The Council for National Policy (CNP)

Quotes from The Council for National Policy: What It Is

"Many Evangelical, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Catholic, Mormon and other ecumenically-minded leaders are members of the Council for National Policy, the 500+ (varies per year) member organization which some suggest plans the strategy of the Religious Right and conservatives in the United States."

"The CNP, according to their 1996 Telephone Directory, was founded in 1981. While those involved are from the United States, their organizations and influence cover the globe, both religiously and politically. Members include corporate executives, television evangelists, legislators, former military or high ranking government officers, leaders of 'think tanks' dedicated to molding society and those who many view as Christian leadership. Members in many cases are owners or leaders from industry such as lumber, oil, mining, commodities, real estate, the media, including owners of radio, television and print, with all aspects of life covered. Many are involved in education, determining to influence society's direction by direct input with children and youth. Many advocate from the arena of right wing politics, conservatives, family friendly, reconstructionists, dominionists, and so on."

"While Biblically obedient Christians would not wish to be joined with many individuals and groups linked with the following 'Christian' ventures, others would suggest the end justifies the means. The claim is God uses non-Christians to achieve his purposes. That would be so. Pharaoh would be a good example. However, uniting in a spiritual venture with not only non-Christians, that is, those who reject Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but those who are openly speaking against Him does not stand the test of Scripture for Christians. 2 Corinthians 6:14-15"

"This research is presented to shed light on activities by those who could possibly deceive the elect by methods and systematic plans, which involves political activity and networking with unbelievers, rather than the focus of spiritual and Biblical obedience, which all Christians are called to. Some of the CNP members are overtly 'Christian' which, according to some, is used as a cover to deceive the gullible. Some would suggest they have the 'form of godliness' and are somewhat 'ministers of righteousness', but deny the true power thereof by a carefully contrived doctrine based on the worlds ideas, which assiduously avoids the Scriptures which would expose their works for what they are. Through their individual organizations' propaganda, they may provoke visceral reactions from Christians to fight, become angry, to get involved in the political arena, to join and support their organizations through many monetary contributions which is seen by some as making 'merchandise of the saints.' That is not to say that those involved are also not sincere Christians or sincere in what they believe. But being sincere does not necessarily mean being Biblically sound or obedient. Many are so focused on what they call 'the culture war', that they miss the spiritual battle we are to be actually involved in."

"Can any Christian really believe that someone who loves Jesus Christ will knowingly join with and have the same beliefs or goals as a Nazi, a Mormon or a follower of Sun Myung Moon--who believes himself to be Messiah. I don't believe any would intentionally. But many do under the guise of politics, being conservative or family minded, and fighting the culture war."

"The culture is part of the world and cannot be 'reclaimed' with the Lord's blessing as many of the CNP members proclaim through their respective organizations. This is one of the wiles of Satan to divert Christians from their true mission which is to walk in walk worthy of their calling as small lamps in a dark world, holding forth the word of life (not reforming and transforming that which cannot be changed.) 1 John 2:15,16 , Romans 3:9-10 , Galatians 3:22, Luke 16:15"


  1. great post! I've written about CNP too, found this looking for original logo pic.


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