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Anders Breivik: Manchurian Candidate in False Flag Event?

Listen to Max Ratt to hear more how this event was a total hoax:

"How do the media and the government know that an alleged perpetrator is indeed guilty and is indeed solely guilty in the first few days after the apprehension of the suspect, unless the media and the government are in on the crime itself?" Michael Hoffman

Anders Behring Breivik is a member of the John lodge St. Olaus TD Three pillars of the Norwegian Masonic Order.

MK ULTRA in Norway
Was Anders Behring Breivik mind controlled?

“It’s strange that he didn’t kill himself, like the guys that have carried out school shootings,” the police official told AP. “It’s a good thing that he didn’t because then we might get some answers pointing out his motivation.” -Sveinung Sponheim

Anders Behring Breivik is reported to have been furious at the mention of Muslims being connected to the tragedy in Oslo and his own small efforts to ignite outrage.

"He travelled on the ferry boat from the mainland over to that little inland island posing as a police officer, saying he was there to do research in connection with the bomb blasts," NRK journalist Ole Torp told the BBC.

"He asked people to gather round and then he started shooting, so these young people fled into the bushes and woods and some even swam off the island to get to safety."

One 15-year-old eyewitness described how she saw what she thought was a police officer open fire.

"He first shot people on the island. Afterward he started shooting people in the water,"


July 23/11 EBOOK Selling on Three Dead Words: My MKULTRA Story: Saskatchewan Canada 2011

Norway attack: Youth camp official plays dead to survive shooting,0,1060717.story
Many of the youth fled in panic across a clearing trying to reach their tents, Pracon said. But the gunman, who was "cool and controlled," went around "systematically" shooting those in the tents, and others who ran down to the water, Pracon told the newspaper. "It was as though he had done this kind of thing before, as if going round and shooting people was totally normal," Pracon said. "He said, 'You're all going to die.' "

Adrian Pracon, 21, an official with the Worker's Youth League, describes a "cool and controlled" gunman "systematically" shooting fleeing campers in the attack near Oslo.

A search and rescue team boat passes by covered bodies of victims from the summer camp organized by the ruling Labor Party on Utoeya, an island outside the capital. (Kristoffer Oeverli Andersen/AFP/Getty Images / July 23, 2011)

A man described Saturday how he played dead in order to survive the shooting spree of a gunman who pretended to be a police officer but then opened fired on youth at a camp on an island near Oslo.

Adrian Pracon, 21, an official with the Worker's Youth League, told the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten that he was on his way to a kiosk on Utoya Island, where the annual camp was being held, to buy chocolate and potato chips when he heard the ruckus.

"I did not realize that it was a shot at first, but then people started to run," Pracon, 21, told Aftenposten.

Many of the youth fled in panic across a clearing trying to reach their tents, Pracon said. But the gunman, who was "cool and controlled," went around "systematically" shooting those in the tents, and others who ran down to the water, Pracon told the newspaper. "It was as though he had done this kind of thing before, as if going round and shooting people was totally normal," Pracon said. "He said, 'You're all going to die.' "

Pracon said he and others gathered at the water's edge hoping that help would come. But the attacker tracked them down.

"He shot everyone in the group, one by one," the youth league leader told Aftenposten. "I lay on the ground and played dead. He came up to check that everyone was dead. He … was so close that I felt the warmth of his weapon."

Pracon recalled how the last shot grazed his shoulder. The blast of the gun temporarily left him deaf in one ear, and "the pain came later," he told the newspaper.

The youth league leader and other distraught youngsters were saved when three real police officers arrived at the scene, Pracon said.

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

Fret not thyself because of evil [men], neither be thou envious at the wicked; For there shall be no reward to the evil [man]; the candle of the wicked shall be put out. 

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

JULY 25, 2011 UPDATE

From Michale Hoffman

The media is putting heavy emphasis on the Oslo bomb being another Oklahoma City. When the Israelis bomb government buildings in Beirut or Gaza no such terror connection is invoked. Moreover, the Oklahoma City bombing was a government conspiracy. Is the identification of Oslo with Oklahoma City a subtle hint that the Norway shootings were also the work of a conspiracy?

Anders Behring Breivik in masonic regalia including lodge apron

"On the Facebook page attributed to him, Mr Breivik describes himself as a Christian and a conservative. It listed his interests as hunting, body building and freemasonry. His profile also listed him as single. The page has since been taken down." The Telegraph (England), July 23, 2011
"His favorite TV show was named as Dexter - a series about a Miami police forensics expert who moonlights as a serial killer...There was anger among some of the 150,000 Muslims living in Norway when a newspaper reproduced the controversial Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in January last year. Last night 'Helpers of the Global Jihad' posted a message on the internet claiming the bombing was 'only the beginning' of the retaliation over the cartoons." Daily Mail (England) July 23, 2011

Mr. C.A. on Norway Terror:
Is the attack a slap on the wrist for Norwegian meddling in the globalist agenda? Norway is not a member of the European Union and its recent actions will have undoubtedly angered many of the power players amongst the global elite within that inner circle. Specifically, Norway's support for full Palestinian statehood, set to be voted on at the UN in September, Norway's decision to reverse its support for the bombardment of Libya and withdraw completely from the NATO operation on August 1, and Norway's move to freeze a $42 million dollar payment to Greece, an obvious hindrance to recent efforts to prop up the country's dire debt crisis, are all massive issues that could have caused a fall out between Norway and the Anglo-American establishment.

Reports that the culprit of the mass shooting at a Labor youth camp outside Oslo, who early indications show killed at least 84 people, was a blonde-haired Norwegian man, fit perfectly into the recent propaganda campaign to hype the "white Al-Qaeda" as the most deadly terror threat. Self-proclaimed security experts quoted by Reuters are already predicting the blame will "fall on both Islamists and right-wing extremists," in some form of alliance that led to a "hybrid assault," which in and of itself is a ludicrous notion but does serve to link anti-government sentiment amongst the host population with Muslim terrorism, which has been the goal all along.  

--- end ---

CONTROLLED MEDIA now say Gunman’s manifesto borrowed from Unabomber text and in its coverage of "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski, the news journalist Peter Jennings's book omits the most important aspect of the case: Kaczynski had been a volunteer for a CIA-funded MK-ULTRA mind-control project at Harvard University. The writer, who has assisted in the de-programming of mind-control survivors, invariably finds that persons charged in bombings or multiple shootings, are victims of mind-control projects. (source)

--- end ---

Rush to Judgment fits a familiar pattern
by Michael Hoffman | Nov. 9, 2009 |

This column is online with additional links:

On Nov. 8 the Sunday New York Times declared Nidal Malik Hasan guilty of the Fort Hood shootings (James C. McKinley Jr. and James Dao:"Fort Hood Gunman Gave Signals Before His Rampage"). This is the familiar trial by media accompanied by the equally familiar "lone nut" imputation.

David Berkowitz was declared solely guilty of the "Son of Sam" murders in New York in 1977, on the day of his arrest.

Ted Kaczynski was declared solely guilty of the "Unabomber" killings on the day of his arrest.

How do the media and the government know that an alleged perpetrator is indeed guilty and is indeed solely guilty in the first few days after the apprehension of the suspect, unless the media and the government are in on the crime itself?

Criminology 101 tells us that the day of the arrest is the day the investigation begins in earnest. The Constitution tell us that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

Cryptocracy May Choose to Substitute Lone Nut Profile with Islamic Terror Plot

In all government conspiracies wherein a mouthpiece media is instrumental in supporting the official script, a declaration of guilt is infallibly promulgated, concerning a suspect who is often then branded a "lone nut," though in Major Hasan's case there may be an effort to implicate Muslim theologians as indirectly responsible. There is also a move to create a 9/11 link with Hasan. (A truly outrageous version is here).

If the Cryptocracy chooses to drop the lone imputation, then it will do so in order to fabricate a 9/11-style Islamic terror conspiracy. Such a move would likely not entail a focus on the two other gunmen seen by eyewitnesses in Fort Hood, since these shooters are probably government agents and not Muslim extremists. Anything is possible however, since we have already seen Major Hasan resurrected from the dead, with nary a peep from the media over that remarkable act of prestidigitation.

If the Fort Hoodwink shootings were not a government conspiracy but an actual criminal investigation, the investigators would be much more circumspect and tentative in their statements and would be actively engaged in a deep and time-consuming investigation of the crime from all angles, without pre-conceived notions, including the investigation of the numerous anomalies in this case which we have already stated (see: "The Hoodwink in Texas").

An investigation that focuses this early in the case exclusively on a "Muslim terror conspiracy" is an indication of a script being in place, otherwise investigative journalists would seriously consider all leads, including those that lead to the government itself. These would begin with Virginia Tech, Hasan's alma mater and the scene of another shooting-spree slaughter where initially it was stated that two shooters were involved. (See Revisionist History newsletter no. 44, "Certain Anomalies in the Case of 33 Deaths at Virginia Tech").

Those who are skeptical of the degree to which spectacular crimes are initiated and then exploited by the Cryptocracy's technology of mass mind control for processing the Group Mind of America, should consider the following information, leaked to us by a correspondent. He writes, "There is another blog that I keep up with, though it can only be viewed by registered members, so I can't link you to it directly, but I thought you would appreciate this little kernal of information that the author revealed in a recent post about a tie-in between the (Fort Hood) shooting and the V-tech massacre":

"Just two days before the Virginia Tech shootings which took place on April 16, 2007, "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) did a rather strange 'Digital Short' skit in which ordinary people just started shooting at each other with a hypnotic song playing in the background carefully synced to each and every shooting in the skit....And now, more than 2 years later, the same song (or at least a song liberally sampling the chorus of the song, 'Hide and Seek', now renamed 'Whacha Say') is back, playing constantly on the radio. In fact, the song is, right now, #1 on the charts! I mean, it even looks as though it just became #1 within the last few days!"

If we had genuine investigative journalism in this country from even one organ of Big Media, the Cryptocracy might be thwarted and the actual string-pullers in Texas brought to justice. But what we have in fact is a vile government-mouthpiece media which, from the 9/11 terror attacks to the shootings at the army base, are despicable partners in the hoodwink.

The New York Times makes a point of stating Hasan's nationality in the opening paragraphs of its Nov. 8 report: "Major Hasan was born in Arlington, Va., on Sept. 8, 1970. His parents, Palestinians who had immigrated from the West Bank in the 1960s, moved the family to Roanoke when he was a youth.

We can discern the direction the Fort Hoodwink attack is going to take by the following remark from a teenager said to be casually acquainted with Hasan, and which the New York Times regarded as nonetheless sufficiently worthy of publication in the already cited Sunday, Nov. 8 edition:

...(According to Duane Reasoner Jr., an 18-year-old alleged friend of Hasan): "In the Koran, it says you are not supposed to have alliances with Jews or Christians, and if you are killed in the military fighting against Muslims, you will go to hell."

"Jew and Christians vs. Muslims" is precisely the dogmatic equation the Cryptocracy has already successfully seeded throughout the conservative Right wing. (This phenomenon was the subject of our cover story in Revisionist History newsletter no. 48).

Fort Hoodwink will help spread this meme deeper in American society. The war of civilizations must go on, with HBO's Larry David and other Zionists like him on "our" side, and the Palestinians on the other. Joseph I. Lieberman, the Orthodox Judaic Senator from Connecticut, announced on Sunday that "he would hold hearings to explore whether Major Hasan's actions constituted terrorism." Hasan has not yet even had a trial!

And wouldn't you know it? Fort Hoodwink occurs just at the time the "Goldstone Report" had made the Palestinians into victims of Israeli mass murder in the Group Mind. At the very least, the shootings mitigate that impression and may perhaps even cancel and reverse it.

Copyright ©2009. All Rights Reserved.

--- end ---

JULY 26, 2011 UPDATE

Check out this website:

JULY 27, 2011 UPDATE

More here:


The media photos of this guy make him look like a paperdoll - white background with him in his different costumes: Knight's Templer, Masonic, Rifle, Gas Mask - SO BIZARRE and SO FAKE!!!

JULY 30, 2011 UPDATE

HOAX? Would not surprise me!

JULY 31, 2011 UPDATE

Oslo: Down to the New World Order by Richard Cottrell


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