HEY! We're Being Robbed by the Banksters!!!

The Max Ratt News Hour May 20th 2012 Episode 22: The Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Bankster Mega-Theft

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May 20th 2012- In this episode Max aggregates loads of info relevant to the recent news stories swirling around the alleged $2 billion trading losses and Jamie Dimon’s subsequent mainstream media appearances and his attempts at damage control and diversion. Max convincingly details the underlying fundamental problems with the entire Western Banking System and the imminent danger of a COLOSSAL MEGA-THEFT of private banking, brokerage, and pension accounts, as well as, the continued demise of real estate prices.

The Max Ratt News Hour July 9th 2012 Episode 23: The Interest Rate Swap Deception

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July 9th 2012- In this episode Max investigates the latest Bankster Mega-Fraud. Once again, Criminal Big Banking Scum in cahoots with the Federal Reserve have perpetrated a GIANT ripoff of the American people, and once again, this derivatives hoax threatens the U.S. with systemic financial/economic failure. The numbers involved in this derivatives scam story are in the Hundreds of Trillions (albeit notional values) and the exposure to the American taxpayers and the American Economy is in the Hundreds of Billions if not Trillions. Just when you thought the Mortgage Backed Security derivative scam was the greatest threat to the entire American Economic System, now the System and basically the Global Bond and Currency Markets are jeopardized by another Bankster Ripoff of Staggering Proportions.

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