You are special

Very few people are given the chance to become the sons of God.

MORE VIDEOS from lucaslabrador who writes:


Welcome to my channel. I do videos in batches, normally, of two to four videos, so you have to come here to see them all.

The Lord God of Israel; the God of the Christians, as He is in this Covenant era, OWNS this world, and all in it. It is high time that the wicked learned that, and His standard was honoured and aspired to in this land.

For the tiny few of the British people who are actually Christians things are getting tough. I pray that all will be encouraged through what I bring.

The gospel is by the sovereign grace of God alone. There are no filth Christians, but many nominal Christians are as disgusting and depraved as any media person, celebrity, politician, or whatever. Those people sicken God's actual people. I speak the truth of God that upsets the wicked, whether religious or not, but which is a delight to all who are genuinely saved from sin.


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