Last night on the way to a friend’s house for dinner, I got off the train and was met by a young woman who asked me a question in German. I only understood one word, which was the street name of where my friend lives. This girl wanted to go to this same street and to me, this was absolutely a divine appointment set up by the Holy Spirit! Maria spoke good English and as we walked, I began to tell her about God’s great love for her. I spoke about Jesus who takes away our sin thus enabling us to have a wonderful relationship with our heavenly Father and Creator. Maria said she didn’t believe in accidental meetings and I agreed with her. She listened with great interest, shared a bit about herself, and asked questions, even if I could help her learn English better. “Sure, we can read the English Bible together!” As we walked across the street, suddenly there was a big crash – several cars were in an accident right where we had walked. By the grace of God, no one appeared hurt. I told Maria that this was a prophetic picture of what happens to people when they rebel against God – their lives get smashed. We continued on to the corner where she was getting a ride and suddenly AGAIN, there was ANOTHER car accident on the other side of the street where we had walked! I started praying aloud, “Lord, what are you saying? Bless the people in these accidents.” I asked Maria if I could pray for her and she said yes, so I did. Then before we parted, I gave her my testimony tract along with my phone number and email address. She said she would read it and pray and then contact me. LORD JESUS, PLEASE SAVE MARIA AND REVEAL YOUR DEEP LOVE FOR HER EVEN NOW!

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