2006 Interview with Svali

August 8, 2010 UPDATE
After relistening to this interview just now, I am questioning the authenticity of Svali's words.

For example, both Svali and Greg talk about stopping the Illuminati. Is this possible? Apart from divine intervention, I think not.

Svali talks about being a Christian but I don't hear her mention the LORD Jesus Christ. Many people say they are a Christian but aren't. I used to before becoming born-again.

How has Svali survived since she is exposing the Illuminati? Why haven't they killed her? Could she have been programmed to do exactly what she's doing to mislead folks?

And I don't trust Greg Szymanski either.

Something just isn't right, so prayerfully read the TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW and listen below with discernment.


This is an internet radio interview of Illuminati defector, 'Svali.' She talks about her life in the Illuminati, why she left, how the Illuminati has infiltrated world governments, (including the U.S. government), and what the Illuminati 'New World Order' agenda is.

This interview was conducted on January 18, 2006 by Greg Szymanski of http://www.arcticbeacon.com/.

Free download-Svali's book, 'Breaking the Chain:' http://www.docstoc.com/docs/17876379/Breaking-the-Chain

Svali's story: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/17876376/Svalis-Story---An-Illuminati-Defector-in-Her-Own-Words

Articles by Svali: http://web.archive.org/web/20030609103208/centrexnews.com/columnists/svali/archive.html

The Clintons etc:

ALSO Read Svali's Book, Breaking the Chain here:

--- end ---

Oct 2008 - Ed Koni
source: http://www.illuminati-news.com/articles2/00298.html

"I have recently confirmed that Svali, the ex-Illuminati mind control programmer who opened the eyes of thousands of people on the internet with her writings and radio interview about the inner workings of the Illuminati, is indeed alive and well! Praise Jesus! She had not been heard from online since November of 2006 and it was feared she had been killed. I have learned that she is residing safely in an isolated place of refuge with a number of fellow Christian brothers and sisters. She is in no immediate danger and is continuing to heal and grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no internet access where she is staying so she cannot electronically communicate with the outside world even if she wanted to. I cannot elaborate any further on her whereabouts as I don’t want to endanger her in any way."

The Victory
by Svali

The greatest victory belongs to Jesus,
He’s the One who heals and frees us.

Satan thought he won and laughed,
little did he know his victims are being let go!

By the greatest power in heaven above,
the redeeming power of God’s great love.

Jesus is the One kneeling beside us,
untying the cords by His,
Holy Spirit inside us.

Chasing away the darkness within,
healing and cleansing us from the sin.

Jesus we love you!
Your children cry,
Thank You for freeing us,
when we thought we would die.

Your mercy so great,
I can’t understand,
Calvary’s love to free the damned.

Satan tried his feeble best,
to fight a battle he’d already lost,
because Jesus paid the cost.

His ransom paid,
I am not a slave any more,
but a child, set free to say,

--- end ---

Q & A
by Svali
Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20030610072142/centrexnews.com/columnists/svali/2001/01/svali10.html

Q: Tell me more about the shapeshifting part, please. I have heard about this elsewhere, and this not just occuring during rituals, some people claim to have seen politicians shapeshift, for instance.

When you say 'demonic' are you talking about a specific 'demon' or type of demon? Is it possible that these demons are really nothing more than some type of ETs influencing the Illuminati, in turn deceiving them?

A: Since you asked about shape shifting, I will share a little more, but it also relates directly to my own belief system. Can't help it, so I will warn you here that I will be discussing fundamental Christianity and the demonic.

After being raised in a group that glorifies the demonic, I became a Christian years ago. I honestly believe that without faith in Jesus Christ, I could NEVER have gotten out of the Illuminati, and one reason I don't fear for my life when I share what I remember is that I believe that God is able to protect me.

His love is the antithesis of the cruelty and evil that I saw in this group. His compassion and infinite caring and purity the opposite of the sexual abuse and darkness that surrounded the rituals. I believe that God has forgiven my past, I have sincerely asked His forgiveness, or I could not live with the memories of what I did to others (such as getting young girls addicted to drugs, so they would prostitute for the cult, as only one example).

I have renounced that lifestyle, given it up, and only Christianity has shown me the love and forgiveness and healing that I have needed for a soul weary beyond belief after seeing the underbelly of life and the cruelty that human beings are capable of showing to others.

In the occult world, I do believe that there are demons, that they are real, and that they have a spiritual hierarchy that the cult hierarchy attempts to emulate on a physical plane.

There are principalities, and lower demons, and they control the portals into other spiritual dimensions that humans have NO BUSINESS entering. This stuff is destructive in the extreme to people.

The shape shifting was usually in the context of an occult ceremony, by those given completely over to the demonic. Humans took on the form of animals for a period of time, or of hideous looking beings, and they were NOT aliens. This was demonic activity that caused a human to see the demonic revealed, and distorted what they saw.

I have seen people go temporarily "blind" because of the demonic influence. I have seen animals psychically killed, by others coming into a circle and directing their "energy" at the animal. These were not aliens, some of them were people I grew up with, and my own mother (she was strange, but not an alien).

I participated in this as well at times, and I'm no alien, just a wounded human being. I believe that the demonic does have sexual relations with humans, because it is recorded in the Bible (Genesis); God also forbids it as being completely wrong.

In fact, the Biblical covenants are the antithesis of the dark covenants practiced by the Illuminati, and I have found a lot of healing by going to Scripture and seeing how God views our world, and how He deals with the Spiritual realm. He is going to win, and is in the process of winning the battle.

I will share with you a dream I had 2 years ago. I was standing in a large room, circular shaped, with tiers of rows. A large emblem of the world with a wreath above it was on the wall, and robed figures surrounded me. I was before the Supreme World Council (who will rule when the NWO comes in), and they were pointing at me and saying I was a traitor and would have to die.

The sense of darkness and oppression in the room was intolerable, I was choking from it. One of the leaders came forward, and said that I would die a traitor's death, as an example to them all, unless I came back into the fold of "family".

I fought the dark impulse to give in to save my life, then in my mind, cried out "Jesus, save me". Instantly, the love and peace of God filled my heart, I was no longer afraid, and I told him, "No, because you are defeated, you just don't realize it. You can kill my body, but I serve a God who has defeated you and everyone in this room."

I woke up at this point, filled with joy. Now you know why I don't mind answering questions about my past. I believe in a God who is greater than the plans of evil men. They can plot all they want, but in the end, their plans will be defeated.

So ask away, any time, and I will share with you all that I remember. I don't mind exposing them, although I do have a lot of cynicism, as I have noted, as to whether people will do anything about it.

While I respect your desire to investigate, and your openess to any possibilities, I can tell you that as a former lifetime member of the group, I saw demons acting, not reptiles or aliens. I would really wonder about aliens who were as vicious and against Biblical Christianity in particular as the demons I saw.

--- end ---

"These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."
The LORD Jesus Christ
John 16:33


  1. Praise God for the scales being lifted from our eyes. We have already won the battle thanks for Jesus dying for us for these very days.

  2. Yes, praise the LORD Jesus Christ for his death and resurrection which by faith allow forgiveness of sin and eternal life!

    "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, [even] to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."
    John 1:12,13



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