KEITH GREEN (1953 - 1982)
Tonight I was listening to a cd my daughter made for me which had on it a couple of songs sung by Keith Green. I was deeply touched by his music, so I thought I would share a bit about this anointed worshipper. Keith came from a Jewish background in Sheepshead Bay NY. He ran away from home as a teenager, looking for musical fame and spiritual enlightenment in the late 1960's. He married Melody and they both converted to Christ when he was 21 years old. They immediately began taking troubled people off the streets and into their home and eventually founded The Last Days Ministries, transforming a Texas ranch into a school of discipleship and evangelism. I remember when he shocked the Christian culture and music business in the 80's when he began offering his recordings for free or "whatever you can afford." Sadly, on July 28, 1982, Keith, along with his three year old son Josiah, his two year old daughter, Bethany, and ministry friends were all killed in a tragic plane crash. Melody was home with their daughter Rebekah and was pregnant with their fourth child, Rachel. Years later, Melody wrote a biography about her husband called, No Compromise. Click here to listen to some audio clips of his great music! Keith Green's passion for the Lord and for the lost was a wonderful example for each of us.


  1. I love Keith Green!
    KG's music has influenced me more than anything else on the planet almost. I have listened to him for so long. He has also influenced me as a musician, to be very honest and real in my lyrics. Actually, I'd be honored if you'd check out my music on my site. Its very, "Keithish."
    Thanks for posting,
    "All of my music is free for download."

  2. Thanks, Sean, for sharing your website link. I pray that many be drawn closer to the Lord Jesus Christ through your wonderful music and your powerful testimony!

    Enjoying the journey with Jesus,
    Cathy in Pensacola


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