World News Updates 12/12/08

Friday Dec. 12, 2008

Report: Bailed-out firms bankrolled conventions
AIG, Ford, Citigroup, Freddie Mac gave millions to Democrats, GOP before asking for gov't aid
What were major corporations such as AIG, Ford, Citigroup and Freddie Mac doing in the weeks before they asked Washington for taxpayer-funded financial bailouts?

CIA Secret Experiments
It's the height of the Cold War and the United States government is desperate to combat the spread of Communism. The CIA launches a highly classified, top secret research program into the covert use of biological and chemical agents.

More Religious Groups Protect Baby Jesus with GPS Units
When Baby Jesus disappeared last year from a Nativity scene on the lawn of the Wellington, Fla., community center, village officials didn't follow a star to locate him.

Did Noah's Flood start in the Carmel?
A deluge that swept the Land of Israel more than 7,000 years ago, submerging six Neolithic villages opposite the Carmel Mountains, is the origin of the biblical flood of Noah, a British marine archeologist said Tuesday.

Cancel Christmas - Jesus was born June 17, say scientists
It may not be too late to send the presents back, as astronomers have calculated that Christmas should not be celebrated on December 25 - but on June 17 instead.

Foe of 10 Commandments Judge Loses License
Stephen Glassroth's license was suspended by the Alabama Bar Association after he did not respond to a complaint that he failed to represent lawyer Dana Jill Simpson, who had hired him to defend her in a tax case.

Newsweek: Bible supports same-sex marriage
Mainstream magazine draws fire for declaring Scripture affirms 'gay' right to wed
"It doesn't surprise me," he said. "Newsweek has been so far in the tank on the homosexual issue, for so long, they need scuba gear and breathing apparatus. I don't think it's going to change the minds of anyone who takes biblical teachings seriously."

Coffee-Table Bible Too 'Cool' For Christians?
A new take on the Bible looks more like something you would see on a magazine rack or in a coffee shop, than in the pews of a church.

Atheists want God, Bible out of homeland security law
A group of atheists filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to remove part of a state anti-terrorism law that requires Kentucky's Office of Homeland Security to acknowledge it can't keep the state safe without God's help.

Focus on the Family Praises "Twilight" Vampire Love Movie
Somebody wake me up and tell me this is a bad dream. Caryl Matrisciana, a long time occult researcher and movie producer, reports that Focus on the Family’s Plugged In Online website has some advice for Christians about the Twilight vampire movie phenomenon.

'Doc's' abortion ring terminated after 16 felonies
Pro-life Christian group exposed chain's dangerous practices for more than 10 years
A woman who admitted posing as an abortion doctor is facing 16 felonies, and her California empire is collapsing after a leading pro-life Christian activist organization spent more than 10 years documenting the dangerous nature of the abortion chain.

Zoo cancels ticket deal with Creation Museum
The Cincinnati Zoo has canceled a joint ticket promotion with the nearby Creation Museum in Kentucky, which presents the Bible's version of natural history.


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