When will Gary Michael Hilton be tried for the murder of Cheryl Dunlap?

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JUNE 27, 2010 UPDATE
Just saw this...

Hilton Trial Delayed
Judge sets new trial for January 31, 2011.
Posted: 10:33 AM Jun 9, 2010
Reporter: Julie Montanaro
Email Address: julie.montanaro@wctv.tv

UPDATED 6.9.2010 6:30pm by Julie Montanaro

Accused killer Gary Michael Hilton will not go to trial next month as planned. Wednesday, a judge set a new trial date of January 31st, 2011 and not everyone's happy about it. Accused killer Gary Hilton appeared before a judge Wednesday morning, slated to go on trial next month for the murder of Crawfordville Sunday School teacher and FSU nurse Cheryl Dunlap. Within 30 minutes, that trial date was pushed back to January 2011. It wasn't welcome news to some of Dunlap's friends and neighbors.

"I think it's pretty sad because the family can't put anything to rest until it's over and done with," said Wakulla County resident Mary Cummins. "It's very, very sad what happened to her and what's coming to pass now."

"Miss Dunlap's family would like some closure in this case, would like to see some justice for Mr. Hilton in this case and the state would like to see that as well," prosecutor Georgia Cappleman said after the hearing.

Hilton was extradited from Georgia and escorted into the Leon County Jail two years ago this week. He's been awaiting trial ever since.

His public defender is one of just a few certified to do death penalty cases. She told the judge she's juggling other trials and still has more than 100 witnesses out of 400 on the state's list to interview before Hilton's trial.

"If the state listed them as category A (witnesses) , it's because they do have that information. So we want to know what they know," defense attorney Ines Suber said.

Suber says she isn't sure she will be ready by the new trial date, but the prosecutor says she hopes the judge holds her to it.

Hilton is slated to go on trial January 31st, 2011. That's three years and two months after Cheryl Dunlap disappeared.

Hilton isn't slated to be back in court again until October. The judge will get a progress report then.

A judge has set a new trial date for accused killer Gary Michael Hilton.

Hilton was originally slated to go on trial July 12 of this year but defense attorneys say they have nearly 100 witnesses to depose.

Also, defense attorney Ines Suber says she has several other death penalty cases scheduled later this year.

Over objections from the state, judge Terry Lewis set a new trial date of January 31,2011.

Hilton is accused of abducting and killing Crawfordville Sunday school teacher, and FSU nurse Cheryl Dunlap in December 2007.

Prosecutors say her family needs resolve in this case, while defense attorneys say this is a tedious process.

Prosecutor Georgia Cappleman: "Obviously Ms. Dunlap's family would like some closure in this case, to see some justice for Mr. Hilton in this case and the state would like to see that as well. So, we're hoping to be able to do that in an expeditious fashion."

Defense Attorney Ines Suber: "Obviously Mr. Hilton wants to get this matter resolved as quickly as possible. However, he understands that this is taking time, there's a lot of witnesses that the state has lumped together from all over.

There are about 400 potential witnesses in this case, some from as far away as Colorado. But the state says they obviously won't be calling all of them in to testify during the trial. But the cost to taxpayers could really add. There are dozens of witnesses who live out of state who would have to be interviewed ahead of trial and possibly flown in to testify.

Security was tight for Hilton's court appearance today. Typically there are two deputies in the courtroom. But for Hilton's appearance, there were four plain clothes deputies and three uniform deputies.


Yes, you can certainly keep people in jail that are on antipsychotics. Thorazine and Haldol are two old but useful antipsychotics. Lithium is classified as a mood stablizer to treat mania in bipolar disorder. Lithium is often used in conjunction with an antipsychotic or antidepressant (depending of the patient's diagnosis). Hilton displays what could be side effects from medications: weight gain, the 'thorazine shuffle', glazed eyes, muscle stiffness and tremor.


The story was taken down, as was the video, while I was responding to your post Too. I never thought of doing a full screen - sorry I missed that. I wonder how old that scar is and what it was there for. Has he ever been in a psych center? Cynthia Nassar said Hilton was "sick". Has it ever been reported in what regard she made that statement?


Say Retched, you "see" that he's on antipsychotics cuz of the shuffle? and the way his eyes look and the tremor? When somebody is on that kind of med, are they kept in a jail or in a facility? If it's not for seizures, do they sometimes give it in jail to calm down the prisoner?


I would like reporters to request the costs and what money is being spent on what for Hilton. How much has been spent to date. How many times in the hospital. What have been the costs for doctors. For lab tests. What tests. And has he been diagnosed with a fatal illness that they are dragging this out for, waiting for him to die first.


The Colorado connection. Don't forget the "Happy Face" murders. There was talk Hilton had a connection. I believe the "Happy Face" murders had a connection to....Colorado.


Another person mentioned this somewhere else and I wanted to mention it here too. Hilton didn't have on his standard long underwear sleeves and bulletproof vest on at this hearing. Just exactly where was this hearing held? I don't know of any courtrooms in the court house that has windos. Do any of them? And where are all the armed guards. all I see are men in suits. Is Hilton being held somewhere else presently? And he has no beard this time and very very short hair. Different from before. Also in some of the frames of this video, he seems to have a tremor. Are we paying out the yazoo for medications for this creep who has already ravaged and decapitated another victim, who he took the law to to find her body? Why are taxpayers having to pay for years for this? Weren't Green and Bradshaw up on DP? It didn't take years to get them to trial and then the trial only lasted a couple of days for Bradshaw and only a plea for Green. Why is Hilton special?

Accused killer Gary Michael Hilton will not go to trial next month as planned. Instead, the trial was postponed again AS PLANNED.


RE: Accused killer Gary Hilton? GMH is a confessed killer of Meredith Hope Emerson.. Possible victim's map of Gary Michael Hilton, prepared by sleddog: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms... When GMH, was asked by the Pickens Co, SC Sheriff how the other prisoners and guards treat him at Jackson Prison, GA, where he is serving life W/O Parole: Gary Hilton's view in his own words concerning the delay in Justice for his many, many victims including Cheryl Dunlap: "No one messes with me here. They treat me real good." "I've got my own T.V.'I READ'. I've got my meals cooked, served...the dishes are washed. My laundry is done....Hey, I love it!" "I'm gonna f------ raise hell, total hell. I'm not gonna be happy unless it takes three to four years to go to trial. Unless we have a 1,000 person jury pool, and unless we have at least two changes of venue. And that's just to begin with (laughs)." Wolfscratch: SK Gary Hilton, is playing the Justice System like a fiddle...


400 witnesses? From as far away as Colorado - which is the home state of Hilton's confessed Georgia victim, but what's that got to do with Dunlap's death? I think the state might be grasping at straws.


How come no photos from the hearing? It would be interesting to see what his appearance is like these days and if his health seems to be deteriorating or improving. Pictures sometimes speak louder than words.


Weird that Suber would say that Hilton wants this resolved too. Isn't that a very odd statement to make unless you were not guilty of the crime? And 400 witnesses? If he is guilty then with that many witnesses why didn't we know about him earlier on???


This is one of the problems with the death penalty, the process goes on forever at the taxpayer's expense. What's really bad is that if he is found guilty and gets the death penalty then he gets an automatic appeal and then they get to do it all over again. The lawyers are in no hurry, they're getting paid. If we are going to have a death penalty then we should use it, not let it drag on for years and years. I think I read that Florida spent something like $14 million to kill Ted Bundy. It's easier and cheaper to let them rot in a cell....

I'm with you kenny! This makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever! Why is this man allowed to just sit in jail and make the families suffer and not pay for his crimes???!!!???!!!

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Another blog April 16, 2010: Gary Michael Hilton Discusses Cheryl Dunlap's murder

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December 1, 2007 - 2 years 3 months ago - my friend from Bible school, Cheryl Dunlap, disappeared and her accused murderer, Gary Michael Hilton, has STILL not been tried for this tragic crime. WHY?

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NOTE: It would not surprise me in the least if Hilton is a CIA mind controlled operative under protection by the corrupt 'justice' system.


Anonymous said…
Hilton's crime pattern is an example of what is commonly known as an "express kidnapping." The crux of it is that a person is forced to give up their ATM card and PIN and then killed so the killer can clean out the bank account. This was the case with Meredith Emerson in Georgia, the Bryants in North Carolina and god only knows how many others. The problem is that the crime pattern is not tracked by the police, which makes it easier for the criminal to avoid arrest. The reason it's not tracked by the police is that it is a big problem for the banking industry. After all, if you're the head of marketing, how many murders per year make you jump up and down shouting "Hurrah!"?? In Illinois, Kansas, New Jersey and Georgia, efforts to make a forced ATM withdrawal a distinct felony have been blocked by the banking lobby. By making it a distinct felony, the crime pattern would be easy to track. Hilton and others like him would have been exposed much sooner. Cheryl, Meredith and the Bryants might all still be alive. A congressional report was due out on Feb 21st, but it has been blocked by the banking lobby and won't come out for "another month or two." See http://www.foxbusiness.com/story/personal-finance/emergency-pins-summon-help-atms/ Your friend died as a sacrifice to protect the ATM profit margin.
Cathy Palmer said…
It is clear to me that the U.S. intelligence infrastructure deliberately creates programmed serial killers.


Here are a FEW reasons:

1) cover-up the existence of Satanic crime in modern day America
2) disguise the true motive of some contract killings
3) create fear to facilitate the promotion of a 'law-and-order' agenda and an every-man-for-himself mentality
4) to dispose members of society who are the most marginalized, those people that Hitler termed the 'useless eaters' of society: prostitutes, runaways, junkies, and skid-row alcoholics.

Link: http://www.whale.to/b/henry.html#Part_V:_The_Mind_(Control)_of_a_Serial_Killer_