'Thank you, thank you, America! Thank you, George Bush!' You most likely won't hear these words on the 6 o'clock news, but the Iraqi people are VERY grateful for their freedom. Joe Faustina, a volunteer American who has been working in Iraq, said the Army Corps of Engineers has been well-received by the Iraqi people because the group is rebuilding 412 schools, clinics, hospitals, water and waste treatment plants and other necessities the Iraqis never had before. “The Iraqi people are grateful we’re there,” he said. “Everywhere I go, there are signs saying, ‘We love you America’ and ‘Thank you America.’ This is what they needed.” Faustina said he and his co-workers are not concerned about terrorists because they pay attention to the awareness levels. He said the image of constant struggle in the country is a misconception put forth by the media, and the military does a good job of informing people about which spots to avoid. “It’s really not that bad over there,” he said. “There are a few hot spots, but everyone knows where they are. We’re told to avoid those areas, and most people do.” In fact, that misconception has led to a general fear among the American people about Iraq, which has hindered the Army Corps of Engineers’ efforts to rebuild. Faustina said he would encourage people to volunteer to come over. In much of Europe, there is growing dislike for America, which is amazing to me when one looks back only 60 years to a time when America again sacrificed many of her soldiers to bring freedom from another dictator. Jesus said the greatest love is shown when people lay down their lives for their friends and because we believe in freedom, we are willing to do this not only for America but also for our friends.
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