Are You Ready?

God’s Promised Judgment Begins ‘At The House Of God’
By Marshall Hall

Having seen that exposing Copernicanism as a deception would have a cataclysmic impact on every field of modern man’s knowledge (HERE), and, having seen that such exposure would trigger events that lead directly to a Biblically certified End Time Process , the question "Where" this all begins was asked and the Biblical answer was given:

"...judgment must begin at the house of God....
(I Peter 4:17)

The Biblically certified events that follow God’s Judgment upon the churches (houses of God) are:
a) The Fall of Babylon,
b) The Scriptural unfolding of the Seven Trumpet events,
c) The "little season",
d) The end of this Earth’s history,
e) The beginning of the eternal New Earth (not "re-newed"!: HERE).

The final question was: "Why"?? Why does God’s great judgment have its beginning "at the house of God"?? Why there and not in the secular world?

The answer is quite plain in the Scriptural reference itself. Note:

For the time is come

that judgment must begin

 at the house of God:

and if it first begin at us,

what shall be the end of them

that obey not the Gospel of God?

And if the righteous scarcely be saved,

where shall the ungodly

and the sinner appear?

(I Pet. 4:17,18)

As noted in a couple of other links, what is plain enough in the KJV rendering becomes unmistakably clear when the prepositional phrase ("at the house of God") is inserted in each place where it is grammatically implied. Thus, these verses tell us that:

...the time is come

that judgment must begin

at the house of God:

and if it [Judgment]

first begin at us [at the house of God],

what shall be the end of them [at the house of God]

that obey not the gospel of God?

And if the righteous [at the house of God]

scarcely be saved,

where shall the unGodly [at the house of God]

and the sinner [at the house of God]


The four classifications of people involved here (disobedient, righteous, unGodly, and sinners) are all in one place, one institution, namely "the house of God". For the Christian this simply points (since it was inscribed in AD 64) to the various Churches which present themselves to Christendom and the world as "the houses of God".

This is the location, the institution, the focal point where God declared over 1900 years ago that His Judgment which will usher in a brief End Time Process will begin. It doesn’t end there because it spreads " every nation, kindred, tongue, and people", but it begins there.

The reason Judgment begins in the Christian Churches (all of them) is made plain in the two verses just reviewed, and that reason is that the churches are populated with folks whom God classifies as "disobedient, unGodly, and sinners" plus some who will "scarcely be saved"!

Assuming that God’s assessment of the situation in the churches is correct (regardless of the expected indignant denials from those most seriously affected), the need to explain God’s foreknown assessment and prepare for that impending Judgment can only be described as urgent. Having prayerfully spent a lot of time over a thirty year period comparing church doctrines with Bible teachings, I will succinctly and in all humility state my conclusions about blatant doctrinal errors in churches of all persuasions, and provide links to longer explanations on each subject. Furthermore--in keeping with the geocentrism theme of this web page--the connection of that subject with the Scripturally promised Judgment will get special attention.

Clearly, this endeavor is not calculated to endear me to a broad spectrum of church leaders and lay people from any church organization. I can only say that--regardless of whether many may wish otherwise--Judgment is coming on the churches for the reasons God has given. Those "with ears to hear"--be they church-goers or not--will want to understand what is nearly upon us all and why it must be the way it is going to be.

Bible Warnings....

Jesus said to the Pharisees: "... because I tell you the Truth you don’t believe me...." (John 8:45). Why didn’t they believe? Because the father of lies was their true father (v.44), not Father God "Who cannot lie" (Titus 1:2).

Jesus also warned, did He not, that His teachings divide and separate people, even right down into the family members (Matt. 10:34-38)? Nowhere does the Bible teach a "live and let live" message of "tolerance" for all kinds of beliefs and philosophies. Truth unites some people and alienates others.

Repeatedly, the Bible declares itself to be the inspired Word of God, a body of infallible Truth which is not to be added to or subtracted from, and woe be to those who knowingly distort its teachings. Knowingly is the key word here. Few of us have not distorted that Word of Truth unknowingly. Actually, it is readily demonstrable from Scripture that God not only fully anticipated a multitude of distortions of His Word in the churches, but that He ordained that to be the case! For example:

The Word tells us that God has allowed Satan to assign specialists in doctrine twisting from his ranks of demons ( I Timothy 4:1b). That these nasties have succeeded to a very great degree is manifestly obvious on all sides. Also, manifestly obvious is that our all-powerful, all-knowing, and omnipresent God has permitted this doctrinal corruption from the time of the completion of His Word till a time when He has stated that He will bring Babylon ("confusion") down in a way so dramatic that it will serve as an indelible lesson throughout eternity. Indeed, the record of how it all has happened will be available as a resource on the eternal New Earth (Is.14:16; 66:24; Rev.22:15). Moreover, Jesus Himself was "manifested to destroy the works [i.e., the lies] of the Devil" (I Jn. 3:8). This too reveals that the cup of deceptions in the world would be allowed to get quite full as a necessary part of God’s eternal Plan. Surely the climactic unmasking of Satan’s six millennia of honing and polishing his deceptions will provide an eternally unforgettable lesson for those dwelling with God on the New Earth (Rev.21:3; Is. 66:24...).

In keeping with this eternally purposeful, God-sanctioned doctrinal distortion, God has given those who want to follow Him several things to watch out for in their walk with Him both in and out of church. HE has admonished all who seek His Truth to "Study [the Bible] to show thyself approved unto God...." (II Tim. 2:15). HE has warned those who want to get it right to "...believe not every spirit, but try [test against the Word] the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world" (I Jn.4:1). One of the most poignant warnings in this area of determining Scriptural Truth is the one found in II Corinthians 11:13-15. Here we see in stark clarity that it has been in God’s Plan from the beginning to allow all the distortion of Scripture that we now see in the churches:

For such are false apostles,

deceitful workers,

transforming themselves

into the apostles of Christ.

And no marvel;

for Satan himself is transformed

into an angel of light.

Therefore it is no great thing

if his [Satan’s] ministers

also be transformed

as the ministers of righteousness;

whose end shall be according to their works.

Satan’s ministers in pulpits preaching Christ and righteousness! Wow!

True, we are admonished to "Judge not, that ye be not judged" (Mt. 7:1). Many, perhaps most, preachers who are spreading false doctrines are simply telling what they themselves have learned from others and are convinced that they are preaching and teaching Bible truth. We have the great example of the Apostle Paul’s conversion to guide us here.... All the same, it is very common and not at all unusual (II Cor.11:15) for a Bible preacher or teacher to actually be Satan’s minister, not God’s! We therefore judge not the person per se, but the teachings. This is why God’s inspired Bible must be the final arbiter of what is True and what is False. This is why doctrinal teachings of churchmen[& women!] must always be under intense Biblical scrutiny. This is why we "study to show ourselves approved [of God]" and "test the spirits [against what the Word says] to see whether what we are hearing confirms the Word or contradicts it.

Those who believe or are open to believing that the Word of God is the final arbiter of what is True and what is from God are Christ’s disciples. Jesus said:

IF you continue in my Word,

THEN are you my disciples indeed [really],

And you shall know the Truth

And the Truth will set you free [from Satan’s deceptions]

(John 8:31,32)

So, while it is Scripturally evident that God looks on the heart in judging those who are in doctrinal error because of mis-teaching and/or ignorance (and not because of willful rejection of known Truth), it is equally evident from Scripture that the yet to come Fall of Babylon will change all that. When Babylon, i.e., confusion about what is true and what is false, is exposed in the "War the Lamb wins" (Rev.17:14), the populations of the world are divided into overt Satan worshippers (who hate the truths forced on them during that "war") and those who get on God’s side (Rev. 18:2,4: 13:4,7,8; II Thess. 2:10; etc.). After the "War" which the Lamb wins is over (...a God-directed Truth Blitzkrieg authenticating the Bible as the only source of Absolute Truth), the heart condition of those who get on either side will no longer be in doubt.

For the eyes of the LORD

run to and fro throughout the whole earth,

to show Himself strong in the behalf

of them whose heart is perfect toward Him....

(II Chronicles 16:9)

God knows if an individual’s heart longs to follow only Him. The individual’s head may be full of man and Devil-imposed error but the heart will be receptive to the Truth if and when it registers in a person’s heart, no matter what the cost in personal upset. God is first; all else is a poor second. All that is True about God is loved and pursued by those whose heart is perfect toward Him. All that is True about God is hated and resisted by those whose heart is contrary toward Him. As Jesus said to the hard-hearted Pharisees who would ultimately call for His death:

You are of your father, the devil,

and the lusts of your father you will do.

He was a murderer from the beginning,

and abode not in the truth,

because there is no truth in him.

When he speaks a lie,

he speaks of his own:

for he is a liar, and the father of it.

(John 8:44)

All people react to Truth or what they believe is truth. Some love it and do all they can to further it. Some hate it and/or fear it, and try to change it. Regardless of whether or not it is real Truth or a deception disguised as truth and being accepted as the real thing, the love or the hate attitude toward it reveals the heart condition of the individual to God. Again, the example of the Apostle Paul fits here. God knew he would change and serve Him if he knew the Truth; and, of course, he did just that. Many of the most prominent Creationist scientists today will testify that they once believed evolution to be true, but finding out that it is a deception changed their lives. There is no end to such examples...nor to the opposite examples (the Judas syndrome) where Truth is clearly known but refused in preference to another way.

The ultimate question in all this is, as Pilate asked: "What is Truth"?

Worldly philosophers give a variety of answers. The Christian--though his church may mislead and say differently--can have only one answer. The source of Absolute Truth for a Christian is the Bible in its entirety. The Bible is the Word of God and God cannot lie. That is the bottom line for the Christian whether he/she knows little or a lot of the Bible. Every other teaching, oral or written, must be confirmed or denied by what the Bible declares on the subject. It is inherently confusing and unreasonable to say one believes in and accepts as Truth the Biblically taught Virgin Birth of Jesus (for example), and at the same time deny other plain teachings from the same Book. This fact is behind the necessity and the accuracy of God’s stated intention to begin His Judgment in the churches (the houses of God).

It has been the sole responsibility of The Church to establish the infallibility of the Scriptures in the world. Instead of doing that, the Churches have added this, subtracted that, and changed the other to the point that their flocks have no more idea of what the Bible really teaches than the proverbial hog has about Sunday. The Churches--Catholic AND Protestant--are guilty as charged. That’s why Judgment is about to begin there, and that is why there will be nothing left but Bible doctrines for people to embrace or reject when God gets through with that Judgment.

The Bible is not a book that is right on this and wrong on that. Written by God thru men, it is the source of Absolute Truth on all subjects. HE has been quite able to include in it everything that is required to establish Truth. HE didn’t need any help from Churchmen to change it all around to suit their ideas about what would be "better truths". Their job was to keep out such ideas! Because men’s ideas from their natural minds are really Satan’s snares passing for God’s ideas, the Churches have failed in their job just as God foreknew they would. Thus God knew that the lesson that the Bible is the only source of Absolute Truth would have to be established in the last Act of this Earth' history so dramatically that the lesson would serve throughout eternity on the New Earth.

There, where God will dwell with those whose hearts are known to love Truth (Rev. 21:3), and where there will be no more Devil (R.20:10), the Bible will remain as the embodiment of God’s Truth. ("Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my Words shall not pass away": Mt. 24:35.) More, for those who foolishly say otherwise, He has been quite able to keep man from ruining it through copying, modernizing, etc. As described in Hebrews 4:12, the Bible is a supernaturally given body of Truth with supernatural power connecting the reader to God’s infallible data base:

For the Word of God is quick [alive],

and powerful [full of power],

and sharper than any two-edged sword,

piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit,

and of the joints and marrow,

and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

II Timothy 3:16,17 spells out the Bible’s origin, its capabilities, its purpose:

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God,

and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,

for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

That the man of God may be perfect [complete],

thoroughly furnished unto all good works.


Judgment Brings Doctrinal Purification

And Establishes The Final Church

Cafeteria style Churchianity with its smorgasbord of doctrinal choices to fit even the appetites of the "disobedient, the unGodly, and sinners" at the houses of God, will not survive The Fall of Babylon. Just how many of these folks (if any!) will repent and "...come out of Babylon" (R.18:4) when God’s Truths triumph over deception during the "war the Lamb wins", God knows. Almost certainly, a large percentage will opt to get on the "Beast’s" side and worship Satan. As for those "at the house of God" who will "scarcely be saved", presumably all will elect to get on God’s side. The other multiplied scores of millions of Atheists, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, Shintoists, Taoists, etc., will receive or reject the Truths that God will force upon the world and then get on one side or the other. A remnant of those who call themselves Jews will not get on God’s side until the end of the 6th Trumpet (Rom. 11:23, 28,31; Rev.11:13).

Since the Beast’s Satan-empowered government is global in scope and since God’s people are "overcome" by that government (Rev. 13:7), one can deduce that a substantial majority (2/3, 3/4?) of the world’s populations will elect to become overt Satan worshippers (v.4) rather than embrace the Truths they have been forced to receive but cannot "love" (II Thess. 2:10).

Considering that about a third of the world’s six billion souls identify themselves as either church supporting or nominal Christians, we are talking here alone about some two billion people. Apparently, about 15 hundred million of those are presently part time or full time church goers. Over a billion classify themselves as Roman Catholics. Protestants, Orthodox Russians and Greeks make up most of the rest. All have added rituals and traditions and doctrines to the Bible that rests on their podiums. All have subtracted from and added to and twisted key teachings and substituted man made beliefs for those in that same Bible...some more than others, but all are culpable and all are in Babylon.

"Come out of Babylon, my people", God says (Rev.18:4). " vain do they worship me, teaching for [my] doctrines the commandments of men!" (Matt. 15:9), He says again. The Global Government prophesied over 1900 years ago is in the wings ready to leap on stage. Its manifestation and duration ("one hour") will highlight the next development on God’s check list, i.e., The Fall of Babylon which is brought about by "the war the Lamb wins" (R.17:12,14). Surely at least God’s "called, chosen, and faithful" (v.14) can see that it is saddle-up and slap leather time even if worldly people and those that "scarcely be saved" in the churches cannot see!

The Guilt of the Churches

Although "a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith" (Acts 6:7), it was nevertheless the Pharisaic "church" in Jesus’ day that agitated for and brought about His crucifixion. Why the "church", one could ask? Answer: Establishment religion had strayed far away from God’s written instructions for it.

The same situation exists today. If Jesus were here now telling the Truth about how far the churches have strayed from the Scriptures, many in the churches would be plotting His demise within a week. As with the Pharisees of old, they would recognize that what He is saying and doing is so antithetical to what they are saying and doing that one had to the other could remain...even if He were healing the blind and raising the dead all over the place!

But just as surely was everything that led to Jesus’ crucifixion planned by God before the foundation of the world (Acts 15:18; Rev.13:8), just so certain it is that the conclusion of this Earth’s history will be precisely as The Holy Spirit has written that it will be. Every doctrinal error upheld by every church will be exposed. These false teachings are the bedrock upon which Satan has been able to fabricate and finely tune his agenda of establishing pure deception in the world and labeling it "knowledge" (HERE). Again, that is why God’s Judgment on the world (in preparation for ending this system and getting on with the eternal New Heavens and New Earth) begins at the house of God.

"Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my Words shall not pass away," we recall once more (Matt. 24:35). Those intrinsically supernatural Words (Heb. 4:12) will be present on the promised New Earth throughout eternity for God’s flesh and bone children to marvel at and use as the cornerstone of their ever-increasing true knowledge. Thus will God’s Children steadily become more and more in the spiritual as well as the physical image of their Father and half-brother Jesus, the Christ. All the events throughout history will be there to be compared with what The Bible says (Is. 14:16; 66:24). Talk about a History Channel!

Indeed, an important part of eternal life on the New Earth will be dedicated to just such study in order to see and understand what pain, misery, and violence each and every deviation from that Word of Truth led to. Every variance from the Word of Truth--however harmless and minimal it seemed to be at the time--was a deception that put the matter over in the Devil’s court. As most serious Christians know, Satan’s empire is erected on deception...usually presenting itself as "an angel of light". Deception gives birth to "confusion" of which Satan is designated the "author" (I Cor. 14:33). Babel, or Babylon, is the Biblical representation of this confusion, this Satanic empire built on deception. It is Babylon that God’s people are in, and out of which they must come (R.18:4) in order for the last Acts of God’s End Time Drama to unfold.

So, in order for the Final Church, i.e., the Bride of Christ, to form, all the contra-Scriptural doctrines (the "spots and wrinkles") of all churches must and will be exposed and removed. People "at the house of God" where Judgment begins will learn of the Doctrinal Truths from the Bible which they have wittingly or unwittingly transgressed and which cause them to be in Babylon. Once they know, they can heed or ignore God’s warning to come out (R.18:4). The issue with God (and the determination of who will be in His Final Church) is the love of and delight in understanding and obeying His Word of Truth when that Truth hits home in a person’s heart. The nearly destroyed credibility of the Word of God is to be totally restored during the Fall of Babylon. You want revival?? This is revival! Out of the presently scrambled mess of doctrinal interpretations everyone will know what the Truth is. Once known, whether a person can receive a love of those Truths or not (II Thess.2:10) will show God whether HE or Satan is that individual’s real father (Jn. 8:44).

There are two chief areas of deception operating in Christian "houses of God" which will be Judged. One area centers on those churches which officially or tacitly declare that Scriptural teachings are not the final determinant of what they must believe and practice in order to demonstrate [with works (I John 2:29; Eph. 2:10; John 3:3, 7; James 2:14,17,26)] that one truly loves God and wants to be like HE is as revealed in Jesus, The Christ.

Included here--foremost because of its size and influence--is the Roman Catholic Church. At the Council of Trent which began in 1546, it was declared that conflicts between what the Church says and what Scripture says are to be resolved by obeying what the Church says. This was hardened in 1871 when the Pope was declared to be infallible in matters of faith. The present list of outright contra-Biblical teachings in the Roman Church is--despite multiplied millions in its ranks who might truly wish otherwise--quite long (with blasphemous Mariolatry heading the list!), as many have demonstrated. Other violators include the so-called Cults which require the acceptance of one or more other works as equal with the Bible. Mormons, 7th Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Moonies come to mind. Yet other "houses of God" that are on record as no longer believing that the Bible is wholly or even partly the inspired Word of God would encompass a broad band of "liberal" Protestant Denominations. Even Fundamentalist Protestant Churches which proclaim--and many in them honestly believe--that their teachings are purely Bible-based, are in for some very shocking surprises.

Again, such assessments are not likely to be very popular with a majority of people, churchgoers in particular. Nevertheless, if Scripture says this is what is going to happen, it is time for those who can receive a love of the Truth when they see it to dig in their heels and get ready to accept the chastisement that is coming from the Father (Heb.12:6-8). They must then choose either to prepare themselves to be amongst "the called, chosen, and faithful" who will help expose what must be exposed...or to tag along on God’s side to see how things unfold or...stop the pretense and get on Satan’s side. God’s resolution of all this is plainly written, approaching at warp speed, and cannot be stopped.

What then are the chief doctrinal deceptions and outright rejections and hatreds of Scriptural Authority that are certain to be exposed and result in the division of the world’s populations into Satan worshippers (Rev. 13:4,8) and those--some temporarily! (Rev.13:15: 14:9-11)--on God’s side?

10 Most Serious False Doctrines

Doctrines that deny the Bible’s teachings about the origin of all that exists in the universe and on the Earth are the ones that have played the most insidiously devastating role in undermining the credibility of the Bible as the source of Absolute Truth. For this reason they are not only the single most important Satanic deceptions to be exposed, their exposure as deceptions will also automatically cause other false doctrine dominos to fall one after the other. One can see God’s Judgment focusing first on the Bible’s Creation doctrines in these verses:

And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven,

having an everlasting gospel to preach unto them

that dwell on the earth (bad guys only:13:8)

and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

Saying with a loud voice (everybody hears!),

Fear God, and give glory to Him;

for the hour of His judgment is come:

and worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea,

and the fountains of waters.

(Rev. 14:6,7)

Thus, when the Judgment of God comes--a Judgment which begins at the house of God--the command is to worship the Creator of both the heavens (the universe) and the earth and all it contains. There are two Satanic counterfeits of both of these mighty creative acts of God. As for the first one, all churches have fully rejected the Bible’s teaching that the sun, like the moon, goes around the Earth which "is stablished" and cannot be moved (Ps. 93:1). All churches--in spite of zero proof to the contrary--have thus fully accepted the rotating, orbiting Earth hypothesis "of science falsely so-called" and have denied God’s Word on this foundational act of Creation. Given the incredible ramifications of this denial of His Word of Truth by the Churches, it becomes clear that God not only has to correct the situation, but also that this particular correction was central to His End Time Plan from the beginning of the world (Acts 15:18)!

As for the Biblical teaching about the Creation of the Earth and all that it contains, most churches have abandoned the Biblical account without the first compelling reason for doing so, and have proceeded to accept in whole or part the Darwinian mythology which purports to be scientific truth but also is a demonstrable lie.

Thus: The first false doctrine domino is the foundational deception about Creation, that is, the contra-Scriptural lie that the Earth rotates on a "axis" and orbits the sun. This is the number one false doctrinal domino that causes the rest to fall. For over a century both Protestant and Catholic leaders fought against caving in to the Copernican counterfeit of Biblical geocentrism... which counterfeit is as unproven now as it is was then. (These links are of interest in this connection: HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.)

Make no mistake, Bible Geocentrism, i.e., a non-moving Earth, was the first thing God Created. It is THE foundational Creation Issue. Furthermore, a non-moving Earth is just as clearly a teaching throughout the Bible as is the creation of man and all else on Earth (HERE, HERE). The main reason even allegedly Bible Fundamentalist Churches go along with the world’s heliocentricity model--and slip into their "theistic Copernicanism mantras" if asked about the conflict--is that they have been tricked into believing that "science" has the truth on this one and not the Scriptures. Wrong! The Biblical model answers all the known facts. You’ve been had! Give it up! Turn it around!

Remember: The Jesus you profess to love and serve is not only the Savior.... Oh no! HE is also The Creator! (Isn’t that what Eph. 3:9; Col. 1:16; John 1:3,10; Heb.1:2,10 all say??) It’s time for those who say they are Bible believers first, last, and quit jerking geocentrism Scriptures around and trying to make them conform to what the world’s Satan-controlled theoretical science establishment demands! This is the one major Biblical doctrine which ALL churches have caused their flocks to abandon in favor of a mathematical model which hasn’t the first piece of sustainable observational or experimental evidence to back it up! Reject the deception! You say you and your church are Bible all the way? There is an easy way for you to prove that you mean it. The Bible teaches that the sun goes around an earth that is not moving (HERE - HERE) The world teaches the opposite but cannot prove it. You and your church can begin to make a decision on this can wait until the Judgment begins....

Just keep in mind: God’s says that His Word does not "return to Him void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it" (Isaiah 55:11). When "the war the Lamb wins" exposes the deceptions upholding Satan’s kingdom of Babylon, God will no longer be taking excuses for accepting the world’s teaching on this uniquely pivotal Creation Doctrine...not from any who want to be on His side, that is! God is a jealous God (Josh.24:19,20; Deut.6:14,15;etc.), and rightly so! He is not going to allow "science falsely so called" to establish as "truth" a belief that the earth goes around the sun, not when He "hung the earth on nothing" (Job.26:7; no "axis", no orbital track) and stated plainly in writing many times that it is the sun that rises and sets and goes around the Earth which "cannot be moved" (Ps.93:1; I Chron.16:30; HERE). It is false "science" that will bow on this absolutely foundational, uniquely black or white issue, this issue which Satan designed to destroy the credibility of the Bible and pave the way for evolutionism. God will not bow, nor will those who trust Him and His Word in all things. Where do you stand on this Bible Absolute?? (Read The Earth Is Not Moving and see how the assumption-powered, factless Copernican deception bashed the Bible and paved the way for the success of the Darwinian Myth and all that has been built on it.) [HERE]

The second false doctrine domino--the one next in line after Copernican heliocentricity--is its pseudo-scientific mutation in the Natural Sciences, viz., Darwinism. Aspiring now to "fact" status (like its Copernican predecessor!) by virtue of unrelenting proselytizing in all media and educational institutions, this incredible myth which says that an atom of energy exploded and evolved into all that is...could never, ever have gotten to first base if the churches had fought back the way they should! Now--reminiscent of its Copernican forerunner--here comes the Darwinian Myth around third base, heading for another big score against the Bible (and facts and logic)! But not to worry! Along with its heliocentricity prototype, evolutionism will be totally mythified when the "King of Kings and His faithful followers overcome" the Beast’s government (Rev.17:14) by exposing the deceptions on which it is built, and then move irresistably toward separating folks everywhere into two camps, viz., God’s and Satan’s (Rev. 13:7).

A third false doctrine domino that will fall when Judgment begins at the churches will be the Scripturally impossible and tremendously confusing and counterproductive teachings about a secret pre (or mid or post) tribulation Rapture of the Church. This widely taught deception has thoroughly disarmed scores of millions of Christians for what is ahead. The Rapture is true, of course. It just cannot and does not occur until the very last day of this earth’s history. (Check: HERE for starters...and this link: HERE)

A fourth false doctrine domino, which God’s churches could have avoided by sticking to the Scriptures, involves the exposure of the ubiquitous Millennial teaching. This masterful deception has been straining to fulfill the teachings of 13th century anti-Christ mystical Kabbalism by presenting a labyrinthine quasi-Scriptural argument and overlooking these plain Scriptural facts: HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE....

A fifth false doctrine domino involves the exposure of Satan’s clever substitution of misleading concepts about his own indispensable role in God’s Plan in the place of the Biblical facts about that role. As God’s fabricated antithesis with no Truth in him from the beginning (Jn.8:44; I Jn.3:8), he continues to do what he was created to do until his plug is pulled on the last day of this earth’s history. After that he becomes a lifeless showcase lesson to be studied and marveled at throughout eternity (Is. 14:16; Ezek. 28:17; Is. 66:24). The Scripturally unsupportable church-taught beliefs about Satan have been a great barrier to the Christian’s understanding of God’s Plan for this temporary old earth and the eternal New Earth. You can get a grip on the Truth of the matter HERE and see even more clearly why God’s Judgment must begin in the churches....

A sixth false doctrine domino bears down on the incalculable harm the Platonic, Dantean torture chamber Hell teaching has caused in the Body of Christ thru the centuries. The Scriptural case against this diabolical deception is devastating and readily understood by anyone who can read the Word and believe what it says, be they Protestant or Catholic. (The runner-up doctrine of "annihilation of transgressors" is not as bad, but is still a deception which flies in the face of plain Scripture...and which will fall at the same time as the eternal torture-chamber lie.) The Scriptural Truth about Hell is the only one that makes God and His Plan intelligible. Churches could have figured this one out long ago if they weren’t beholden to the commandments and traditions of man more than to the Scriptures. This 110 page book entitled Hell: It's Not What You Think It Is (HERE) (HERE) will point the way to the Truth of the matter about this major doctrine, and will provide all the Scriptural evidence anyone needs to understand what Hell is all about relevant to those on the eternal New Earth that God has in store.

A seventh false doctrine domino concerns the subject of Heaven as delineated in Scripture. Heaven--God’s greatest motivator--has been so distorted and marginalized by the churches that only confusion and non-Scriptural opinions remain. Instead of "setting their affections on things above" as Scripture encourages, multiplied millions have been led to set their affections on a cardboard millennial kingdom on this doomed earth, a "Jewish fable" which is Scripturally impossible. (Go HERE ). Ignoring Jesus’ loaded comment: "You do err, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God..."(Matt.22:29;Mark 12:24,27), preachers have dwelt on the "no marrying and giving in marriage in heaven" message and painted an unintelligible, unScriptural picture of heaven. No families; no bodies, no food, no anything recognizable.... What a lie! The Bible teaches that there will be flesh and bone bodies, families, houses, mansions, animals, government, food, etc., etc., on that New Earth! This is plain in Scripture and will become known during the "war the Lamb wins" so that the power of Heaven’s motivation will sustain the Saints thru the intense but eternally necessary end time process (HERE).

An eighth false doctrine domino that will go down when Babylon Falls is the Preterit View of eschatology. Some of the best material available showing why pre-trib rapture Dispensationalist Millennialism is not Scriptural has been done by Preterists. Having seen thru and sidestepped that massive deception, they have nevertheless fallen for another one which is just as unsustainable from Scripture. End Time events in Scripture ARE GLOBAL AND HIGH-TECH! They cannot be squeezed into a little region around Jerusalem nor accommodated by first century logistical and communication technology. Attempting to put everything into the 70 AD bag with Nero or somebody being "The Beast" has been a nice try. But, like the millennialism it tries to replace, it is only instilling in millions of Christians a mindset which leaves them totally unprepared to face what everyone living will face when the prophesied and already materializing Satan-run One World Government officially sets up shop (R.17:12,13). (HERE)

A ninth false doctrine domino involves the recognition that the Khazarian Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe who established and run Zionist Israel are not a Semitic people and have no more blood-line connection to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob than an Eskimo does. The ramifications of this factual information getting loose are enormous. The "Thirteenth Tribe"--as Pulitzer wining Hungarian Jew Arthur Koestler called these Khazarians who say they are Jews and are not--is a group of people in the world that is demonstrably in the forefront of every effort to destroy Bible Christianity. Yet they are fawned over on the Telly and from thousands of pulpits as still being the "chosen people" as described in the Old Testament. This is surpassingly strange, as The New Testament repeatedly teaches what is summed nicely in this verse: "IF ye be Christ’s, THEN are you Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise." (Gal.3:29) So, Christians, who is the seed of Abraham?? (I Jn.2:22; 4:2,3 too...) Some--not all--churches have not only failed miserably in all this but are actually supplying the bulk of the support needed to keep the deception alive (HERE)! In this area can be seen one of the chief reasons why God’s Judgment must begin at the church door. (HERE & HERE)

A tenth false doctrine domino will involve the matter of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. All Bible Christians will agree that--Scripturally--there were two aspects of baptism in the early church, one in water performed by man; one in the Spirit performed by Jesus. With time, churches began to teach that baptism in the Holy Spirit passed away with the completion of the New Testament. That teaching was a deception from the Devil to weaken the church. It never passed away. The Final Church will practice Scriptural water baptism by immersion and Holy Spirit baptism as detailed in Scripture. Unfortunately wall to wall "prosperity" teaching and palpably false teachings in other areas , on the TV especially--has done little to enhance God’s reasons for offering these gifts as a way of walking so much closer with Him. Those nine gifts will be critically important to the Church that comes together out of the "war the Lamb wins". As those who have been "overcome" (Rev.13:7) by a Satan-worshipping global government, the importance of these gifts to the Church during the Seven Trumpet Plagues and "the little season" (Rev. 20:3) can not be overstated. Even though Christians will be a supernaturally protected minority (Rev.18:4) throughout the Beast’s reign (except for the Mark period!) and the "little season" time frame, the benefits of Holy Spirit Baptism will reflect God’s presence and care to the last day of this earth’s history when the Rapture occurs. (HERE)


There are other doctrines taught in the churches as truths which are not Scriptural, of course. Some--like "Once Saved, Always Saved"--are very important. The Bottom Line here is simply "Yes, once saved, always saved". BUT! It is Scripturally plain that many indeed will count themselves as saved, but will end up hearing "I never knew you: depart from Me, ye who work iniquity (Mt.7:23)." Saved people are ordained by God to do certain works in the kingdom (Eph. 2:10). Those who willingly and knowingly engage in practices pleasing to Satan and not to God, describe by those works who their father is, and certify that the "salvation experience" they had was not genuine. Thinking they are saved won’t make it so. Having a preacher or priest tell them they are saved won’t make it so. Those who by righteous works seek to please God, are--in spite of all the preaching to the contrary--described in Scripture as those who are" born again" (I Jn.2:29). (HERE).

The Final Church will emerge from The Fall of Babylon--purged of the doctrinal impurities of its predecessors. It will loose all its church names and a large percentage of those members. It will gain multiplied millions from former atheists and agnostics and from other religions...from all who love the truths they have received and gratefully cast aside their former beliefs. The promised plagues (R.18:4) will not fall on them, but only on those who have gone over to the side of the Satan-empowered, Satan-worshipping World Government. This pattern will hold until the Mark of the Beast period, i.e., halfway through the 6th Trumpet time frame. At that point many will defect from God’s ranks and take the Mark (R.14:11). The 7th Trumpet time frame of about three months is pure hell on the Satan worshippers. It ends with a one-day wipe-out from the sky of millions gathered at Armageddon, including The Beast and The False Prophet (Rev. 16:21:19:20,21). The 7th Trumpet time frame is the Scripturally demanded time of Satan’s binding, hence supplying a fifth category of hard Scriptural proof that the "1000 years" of Rev. 20 demands a figurative interpretation. (HERE). The "little season" that follows the 7th Trumpet time frame ends with: a) The Rapture (I Thess.4:13-18); b) The general resurrection (Jn.5:28,29); c) The destruction and disappearance of this old earth (Rev.20:11); d) And the eternal New Earth "coming down" right to the center of the New Heavens just as the old earth has occupied that position in the 1st creation.

The Scripturally determined progression of these End Time events can be followed and checked quite easily on these pages: HERE & HERE. These books (along with all the other titles) are listed HERE ). Like the others, they were written with no other goal in mind than to discover and honor the doctrinal integrity of the Bible. The intention has been to re-assert the Bible’s matchless Truths on all doctrines in a way that no doubt of their Scriptural accuracy could be challenged. These objectives have been pursued with prayerful concern about all that must come upon the world when God’s Judgment begins at the churches. They have also been pursued with loyalty to Scripture alone as the guide and unencumbered by loyalty to any church creed or doctrine. In addition to these endeavors, a sense of urgency has driven me over these three decades to try to make these findings available in time to help reach and galvanize God’s "called, chosen, and faithful" for the inevitable "war the Lamb wins" (R.17:14).

That "war" is as close as a One World "one hour"....