The Illumaniti is a Secret Society of the Demon-Possessed

FEB 25, 2015 UPDATE
Here is the link to the article which has several videos since the ones below are no longer available


Subliminal Messages, Freemasonry, Secret Societies, Fraternities, Occult Activities
by nmcguire7

Would They Throw the Game?

Basketball, football, baseball, hockey, golf, you name it, any sport involving money has a higher percentage of being corrupted in some way. Would your beloved Kobe, Lebron, or other superstar athletes be willing to take a back seat on a few games to say "hook a brotha up?" From a city in need of an economic boost to a mayor who needs a little distraction from bad publicity, whatever one or two or a whole team can do to make things better and still get paid -- no love or money lost, right? We all know wrestling is scripted, but what you don't want to know is that sometimes games are scripted too especially when members of the elite are connected to one's purse strings!

Stumbling Upon Truth: No More Lies

One day I was looking for some information about Rihanna's song Russian Roulette back when it was due to be released. I had heard the song was receiving some flack from critics because of its message. They were concerned it would encourage young people to commit suicide. My research on that song was the start of my investigation on the real meaning behind songs, which led to my questioning other things that I had once supported, things that I had never bothered questioning and religious and political views that seemed confusing even downright weird. Since October 2009, I can tell you that I have opened one door only to find another door, open that one and then another and all of the doors lead to that pyramid that appears on the dollar bill!

My eyes are being opened everyday to the truth behind the lies. I never imagined just how many lies I have been fed from society, family, friends, strangers etc. about hard core values of just daily living! Oftentimes these so-called moral teachings have been severely hypocritical and judgmental. There seems to be "a believe whatever the teacher, the tv, your boss tells you" attitude and never question it. Well, I no longer subscribe to such teaching and as a result I have p*ssed off people both on and offline -- I won't feed into lies! As I write, a biblical scripture comes to mind, "For we are not ignorant of the devil's devices," 2 Corinthians 2:11.

So have fun uncovering the lies you have been fed too!

Know What You Are Watching & Why You Are Watching It

Often we watch television, attend movies, and sit in front of our computers watching Internet shows without thinking about the symbols in scenes, the images on clothing, and the hand movements of the characters. Children sit in front of cartoons with hidden messages that are sexual in nature. We don't say much to one another about what we see, because we are often too busy thinking about the next thing we would like to do. We don't normally question the validity of the information being given to us, because it isn't that important or we reason "I have better things to do." This is the attitude that people who are in control of your money, community and world want you to have, "I don't care." This is why unfair rules, regulations, bills, etc. get passed while you sleep, eat, and watch a show specifically designed to dumb down your mind. Those in power know very well the psychological impact of subliminal advertising, soft mind control and more. Meanwhile the Average Joe doesn't care what he is being fed in mind, body or spirit and that is why many die prematurely -- never living up to their full potential due to someone else controlling their mind and their money.

I posted the following video, because some of my readers really need to open their eyes and understand what messages they are being fed especially if they have children. Everything that is labeled "G" or "PG" is really not for children. The underlining messages are really there to entertain naive adults who are all too willing to follow whatever messages hidden or in plain site they are given. If you have a faith and you haven't been using it lately, now may be a good time to start putting it into action. God bless.


Matilda said…
These videos do not exist? Were they removed? I would like to see them.
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Nicholl said…
They were removed by YouTube. Much censoring has been happening on the site. The information has been quite compelling. My suggestion is to search on other sites similar topics.