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Is the "Secret Rapture" Biblical?

"The rapture theory is not Biblical and was founded as an Anti-Reformation tool of the Catholic Church. The purpose of the rapture theory was to destroy the reformation or control protestantism, recapture the Holy Land and establish the New Word Order and the One world government." Source: The Rapture Cult Secrets - Its Power and Secret Connections

An indepth study of this Left Behind book theory. Where did it come from?

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Secret Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory Questions Answered

A Biblical response to those counting on a secret pre-tribulation rapture to save them from trials and tribulation.


Christians Are Persecuted, Martyred, and Killed Worldwide


Acts 14:22
"Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God."


Tim Aagard said…
I was raised in the "rapture" theological approach. This preacher clearly has not listened well or has added in his own assumptions about what is meant by rapture teachers. What he says is full of "straw-men" arguments. He says rapture teaching says A, B, & C, when it does not teach those things.

Rapture teaching does not teach there will be no tribulation for believers. That is a rather obvious duh! Of course there has been tribulation. They merely believe they will be spared "great tribulation" at a certain point in history where there has never been tribulation of this kind.

The rapture is not taught as a "coming of Christ". Rather it is a taking away of the church. Matthew 24 does not teach about the rapture because it is teaching about the 2nd coming. No rapture teachers teach that it is speaking about the rapture.

I know there are "textual difficulties" with EVERY end-times theological approach. The ones that claim their "school" is difficulty free are those who have not been honest with the text. This type of Biblical arrogance is common in the institutionalized / professionalized approach to clergy driven teaching in the church where there is money to be made from God's Word. God's people are seriously dumbed down by this approach. This is true of both rapture and non-rapture preachers.
Christians are still free to decide for themselves whether the "catching away" of the body of Christ saved by grace alone is taught in scripture. If you have trusted the Lord Jesus Christ for your salvation, that he did it all through his death, burial, & resurrection, you are sealed by the Holy Spirit and saved eternally...and when he comes for us, you WILL GO!

The conflict over this doctrine arises from a common error in theology that causes nearly all of the conflicts in various streams of Christian thought: the failure to "rightly divide the word of truth" according to our apostle, Paul. (2 Tim. 2:15-KJV). The secret or mystery of our blessed hope, the catching away before the prophesied wrath of God arrives, was revealed ONLY unto Paul who then revealed it unto us for this dispensation of grace that will close with it. (1 Cor. 15:51-53; Rom. 11:25).

Please see my article, Why There Absolutely, Positively HAS to be a Pre-Trib Rapture, on my blog, at:

The rapture was part of the mystery hid in God from before the beginning of the world, and CANNOT be traced in the Old Testament, the 4 Gospels and Acts. The Hebrew epistles Heb-Rev do not contain this mystery either as Israel's program does not contain it.

In his service,
Contrary to this guy on the tape, the Holy Spirit is not removed from the earth at the rapture. The Body of Christ which is indwelt by the Holy Spirit is removed, as we and our mystery program are what is restraining that "man of sin."

The Holy Spirit has had a ministry in the world since it began and will continue to do so during the "time of Jacob's trouble." His ministry has manifested itself in different forms, that's all.