Cathy O'Brian Explains Mind Control

2018 Video

"PTSD: TIME TO HEAL by Cathy O'Brien is a wonderfully scripted workbook for all trauma survivors from child abuse to veterans of war. In this in-depth interview, Cathy eloquently discusses the loss of her husband, Mark Phillips, the media agenda to hide pedophilia and the crucial journey we must all take into healing."

2013 Video

"The editors of Salve TV have decided to publish the complete interview with Mark Phillips, Cathy O’Brien, and Sheila Miller, because parts of it vanished overnight. However, an audio recording of the parts of the interview that disappeared still exists – at this point, we will show a stationary picture. At the beginning of this broadcast, you will find a short description of the disappearance of parts of the interview. The interview concerns the CIA’s Mind Control Ultra Program, to which Cathy O’Brien and her daughter Kelly fell victim – as well as Mark Phillips, in the process of defending them -, and also deals with mind control then and today."

"The Catholic Church and CIA working together to keep the GLOBAL pedophile, sex slave and Elder Trafficking rings pumping along."

Sex, Lies and Mind Control by Cathy O'Brian

Bohemian Grove & Cathy O’Brien

Summary taken from "The Brotherhood

Transformation of America

Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security


"Please note that Mark Phillips (my loving husband and hero) passed away September 6th 2017."


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