Did Someone say, "New World Order"?

1942 New World Order Map
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Looks like the memo went out about the NWO:

A financial new world order?
Christian Science Monitor, MA - 7 hours ago
Bush says reforms must improve, not fetter, the free market; Europeans hint at more robust intervention. By Howard LaFranchi Staff writer of The Christian ...

Don't force EU's new world order on America
Times Online, UK - Oct 18, 2008
It will, they reason, be forced to go along with any European proposals for what is variously called a "new financial architecture" and a "new world order". ...

The dawn of new world order
Daily News & Analysis, India - 4 hours ago
With the Bush administration seen as a massive failure, both Obama and McCain are counting on their policies - particularly foreign affairs and economy - to ...

It's time for a new world order
Irish Independent, Ireland - 22 hours ago
Yes, we need entrepreneurs and financiers, but we also need a new world order where amassing enormous personal wealth on the backs of the lowly paid is ...

'New World Order' here
The Nation Newspaper, Barbados - Oct 14, 2008
However, I would like to focus briefly on one comment, "This, curiously, may be the "New World Order" touted many years ago". Yes, this most certainly is ...

Brave New World 2008 - Loving Your Servitude
OpEdNews, PA - Oct 17, 2008
The New World Order has known how to control a population for many decades and they have gotten very good at what they do. ...

Colin James: Wisdom needed to face new world order
New Zealand Herald, New Zealand - Oct 13, 2008
By Colin James When central bankers in important countries panic in unison, is it time to reach for the tranquillisers? When the central bank of this ...

LETTER: A new world order?
Lufkin Daily News, TX - Oct 15, 2008
sometimes called a "new world order"? Although many suspicious things and questionable circumstances seem to be pushing us toward a global system, ...

Thoughts on the economic aftershocks
OpEdNews, PA - 7 hours ago
This integration that took place over the last twenty years is impossible to undo, and it is the new world order. So the question becomes how to deal with ...

Responding to Brown’s Crisis Plan: new world order must be pro ...
World Development Movement (press release), UK - Oct 16, 2008
Last night, Gordon Brown set out proposals to fix the broken global economy, including fundamental reform of the IMF and World Bank. ...

George H. W. Bush on September 11, 1991


Gary Hart on September 12, 2001


On Lou Dobbs January 8, 2007


YESTERDAY October 18, 2008
European Union President Nicholas Sarkozy and European Commission President J. M. Barroso meet with United States President George W. Bush to press for a sweeping overhaul of the Global financial system to include a blueprint for a Worldwide Currency System.

Sarkozy: "We must make haste, because we must stabilize the market as swiftly as possible by coming up with answers... Global Worldwide Solution... Thank you, Mr. President... for using your term of office right up until the very end to help the world find the answers to a crisis that we must contain. We must not give way to fatalism."

Barroso goes on to discuss merging our economies... "a New Global Financial order and the Rule of Law"



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