Beware of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing Like Joey Hemphill

This morning received this email and got permission to post it:

Subject: Thanks For Your Ministry, Speaking Of "WOLVES"

I appreciate your blog on "WOLVES". So sad that there are many.
I am glad that many have been exposed, but the many on Christian radio/TV that have not. These have duped many Christians, and Christian organizations. One example below. Many Herbert W Armstrong off-shoots cults continue to air on Christian radio/TV. I know of at least 8 of these cults airing. One well know off-shoot is former Baptist Ronald L Dart's "Born To Win" program. He airs on Christian stations in FL. He has now been cancelled from twenty-three Christian stations. They others only care "if the check clears the bank" What a real shame!

Here is a small sample of some of the information I have sent to different ministries concerning 8 time Dove award winner, author of many well Gospel songs, Joel Hemphill I found his book on a cult site, The Church Of God General Conference, many get this confuse because they have "Church of God" in their title. Some of Hemphill's BLASPHEMOUS materials are on this site:

Musician Joel Hemphill Says, "We Are Going to Bring Down the Doctrine of the Trinity"

Southern Gospel Singer Denounces the Trinity and Deity of Christ


Heretic Enters Southern Gospel Hall of Fame

Joel Hemphill Denies the Deity of Christ and the Trinity

My reply:

Thanks so much James. Can I post your email?

Not sure you've read or seen any of my testimony, but I've been deceived by some of these frauds, thus my earnest desire to see them exposed and to warn others. The problem in my opinion is if a person does not love the truth, they are subject to deception. I love the truth BUT I did not heed the red flags the Holy Spirit was waving in front of me. When I finally did wake up, He opened my eyes to A LOT of shocking revelations. Even many of the newer 'modern' churches that look at times like a rock concert at times are questionable in my eyes but I haven't really researched them much to confirm my suspicions.

My continued prayer to God is that the Truth be revealed, the lies be exposed, the deceived wake up, the sinner repent, the lost saved and the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified!


James follow-up email:

Yes, you can post this Thanks for your email. I have info concerning Dart's unorthodox teachings, just in case you are asked. Some have questioned me about his teachings. He has duped many. He sounds smooth. All one has to do is some digging. That's what I did with Joel Hemphill. I noticed is book on a cult site. I called to asked why is book is on their site. They told me this is a book by Hemphill "To God Be The Glory" explaing why Jesus is not God, and the Trinity is false. I called Hemphill in TN(Always want to get the info from the horses mouth). Sadly, he has duped many. Speaking of the deity of Christ, TATE Christian publishers published a book that the author denies the deity of Christ, the Trinity, Hell, and teaches soul-sleep. This author was involved in the Way International cult. I voiced my concern to the CEO of TATE, it did not faze him in the least. From what I understand all authors must acknowledge TATE'S statement of faith. HmmmmmmmmmmmmmMONEY!!! At least XULON Christian Press took a book out of print by another Way International associate. In his book he also attacked the deity of Christ and the Trinity. Many of these off-shoots have duped/deceived Christians. Here's one site(Way International off-shoots) where Keith Daniels and Jerry Brown are listed.