May 21, 2006

Do you REALLY want to know?
Then watch this video NOW!
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, interviewed on October 12, 2001, by Parade magazine said, "It is a truth that a terrorist can attack any time, any place, using any technique and it's physically impossible to defend at every time and every place against every conceivable technique. Here we're talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines flight filled with our citizens, and the missile to damage this building and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center. The only way to deal with this problem is by taking the battle to the terrorists, wherever they are, and dealing with them."

"Missile"? What missile would that be? Did he let something slip? Or was this just a gaffe? A bad choice of words? A transcription error? Until we know for sure, it deserves scrutiny.

9/11 Pentagon 'Plane' Footage 'Missiles' the Point

A Missile, Not Flight 77

Pentagon Research

New official 9/11 video: The Pentagon Magic Plane



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