The truth is that the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on Wednesday and rose from the grave on Saturday as told us in the scriptures.

"...Jesus was crucified on Passover, which was the 4th day of the week, Wednesday (Matthew 26:2, John 13:1, 18:28, 39). The next day was a high sabbath, it was the first day of the seven day feast of unleavened bread and the 5th day of the week, Thursday (John 19:31). The next day (the 6th day of the week, Friday) the women bought the spices (Mark 16:1) and prepared the spices for the Jesus' body (Luke 23:56). They rested on the 7th day, Saturday, which was the weekly sabbath (Luke 23:56). Early the first day of the week, Sunday, they came to the tomb to find it empty and saw an angel who announced that Jesus had already risen (Mark 16:1-6). Just as Jesus prophesied, he rose from the dead precisely 3 days and 3 nights after his burial (Matthew 12:40, 20:19). While the tomb was found empty on the first day of the week, Sunday, he rose from the dead on the evening of the 7th day, Saturday."

Source: Antichrist Conspiracy
Inside the Devil’s Lair
Page 55
by Edward Hendrie