When Hitler came to power, the Deutsche Christen, or German Christian Church, integrated and redefined traditional Christianity to include and align with the Third Reich.

The doctrines of the Deutsche Christen were meant to replace centuries old doctrine; many of the beliefs were anti-Semitic and defined as heresy. Christ was re-interpreted as the Nietzchean 'superman', an Aryan of the highest order and not a Jew, and Paul was dismissed as irrevelant.

I believe that what we see in much of the American church today is A LOT like the German church before WW2.

Read the following email I received this morning from a friend in the know:

"In reference to your web site, you are touching the tip of what is going on. The clearest tell tale of 911 was Silverstein’s PBS special where he admitted 'pulling' building 7. I saw it with my own eyes. The special was then itself pulled from the archives. There are many recordings of it on the internet.

"The police state is now in power and is setting up Homeland Security threat levels for all who know too much. According to Rumsfeld, in the very near future, above a threat level '3' and you never leave your country again. This will be until they can eliminate them.

"There are many, many who cannot even fly now. I must go thru very detailed interrogation each time I fly. Other friends must be strip searched. No laws broken. We are just security risks to the ruling regime. All of the people who I personally know who are speaking out are very strong followers of Jesus Christ.

"The worst part is that the leaders are not secular, nor Christian, but Luciferian. Right wing Christians are simply good canon fodder for them right now. A review of Constantine is in order for modern Christians.

"This is right out of Germany . The Orthodox Christian church funded Hitler’s election and supported him to the end.

"I pray that the Lord will open the eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts perceive what the Spirit of the Lord is saying is during this time.

"There is a 'Great' deception being poured out. Organized religion is at the heart of it. They are like the Pharisees of the first century JO 11:48 'and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation'.

"God Bless"

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