Vaccinations are Dangerous! Listen to Max Ratt Expose the Lies in VAXXED

"May 24th 2016 - In this episode of the Max Ratt Deconstruction Zone Max digs DEEP into the issue of Vaccines. With the recent publicity surrounding the movie “VAXXED”, Max incorporates a review of the documentary within an in depth presentation encompassing a plethora of knowledge and research into Vaccination. This is an important show presented in Max’s Unique Style. Educate before you Vaccinate. Note: Youtube blocked my ability to load this podcast on my main channel so I've loaded on a back up channel ... For more Podcasts and content from Max Ratt check out"

"People don't realize there are 42,000 reports of adverse events to the vaccine adverse reporting system in the last 15 months. 42,000 including 179 deaths and 10,000 visits to emergency rooms. And yet our government tells us that vaccines are safe. How is that possible? And how is it possible that the government also recognizes that vaccines injure and kill some people and yet, they're somehow safe.
It makes no sense."

Leslie Manookian
"The Greater Good"


Noel said…
Always felt vaccines are more about changing our body makeup either a PH issue or DNA