The Berlin University laughter expert Professor Gunther Sickl said: "Phrases such as laughing yourself sick should actually be turned around to read laughing yourself well. Up to 80 muscles are used to have a really good laugh. And the body gets a very healthy work-out. It is such good exercise that it sometimes even leads to cramps for those having their first good belly-laugh in a while. And possibly most important of all, endorphins, the brain drugs, are released -- they not only promote a feeling of well-being but are seen by most doctors as the best natural drugs of all." Something that brings GREAT joy to my heart, is telling people about Jesus, so today after church here in Poland, we went downtown with a large team, worshipped the Lord, and talked to several about the love of the Father for His children. And praise God, LOTS of seeds were planted, many received prayer, and four young people asked Jesus to forgive them of their sins and be Lord of their lives! HA! Take THAT devil... and on Halloween no less! HA-HA-HA-HA-HALLELUJA! THANK YOU, JESUS!

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