Does the Earth Really Rotate on its Axis and Orbit the Sun?

Yet another layer of deception is peeled away to reveal that the earth is not moving/rotating on its axis, obiting around the sun but rather quite the opposite as the sun is rotating around the earth.

Exposing The Copernican Deception

Earth-Moving Deception


1) No one--not Copernicus, not Kepler, not Galileo, not Newton, not Einstein, not Sagan--absolutely no one has proven the earth to be moving.

2) The earth moves only thru abstract, abstruse, and esoteric mathematics invented to make it move.

3) Over 200 truly scientific experiments using real mathematics have shown no earth movement, and these had the science establishment in a panic from the 1880's until Einstein came to the rescue in 1905 with his "relativity" hypothesis.

4) Relativity is pure claptrap and there isn't a person reading this who can't know that fact.

5) Foucault's Pendulum, the Coriolis Effect, and geostationary satellites do not prove a moving earth.

6) Anyone can see that the results of the Michelson-Morley experiments--especially the light fringe results--prove a stationary earth; and other facts about eclipses, satellite re-positionings, alleged blinding earth speeds, gravitational hooey, etc., add to the proof. Moreover, the Big Bang Baloney, the growing awareness of the effect of Dark Matter on galactic speeds, parallax factors (HERE) which shrink the cosmos, the evidence for speed-of-light retardation, the behavior of reflections and their capabilities for producing phenomena regarding size and depth, etc., all combine to corroborate the certitude of a greatly sanforized universe (one no more than one light day thick: Start HERE), a universe put in diurnal rotation around the spiritual and physical center of God's Creation, just exactly as it appears to be day in and day out.

7) The Bible not only flatly states scores of times (HERE) and in several ways (HERE) that the earth does not move, it actually has a built-in geocentric assumption--sun rise, sun set--from beginning to end. (One scholar, a geocentrist and mathematician, is cataloguing some 2000 (!) of these.)

In the beginning, the Bible makes clear, the earth was the center of our "solar" system, with no sun for it to go around until the 4th day of creation (Gen.1:14-19; HERE). At the End we read of a New Earth (HERE) replacing in the same location this old one (Rev. 20:11; 21:1,2). This New Earth which occupies the same location in the cosmos as the old one which has "fled away" is the place where God the Father and Jesus will dwell with the redeemed forever (Rev. 21:3).

Given that unpreached but clear teaching, do you think that God the Father and Jesus the Son will eternally be somewhere out on the edge of Their NEW Universe in the boonies...or at the center?


Anonymous said…
I've scientifically observed that earth rotates sun:

Simply: I've observed that eclipses of distant double star speed up and slow down regularly at one year cycle because trip to earth is longer and shorter for light travel due to movement of earth.

Regards, Mr.K.A.T.
Anonymous said…
This is just incredible, considering that we are in year 2010, and science has progressed so much since Newton's time, and has brought us so much tangible results and benefits.
Anonymous said…
how do man made objects such as satellites become in orbit of the earth?
Anonymous said…
hmm nevermind about the satellite thing. hah.
Anonymous said…
I have a question for all the critics saying the earth is stationary and is the center of the universe per the will of God as stated in the bible, wasn't the bible written by the same people who thought the world was flat?
Just sayin' DERP