Were All the Beatles Replaced?


Some think that Paul died or was killed and then replaced in 1966. Would the other Beatles go along with that secret? And if not, were they replaced as well?

Check out Tina Foster's website

Original UK LPs

PS Some think the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were all replaced 1966-67. Hmmm...

The Beatles at the Hollywood in 1964 (go to 5 min)

Listen to Paul's Voice


  1. Yes, John and Paul were definitely replaced and I suppose George and Ringo too but I haven't studied them as much. I don't think The Stones were though.

  2. I'll give you one better than that I have done heavy immense investigation many hours and photographs poured over and let me tell you they were replaced every year since 1964 and Paul was replaced many many times they utilized look-alike musicians who were endowed with a little plastic surgery. If you look at John Lennon in 1964 he has lied her eyes and a more chipper personality and he's a better musician and far better singer than the John Lennon in 1965 who has Asian looking eyes darker hair and a heavier build. The rubber soul John also has a higher pitched voice then he was replaced again on the revolver album longer knows sharper features again with a higher voice then by Sergeant Pepper he changed absolutely dramatically and throughout the years there are so many doubles there are at least 12 or 13 linen doubles and around 15 to 16 McCartney doubles Harrison also was replaced four times Ringo Starr was replaced five times biometrics proves it also Tavistock institute on human relations social engineering program is a big help to EM I and parlor phone records and utilizing this technique which was also done with Elton John in 1977 when he retired he was replaced by a bug eyed look-alike.

  3. Logic Control, thanks for your comment. It would not surprise me in the least if what you say is true.

  4. Yes all the Beatles replaced by late 66.

  5. Jason, do you know any details about how they were replaced? Also, why?


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