William Bratton is a Freemason

January 15, 1996 (source)

William J. Bratton, the former NY police commissioner who is now resigning as LA chief of police to work for a private company is a Freemason and on September 11, 2009, he will be awarded with the honourary title of Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

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I was wondering where the man was on 9/11 and just found this:

“AIG awarded Larry Silverstein BILLIONS of dollars for the destruction of the entire World Trade Center complex. Kroll Associates is a subsidiary of AIG. Kroll Associates was in charge of security at the entire World Trade Center complex from 1993 through September 11, 2001. Kroll Associates is currently ‘consulting’ the LAPD over its entire operations. LAPD Chief William Bratton was working for Kroll Associates on September 11, 2001. The Queen of England is awarding Chief William Bratton as a member of the British Empire at the British Embassy in Washington D.C. on September 11, 2009. On September 11th. Chief William Bratton is another treasonous 9-11 criminal.”
Posted June 13, 2009


William Bratton and wife Rikki Klieman riding in the Los Angeles LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) Pride parade in West Hollywood, California in June 2009. (source)


joanne said…
Wow! he's a member of the British empire!? That sure says it right there! Good bird doggin' Cathy!

I was right here when it happened and I can tell you there are so many things that don't add up!!
I have been trying to find out the same info on him and found nada. Good job. In his Wiki entry it just says that he resigned LAPD during an investigation into some of his activities outside of the police but nothing about where he was in 2001. The UK Home Secretary, Theresa May rejected David Cameron's recommendation to employ him as the head of Scotland Yard. I wonder how long it will be before she gets told to reverse her decision?