Cap'n Linda Snags a Sailfish from Her Kayak Today!

"Mom! Guess what I just caught?"

A couple of days ago my daughter called saying she hoped to catch a sailfish from her kayak. Then this morning she called excited to tell me - it took about 20-30 minutes to pull him in after he dragged her in a circle a few times. She said, "I prayed to the Lord this morning on the beach" and He answered her prayer! So after on shore and taking a few pics, she put the fellow back in the water. And back out she went as well. She called me from her kayak. Then the mother of two and pregnant with number three said, "Oh! I gotta go - I'm hooked up again - bye!"

P.S. Btw, 'The Old Man and the Sea' by Hemmingway is one of her favorite books!

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