Nov 30, 1941 Honolulu Headline: JAPANESE MAY STRIKE OVER WEEKEND!

The Truth Concealed: Forewarned, Forearmed?

Not at Pearl Harbor on the "Day of Infamy" (Dec 7, 1941)

For most people, the story of "Arizona" and other Pearl Harbor and Pacific battlegrounds paints a black and white picture of what allegedly happened. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in a "surprise" attack, we are told. "A day that will live in infamy," declared President Roosevelt the following day, in his address to a joint session of Congress as he announced the U.S. was at war with Japan, and therefore, with its ally, Germany.

Prior to the Pearl Harbor attack, however, most of the United States citizens were opposed to America's entering the war in Europe on Britain's side. After the Pearl Harbor, the issue was a no brainer. Roosevelt and his pal Winston Churchill NEEDED a "Pearl Harbor" as an excuse to involve this great country in a war (in Europe) that never threatened our national security. And his government made sure it got its "Pearl Harbor" one way or another.

In short, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was no surprise. History is written by the victors. They shape the stories to fit their interests. So what we are being told about Pearl Harbor in schools and textbooks is only a part of the truth. The other part has been carefully excised from our history. Big Brother reincarante? You betcha...

How do I know that? Well, take a look at the front page of the Honolulu Advertiser, dated Nov 30, 1941 (auspiciously exactly 67 years ago today - to the day!).

The top headline reads, "Japanese May Strike over Weekend!" The article even predicted the timing of the attack accurately - eight days before it happened! The rest of the story shows how our government was aware of the oncoming attack.

According to some of my military sources, our government subsequently managed to destroy almost all the evidence, including going into the Hawaii hospitals and ripping off the front page of this newspaper. However, private Paul Brown, seeing what was going on, reportedly managed to save his own front page of the Advertiser and hide it from the government. This is one of the very few known copies of that paper. It is supposedly hanging in the Punta Gorda Florida Military History Museum. At least it was, as of March of this year, I am told.

Of course, none of this takes away one iota of credit or tribute to the brave men and women who fought during WW II, both in the Pacific and in Europe. But it does go to show us once again that the "truth is the first casualty of war." Tonkin Bay, Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction," are but some more recent examples of this truism. Which is why we must never accept what governments tell us at face value. More then 2,400 lives lost in just one day at Pearl Harbor ought to be reason enough, not to mention the millions that followed.

--- end ---

And from Pearl Harbor: The Latest Wave:

Joseph Leib, a former New Deal bureaucrat and retired newspaper correspondent, wrote an article which appeared in Hustler magazine, "Pearl Harbor: The Story the Rest of the Media Won't Tell," in which he claimed that his friend, Secretary of State Hull, had confided to him on 29 November 1941 that J. Edgar Hoover and FDR knew that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor withing a few days, and that the President, over Hull's strident objections, was going to let this happen as a way to get the country into war. Hull's dilemma was that he could not reveal this openly to the press, since the White House would simply denounce him, and no one would believe him. He turned over to Lieb a document containing a transcript of Japanese radio intercepts which supposedly detailed the Pearl Harbor plan, making the reporter promise never to reveal the source. Leib rushed the story, minus the identification of Hull, to the United Press bureau, which refused to run it since it was so incredulous. But Leib did manage to persuade UP's cable editor, Harry Frantz, to transmit it on the foreign cable. Although the story managed somehow to get garbled in transmission, it did create a front-page banner headline in the Sunday, 30 November, Honolulu Advertiser: JAPANESE MAY STRIKE OVER WEEKEND! Thus Leib, writing in 1983, has finally cleared up the mystery of the origins of that headline, which has always been a particularly curious part of the Pearl Harbor puzzle. He promises to release more information about his knowledge in other forums.

--- end ---

WAR and Freemasons

The Roberts Commission laid the blame for Pearl Harbor on the commanders in Hawaii — General Short and Admiral Kimmel. The commission charged that the pair ignored the importance of an alleged war warning from Washington and charged that they failed to take sufficient defensive actions.

Overall, the two officers were said to be guilty of dereliction of duty. On the other hand, the commission in its report held that the top military leaders in Washington, Admiral Stark and General Marshall, had performed impeccably. That section of the report was first submitted to none other than Stark and Marshall for their approval.

Franklin Roosevelt insisted on strict limits in investigating the 7 December attack. (Echos of Bonesman Bush )

Admiral Standley dissented from the findings but did not write a minority opinion after being told that to do so would weaken the public's confidence in its leaders and thereby harm the war effort.

To make absolutely certain that the commission's report was to his liking, Roosevelt insisted on reviewing it before it became public. Finding that the report did suit his purposes, Roosevelt decided to release it in its entirety to the press. [12]

The Roberts Commission report encountered less-than-universal acceptance by the few people who both understood and disapproved of the situation. For example, Admiral James Richardson, Kimmel's predecessor as Pacific Fleet commander, condemned the report:

"It is the most unfair, unjust, and deceptively dishonest document ever printed by the Government Printing Office. I cannot conceive of honorable men serving on the commission without greatest regret and deepest feelings of shame. " (Could have said the same of the 911 report)

Some calls for congressional investigations were heard, especially from those who had resisted intervention before 12/7. But by and large the American people accepted the verdict of the Roberts Report.

As Senate Majority Leader Alben Barkley put it, the report presented a "comprehensive and admirable view of the facts and the people are justified in believing that nothing will be kept from them." All suspicions should end, he declared, because now "everybody knows what happened." [14]

Seeking even greater security, the president then made sure the commission would consist of individuals linked, by personal loyalty or political belief, to the administration and its pro-war agenda.

To achieve that goal, Roosevelt relied on his secretary of war, Henry Stimson, to propose three of the commission's five members. Stimson was the pre-eminent war hawk who recorded in his diary on November 25, 1941, that "the question [of the United States dealing with the Japanese] was how we should maneuver them into the position of firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves."

Henry L. Stimson - Secretary of War -Skull and Bones
Franklin D. Roosevelt - Freemason
Henery A Wallace Vice President - Freemason
Henry C. Clausen- Freemason
General George C. Marshall- Freemason
General Douglas MacArthur - Freemason
Henery Morgenthau - Secretary of the Treasury - Freemason

There are many more...but you get the picture...WW2 was a Freemason operation and the Commission looking into the attack at Pearl Harbor was a complete whitewash....a huge lie....sold to the American public....most of whom still believe the offical history....for that is what we are taught in school...thats what the textbooks say.

The Warren Commission....
On November 29, 1963, President Johnson created the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of President Kennedy.

The commission is headed by Earl Warren, who was a Freemason and known Bohemian Grove attendee. Another commission member was Earl Boggs who had membership in the Knights of Columbus. He later expressed doubts about the findings of the commission. Boggs died in a plane crash in Alaska in 1972. Searchers never found his body. Another commission member was John Sherman Cooper. Cooper was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and he was a member of the infamous Order of Skull and Bones.

Another member was Allen Dulles Fired by Kennedy. Dulles was a CIA Director, and Council on Foreign Relations member, and a Bilderberger.
Another member was Gerald Ford. Ford was a Freemason, a Bohemian Grove attendee, a CFR member and a Bilderberger.
Another member was John J. McCloy. McCloy was a CFR member and was reportedly well-connected to many CIA people.
Another member was senator Richard B. Russell, who was a Freemason.
Alan Spector (Magic Bullet ) Senator PA is a Freemason

The Commission consisted of seven members, six of whom were known to be members of secretive and conspiratorial organizations. This commission of conspirators decided that President Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gunman, and that no conspiracy was involved.

J.Edger Hoover - Freemason
Lyndon B Johnson Freenason
Hubert H. Humphrey - Freemason
Robert S. McNamara Secretary of War - Freemason
Warren Commission director Jerry Ford - Freemason.......He also appointed George Bush- Skull and Bones ) as Director of the CIA
The Warren Commission has been totaly discredited

The Viet Nam War was a Freemason operation.

911 Commission...............
White House Opposed Formation of Commission: President Bush and Vice President Cheney both contacted then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle in the months after 9/11 to insist on strict limits in the scope of any investigation into the attacks.
Newsweek reported on February 4, 2002, that Vice President Cheney called Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD) to "warn" him not to open hearings into the attacks.

If Daschle pressed the issue, Cheney "implied he would risk being accused of interfering with the mission" against terrorism. And despite entreaties from the families of victims of 9/11 attacks and a bipartisan group of senators and congressmen, the president vocally resisted forming an investigatory commission. President Bush only relented on November 27, 2002, a year after the attacks.

budget estimated at $30 million ...for investigating the destruction of WTC...time allowed 18 months

Cost of Starr Investigation (4 years): $ 40 Million....for investigating a BJ in the White House....time...unlimited

Florida Senator Graham asserts that the White House blocked investigations into Saudi Arabian government support for the 9/11 plot, in part because of the Bush family's close ties to the Saudi
royal family and wealthy Saudis like the bin Ladens. Behind the White House's insistence on classifying 27 pages detailing the Saudi links in a report issued by a joint House-Senate intelligence panel co-chaired by Graham in 2002 lay the desire to hide the administration's deficiencies and protect its Saudi allies,

President Bush appoints veteran US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to head a commission to investigate the 11 September attacks...... Kissinger is so well known as a member of secret
societies.that his name is withdrawn.
George Bush - Skull and Bones
Richard Cheney - Skull and Bones
Donald Rumsfeld - Defense Secretary - Freemason
Gen. Colin Powell - Freemason

There are more but again the picture is clear............
The record shows that members of secret societies have manipulated, lied, and are the protagonist in WAR. The War on Terror is a Freemason operation
Truth is not told, it is realized


  1. On November 28th, 1941,( Saturday 8 days before the attack) Admiral Halsey with two task forces with Aircraft Carriers left Pearl Harbor and “gave orders to shoot down any plane seen in the air that was not known to be one of our own. We went into Condition 3, as I remember it, and kept that the entire way out until we got close to Wake and then I went into Condition 2. In other words, I tried to make full preparations for combat”
    (Admiral Halsey, Hart Inquiry 1944.)
    Also see USS Enterprise Battle Order Number One

    “Admiral Standley: Then, then the reason for radio silence was that you suspected or you thought it possible that there might be a Japanese attack?
    “Admiral Halsey : (Commanding the Aircraft Carrier Enterprise): Exactly.”
    (Proceedings of the Roberts Commission, pp. 619-620 (Roberts))

    Admiral Halsey was prepared to fight the Japanese on November 28th, 1941 and was loaded and ready to shoot at anything Japanese on site. That was his order. That is a fact. War with Japan was not a surprise. Order to shoot at anything Japanese can only come from Congress and the President of the United States or he would have seen a court martial that day. It should not surprise you that Newspaper in Honolulu and the other on Hilo, printed a war warning? That’s why we had 10 investigations into Pearl Harbor. People had questioned it from the beginning. Freedom of information act allowed some documents to be released in 1981 and 1992 but not all of them.


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