“Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.” Stephen speaking to the High Priest and the Council right before they stoned him to death in Acts 7:43
The so called "Star of David" is not a Jewish symbol but an occult hexagram symbol that has been around since the days of Solomon.

When Dr. O.J. Graham, a Jewish Christian, investigated the origins and meaning of the Jewish Star of David, astonishment set in as he discovered that this symbol—found on the national flag of Israel and prominently displayed in every Jewish synagogue in the world—is not the star of King David at all but, instead, is the heinous sign of antichrist.

Its origins can be traced back to the Babylonian worship of Astarte, or Ashtareth, and to the adoration of the false “star” gods, Chiun and Remphan.

“Although the six-pointed star is seen all around the world and is accepted as the symbol of the Jews, it is still used today in magic and witchcraft and the casting of astrological horoscopes. At close notice it is seen that the six-pointed is comprised of six within a six within a six. Is this 666 symbol a warning to the Jewish people? Could this be the symbol of a false Messiah..." Dr. O.J. Graham.

This six-pointed star is a curse mark and no matter what you call it - Star of David, Solomon's Seal, Double Triangle, Shield of David - when an occult practitioner puts a curse on someone, they use the hexagram.

Also, the six triangles is the Egyptian hieroglyphic for the "Land of the Spirits" and is associated with Saturn worship - the New World Order will be called "Saturn's Golden Age". During this time, the Prieuré de Sion/Merovingian dynasty plan to rule the world and claim to be of the bloodline of Jesus like in the Da Vinci Code. When the six-pointed star is given at Luciferic initiation, many will be deceived that the six-pointed star is the mark of Christ, the Messiah, and should be the mark of Christianity.

Today, both Israel and Christians have been deceived by occultists who would have them believe that the six-pointed star is a Jewish symbol, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Cabalistic Star of David Used in Freemasonry

Star of David Necklace Worn By Many Christians

The Flag of Israel

"Six Pointed Star" Book by O.J. Graham


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Star of David: believe it or not, one of the highest Illuminati religious symbols is a star of David with a circle around it. Called "the great seal of Solomon" it is used at the highest ceremonies to invoke the demonic. Part 7: Illuminati Symbols and Clues; Level of Infiltration


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