The Vote is Rigged

Found the following on Max Ratt's Facebook wall - comments and replies a few of which I quoted below. He says it like it is and I totally agree. Tragic but so true! Time to WAKE UP FOLKS!!!

Photo: Which Lying Globalist Puppet Criminal will you be voting for??  Don't waste your time.. Your Vote doesn't count anyway...  Voting is just a game you play to pretend you have a choice and your vote counts...  Just a distraction for brain washed mind controlled TV worshipers while you and your children's futures are stolen.

"Obama handed over Trillions to his Wall Street Puppet Masters.. Romney will do the same.... They are the Same! They are BOTH NWO PUPPETS... I don't believe ANYONE voted for Romney in the Primaries. its ALL RIGGED..."

"Obama is a LYING PUPPET OF EVIL CRIMINALS.. The answer is to Wake da F*** Up and Realize that Our Gov't has been taken over by Fascist Oligarchs .. many of whom are Offshore... Globalists if you will... and This Presidential Election shit is a Total Joke for Brain Washed Idiots!"

"I think you are waaaaaaay too smart to fall for the MSM talking points and that changing demographic c***.. LOL.."

"I don't give a c*** about that and I cannot be pigeon holed or even associated with that nonsense.. That's some crap that you've been brainwashed and trained into spewing when you are confused by a truthteller.. That garbage is fed to All the TV Worshiping Sheeple on ALL SIDES.. Different sides get Different Spins to suit their Distracted Drug Addled Flu Shotted Appetites :)"

Max Ratt

--- end ---