good, killing is right, and torture is necessary.

The Lord Jesus Christ NEVER condoned violence. We don't read in the New Testament of the Christians hurting/killing their enemies. Nor do we read of the disciples rebelling against the government.

We do read to love our enemies. We do read to pray for our leaders. We do read to trust in the Lord with all our heart.

And in the Old Testament, the Sixth Commandment in Exodus 20 says, "Thou shalt not kill."

Listen and watch U.S. Marine Cloy Richards who is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. On September 21st 2006 he spoke at the Union Ave. Christian Church in St. Louis MO.


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