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“Your constitutional rights are being violated,” Austrian lawyer tells Jane Burgermeister

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July 13, 2010
Just a quick note to say I am sorry I have not been able to update the blog regularly in the past couple of weeks because I have had to spend so much time taking legal action over the evidence of corruption by Hietzing Court Judge Michaela Lauer.

On August 12th, I am supposed to appear before a court as part of a process to strip me of all my civic rights on the spurious grounds I am a crazy conspiracy theorist and am damaging my estate.

Clearly, this is an attempt by elements in the Austrian government to silence me, a critic of the swine flu vaccine, who has managed to make use of the internet to spread information on the false swine flu pandemic and vaccine suppressed by the mainstream media, but which is now the subject of inquiries at PACE and in parliaments.

Elements of the swine flu vaccine will be incorporated into the upcoming seasonal flu jab to be compulsory for almost all Americans in autumn. There are also moves to make the seasonal flu jab compulsory for some groups in Europe.

Unable to close down the internet fast enough, elements in the Austrian government and medical field appear to be trying to use the so called Sachwalterverfahren/court guardianship process to strip me of all my rights and my property and silence me in violation of the constitution, as a lawyer said to me today.

I am now contacting the Volksanwaltschaft and also the Vienna State Prosecutor, the Staatsanwaltschaft Wien, after the Justiz Ombudstelle told me in a written letter that this was the state prosecutor was the right place to address evidence of abuse of office and the manipulation of files by judges, but let’s see if they actually investigate.

I will post a summary of the case as well as links to all appeals and charges on a separate page so people can follow the case, which undermines every legal principle of a state governed by the rule of law, more easily.

I hope to be back posting on this blog regularly soon.

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