OUTRAGEOUS: Shootout of Innocent Jerry Kane & his son Joseph by Police in Walmart Parking Lot

Received this disturbing email today:

Have you heard about the shootout in Tennessee? A man and his son – both Caucasian Americans (man does seminars across the country to help people avoid foreclosures and keep their houses) were shot and killed along with their two dogs in a pure white van, 3 hispanics were alleged to have shot two cops at a routine traffic stop 90 minutes before, traveling in a white van with orange roof. There was no arrest, no trial, no conviction – only execution. Our nation is sick – our government is sick. They make the man and son out to be rebellious government-haters. They have openly disputed with the government’s abuses. This is what happens to those who do that…

Several videos out about it. Shootout took place at Walmart parking lot. Here’s two links:

Raw Footage

Suspects identified in West Memphis shootings

Posted: May 21, 2010 12:02 PM CDT
Updated: May 22, 2010 8:32 AM CDT

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (WMC-TV) - The suspects in a double shooting Thursday that left two West Memphis police officers dead were identified Friday by Arkansas State Police as Jerry Kane, 45, and his son Joseph, 16, both of Ohio.

Despite their van's connection to the House of God's Prayer church in New Vienna, Ohio, Action News 5 learned Friday that the Kanes were traveling to Florida - most likely the St. Petersburg or Clearwater area - where Kane's widow, Donna Lee, lives.

Kane and his son toured the country, holding seminars on how there really isn't "money" or "home loans," just debt that is all the federal government's fault. They would teach that all debt contracts are the responsibility of the U.S. government, not the debt-holders because, as they taught, American currency really doesn't exist.

Kane also taught that mortgage lending is a scam, and all you have to do to get a house is sign a deed or 'quit claim' that says a home is yours. In a YouTube video, waving a deed, Kane says you don't have to get a loan.

"No, we don't have to do it, because here we're doing it," he said.

Two prosecutors on deep background, one federal and one state, said Friday this is called a 'mores' or 'Moorish' defense, used by convicted tax evaders to either fight their cases or avoid paying their debts.

Shelby County Register Tom Leatherwood said people often try that trick on foreclosures.

"We have had people recently transferring properties from themselves to themselves...on foreclosed properties," Leatherwood said.

In one seminar, Kane ranted that even a drivers license is just a debt contract.

"It's a promise to pay," Kane says in a video posted to YouTube. "It's a bond. You've committed, uh, you've already guaranteed, uh, confessed guilt on anything they want to charge you with."

Web sites touting the two Kanes reinforce their teaching that only debt exists, and the U.S. government is responsible for it because it really holds all gold and property.

For 18 years, mug shots were Jerry Kane's portraits of choice. His record shows five run-ins with authorities in Clark County, Ohio since 1992, with offenses ranging from expired tags to felonious assaults.

Last month, while Kane was touring the country, New Mexico State Police arrested him on a traffic stop for driving without a license and attempting to conceal his identity.

Friday, the Action News 5 Investigators obtained a recording where Kane railed against the arrest. "I ran into a Nazi checkpoint in the middle of New Mexico where they were demanding papers or jail - that was the option," Kane said on an Internet radio show. "You either produce your papers or go to jail."

Kane said he spent 47 hours in a Lincoln County, New Mexico jail before he was released on a $1,500 bond. He said he planned to sue the New Mexico State Police for what he called "kidnapping and extortion."

He claimed he even ran a background check on his arresting officer. Among the things he said on the show:

•"I found out, um, where he lives, his address, his wife's name."
•"So I'm sending them notice of an invoice for $100 per hour for the total 47 hours I was there."
•"They got a sexual thrill out of it."
•"They're sick in the head, that's all. So, you know, we're just going to play this silly-ass little games and go in there and, uh, uh, kill the monster under the bed, so to speak."

According to court records, Kane didn't show for his court appearance on the New Mexico charge. The court issued a bench warrant for his arrest on May 17 - just three days before Officers Brandon Paudert and Bill Evans stopped Jerry and Joe Kane on Interstate 40 in West Memphis, Arkansas.

Friday evening, Arkansas State Police confirmed the identity of the suspects to be Jerry and Joseph Kane.

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More about the shooting of Jerry and Joseph KANE from Widow

First reports are always wrong. Leave a comment should you have credible information regarding the shooting of Jerry and Joseph Kane. Comments are screened.
Information and details from Jerry Kane’s Wife:

1. On Thursday, May 20, 2010, the day of the shooting, a little after noon I received a call from someone who had received a call from someone who had received a call from someone else, stating that Jerry Kane had been involved in a shooting and they had heard about it on national news. I was stunned. I searched the internet, there was nothing about a Jerry Kane name or a Joseph Kane name in the news, that whole day. It wasn’t until Friday or Saturday when they were identified and their names were finally released to the media. When the Effa Bee eye [FBI] came to my door on Friday morning, they were extremely interested in who had tipped me off. I told them that that information would go with me to my grave. I am very grateful to the man or woman who let us know.

2. We still don’t have the police dash cam videos. Interesting to note that they had Josephs 16 year old bullet ridden bloody handcuffed corpse photo immediately up for all to see on the news. In the video (Point B) at 20 seconds you can see Joseph (you can see his blue shirt in the back of the van) helping his dog Olie get out of the window in the back of the van (Olie is the dog that lived although he’d been shot 4 times, exited the van, ran into Walmart and ran into the food section) as soon as Joseph had helped Olie out of the van, Joseph immediately went back up to the front of the van (I’m sure he did this to check on his dad) and the cops finished Joseph off. You can see the passenger window glass where Joseph was sitting bursting in a spray from a high powered rifle. Jerry and Joseph died, Jerry had his arm on Joseph’s shoulder.

3. The media initially reported that Jerry and Joseph were Hispanic drug runners. That was shown to be blatantly false. Then the media reported Jerry and Joseph were White Supremacists. That was proven to be blatantly untrue. (They didn’t see color). Then the media reported that Jerry and Joe were anti-government. That has been shown to be blatantly untrue as Jerry spoke extensively on bringing back the organic Government, where people were the power, where people had rights, not benefits and privileges. Not subject to victimless crimes. Freedom. The point is, with all the lies they’ve already told, what else have they lied about? How can anybody intelligent believe anything that churns out of that disinfo mill?

4. The only video evidence we have is the video of the police killing Jerry and Joseph. Not of Jerry and Joseph doing any killing. Perhaps some should get a refresher of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Pearl Harbor, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Tuskegee experiment, Operation Northwoods, Operation Homerun, amongst hundreds of other government experiments, ambushes, cover ups, etc. before commenting on obvious one sided evidence. That does make me very suspicious.

5. Can you imagine shooting 2 people then 90 minutes later the alleged killers are still within 8 miles and not already be in another state with that amount of time gone by? I’ve never heard of killers say Hey, let’s go to walmart and shop, hang out…

6. A friend who speaks Russian was watching a show and alleges seeing Russian satellite tracking of Jerry and Joseph’s route from Las Vegas, NV to right by the Walmart in Arkansas, this man/woman swears there was no traffic stop, period. The implications of this, combined with the length of time that goes by with no video is more time to photoshop/alter it (there are certainly enough videos on youtube.com, google.com and privateaudio.homestead.com of Jerry and Joseph to work from (a family member of mine was one of the top 3 in the world for Photoshop, says it’s extremely easy to fake, alter, add people, delete people, add props, delete props in videos), also more time to plant evidence, more time for the media to keep spinning their unbelievable lies. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the video comes up missing, camera not turned on, etc. If a video does surface it will be professionally analyzed by several people, including my family member who is an undisputed expert in these matters.

7. If I am found dead, I don’t care how convincing any evidence would be that would make it look like it was a suicide, I would never do that, and I don’t have ‘accidents’. I have to continue Jerry and Joseph’s work and clear their good names. I believe this was an ambush, Ruby Ridge material. I will die in my sleep as an old woman, unless our wonderful government comes to my door and says “We’re here to help you”!
All have my permission to re-post this verbatim, in fact I encourage it. Thank you for reading.

Just got off an interview with Trevor Erickson, a reporter from the Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tennessee. He wanted to do a story about Jerry Kane and what his work was about (helping people with the foreclosures and mortgages).

I am always wary of reporters, especially ones with a slant/objective. Most people who don’t understand what we do here are trying to find ways to discredit our movement and put labels to it. You know, the usual “nut jobs, extremists, right wing militias, supremacists, etc”. They are not interested in the truth…just finding things to support their pre-conceived notions.

Am I paranoid? Well, if you go to the Commercial Appeal’s website, it makes you sick. They are calling Jerry “cop killer”, “anti-government group”, and all sorts of things. I think I am better off remaining silent, but I have a vain hope that my voice could do justice to the good work Jerry was doing. It’s such a tragedy….instead of just calling it that, why does the media have to destroy a man who’ve helped so many’s good name. They took Jerry’s videos and totally misrepresented it and made him out to be a religious nut who is using the Bible to justify killing people. Makes me sick. Shame on you Commercial Appeal.

I wanted to make sure everything was for the record, so I asked him if I could record our conversation. Trevor was very gracious and agreed. He seemed like he genuinely want to know the truth. After about 15 minutes, it became apparent that he needed more information. He’s going to read my book first before resuming the interview, scheduled at 10am Pacific on Sunday. I will keep you posted.

I am grateful for everyone’s support.


Ps. For those trying to discover the truth about what legal remedies Jerry was teaching, listen to this audio


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Watch Jerry Kane

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Click Here to Read Statement of Donna Lee Kane, Widow Asking for Dash Cam Video

Accused Shooter's Wife Blames West Memphis Police For Husband's Death

Reported by: Jeni DiPrizio
Email: jdiprizio@myeyewitnessnews.com
Last Update: 5/28 9:32 am

WEST MEMPHIS, AR - No one at the West Memphis Police Department is responding to a seven page statement released by the wife of accused cop killer Jerry Kane. Donna Lee Wray blames the police for what happened and wants the dash cam video from the incident released.

Thursday, May 20, Sergeant Brandon Paudert and Officer Bill Evans were gunned down during a traffic stop of Jerry Kane and his teen son Joe Kane. Investigators say Joe Kane killed the officers. Both Kanes were shot and killed a short time later during a gun battle in a nearby Walmart parking lot. The Crittenden County Sheriff and his chief deputy were injured during the shootout.

Friends and family want to know more about the final hours of the Jerry and Joe Kane's lives and what really happened with police.

Family friend Emilia Vinokur has a hard time believing Jerry Kane would be involved with a police shooting. “This is not a person to kill someone without reason. He is not the type,” Vinokur said.

In the statement, released a week after the shootings, Wray says this is all a cover up and the Kanes are the victims.

No one from the Arkansas State Police will say when the investigation will be complete or release any details about it. Jerry and Joe Kane's bodies are expected to be cremated in Arkansas and the remains will be sent to family members in Ohio.


Anonymous said...

you're kidding right?

Anonymous said...

The Kane case has blown wide open. There never was a traffic stop with the Kanes. Not only were the 2 cops killed in a surround strategic strike configuration by professionals, the West Memphis PD did the traffic stop and First Responder reenactment videos at a different location. The chief was a PARTICIPANT in the reenactments! The cops also said there was no audio. We have proof there is audio. The cops also said the reason there was no dash cam or audio from the backup patrol car was when the Sergeant in the backup vehicle made the scene HE TURNED HIS DASH CAM OFF. You won't believe how stupid they think we all are. All the proof, videos, photos and audios are at www.JusticeforJerryandJoeKane.com Make this spread like wild fire people! You won't believe your eyes!!