October 16, 2012

Did Driver William Greer Shoot JFK in 1963?


"Jesuits (formerly monks) now masquerade in the guise of priests (plain black suits & white clergy collars) command Popes, Cardinals & Archbishops of the Roman Catholic Church. In devout service to their dark overlord they’re responsible for Inquisitions/Crusades (genocidal campaigns) which continue present day – WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam (Conflict) countless political assassinations, current Crusade against Islamic world and coming WW3 are ALL Jesuit inspired plots…

"Historically, the Jesuit mission has been to eliminate Protestant Christianity throughout the world, with United States being the last frontier to be conquered. Contrary to the self-proclaimed mission to educate and assist the underprivileged in society, the Jesuits actually worship Lucifer (not Satan) and practice the most sadistic forms of human sacrifice, homosexuality, pedophilia, black magic, and murder...

"Such was the case in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and some former Popes."

Source: http://intheknow7.wordpress.com/jesuits-smom-knights-rcc/



Watch the driver
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source: http://amkon.net/showthread.php/31522-JFK-Assassination-Who-s-who-on-the-Grassy-Knoll-Shock!!!


Looking forward to reading this book I just ordered!




OCTOBER 18, 2012 UPDATE Made a little video


Witnesses make the case for the Limousine Driver shooting JFK

On 3-12-92 I [Larry Jamison] interviewed one Fred Newcomb, who researched, along with co-author Perry Adams, a book entitled "Murder from Within," © 1975 derived from original research done in Dallas in 1968 when the memories of witnesses were still fresh. Mr. Newcomb felt his book made the case for the limousine driver shooting JFK so well that he sent copies of the book to the 1975 Congress and Senate because he felt he would be guilty of "obstruction of justice" if he did not do so. These are the witnesses whose statement to Mr. Newcomb and sometimes the Warren commission included the words "in the car."

1. Mary Moorman - school teacher standing next to Jean Hill. She said she saw Greer shooting back but thought he was shooting back at the assassin. SOURCE: Warren Commission and taped interview by Fred Newcomb.

2. Jean Hill - Jean Hill saw what happened too, but when she tried to bring up the subject of a gun being fired in the car, Senator Arlen Specter (a 33rd degree Mason) would change the subject or say "it's time for a cup of coffee."

3. Austin P. Miller - Texas Louisiana Freight Bureau, who stood on the railway overpass overlooking Elm Street was asked by Arlen Specter where the shots came from: His reply was "from right there in the car." Senator Specter just went on to the next question, never asking Miller any specifics. From: Warren Report, New York Times edition, p. 82.

4. Clinton J. Hill. Jacqueline Kennedy's bodyguard reports in Vol. II, pp 138-139 of the Warren Commission Volumes: "I jumped from the car [the Secret Service agents car immediately behind Kennedy's limo], realizing that something was wrong, and ran to the presidential limousine. Just as I reached it [and jumped onto the back of the President's limo grasping the square black handle sticking up from the trunk], there was another sound. I think I described it in my statement as though someone was shooting a revolver into a hard object...it seemed to have some type of echo."

5. Hugh William Betzner - Had picture published in Life magazine and was standing right next to the drivers side of the motorcade: He saw a gun in the hand of one of the secret service agents and heard a sound "like firecrackers going off in the car." Link to Betzner’s official statement: http://www.jfk-online.com/betzner.html Source: taped interview with Fred Newcomb.

6. Senator Ralph Yarborough - 3rd car back "Smelled gunpowder in the car." (statement made to press but not to Warren Commission) He was challenged by Newcomb on the phone and he then said "I must have smelled it coming down from the book depository"

Connelly's Nephew Confirmed that JFK was Shot by Secret Service Agent Driving the Limo

SOURCE: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread686940/pg9

"Greer shooting JFK is a valid theory. He brings his left hand up, over the right shoulder while looking back and POP there goes the skull shot in perfect synch. That would be one heck of a coincidence to explain away.

"What better assassin to employ than the SS? And that fits the definition of 'Gonzo' - doing something so openly and blatantly horrific that nobody would dare think it is even possible. Perfect way to take out the president with all the sniper shots going off to confuse witnesses.

'I don't think that the planners would rely on a shot of many dozens of meters if they could find another way. Like a point blank head shot from the driver.Very few people on the boards were willing to state the obvious because it's so easy to see who did it once someone pointed it out. It's politically incorrect to place blame on Government when the evidence is so direct and conclusive.

"It's as simple as showing Greer's left arm really extended over with the head shot and the absurdity of the fake hand in Zapruder. The whole limo jolts upward in unison with the head shot."





Did the Limo Driver Shoot JFK?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely it was Greer who administered the head shot that killed JFK. It was a conspiracy between big Texas oil, LBJ (who was to be dropped from the ticket in '64), Mob and CIA, and a few Secret Service men. Kellerman was one, and Rowley. Definitely Greer admininstered the coup d'grace which ended the sweet 1960s..and pushed us into the "Sixties"...which was the beginning of the downward spiril that we are in today. That was the cutoff day from the days of grace and innocence we all lived through and in the space of a second it all went bad. We considered ourselves "The sick society"...I think the whole nation had a nervous breakdown which we never recovered from. And now the Globalists have seized control and our Constitution isn't worth the paper it's printed on. God help us all. JFK was a good man, and a patiot.

5/15/14, 6:09 PM  
Blogger Cathy Palmer said...

Thanks for the comment. Agree with you!

5/15/14, 6:36 PM  

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